DK – Ch 379

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The Dark King – Chapter 379

The same morning. Scott consortium HQ.

Everyone was fiercely arguing in the conference hall.

Chai Rostov frowned. He raised his hand and smashed on the table: “Please, be quiet!” The heated discussion quietened in a matter of seconds.

Everyone looked at him.

Chai said in a cold tone: “IT has passed and there is no point in accusing each other. If I’m not mistaken then Rosie had come back then and told us to acquire master Dean’s new invention at the price of a legendary level item. No one who is sitting right here gave consent! What’s the point of regretting it now?”

Everyone had a complex expression on their faces as they heard his words.

Rosie who was sitting next to Chai sighed. Back then when she had heard the words from the teenager’s mouth she had mentioned it in the council symbolically and didn’t insist on acquiring the invention. Perhaps if she was a bit more fierce back then right now Scott consortium’s, Chai’s and her personal assets would have sky rocketed. The opportunity was placed in front of her but she didn’t….

“Hey! We could have bought a new concept(system) for a price of a legendary item if we had a bit of courage. We didn’t dare to exchange a grain of sand for a mountain of gold…” An old aristocrat wryly smiled as he shook his head.

Another person added: “At the beginning we also laughed at master Dean and said that he was arrogant. It seems that we were too prideful and arrogant.”

Chai shook his head as he looked at everyone. He sighed but he never thought about things he had lost. He said: “This matter is irreversible. The current task is to have good relationship with master Dean. Additionally the military has sent news to all the consortia yesterday. There is an unprecedented large orders by the military for acquisition of steel materials! Our Scott consortium’s main industry is mining and our natural resources are ten times more than all the other consortia together.”

“IF we want to make money then we have to start with the opportunity in front of us. We have to find the reserve price of the other consortia as soon as possible. Then we will set our price a bit expensive than teirs and grab all the orders.”

Everyone heard the cold words coming out of Chai’s mouth. However few people sighed in regret as they heard Chair’s words.

The magistrate.

The judges and apprentices were moving around the office. They would hand a number of documents and materials to the others. All of them were wearing the uniform’s of the magistrate. It was white snow in color with golden lustrous pattern embroidered on them. The cuffs were dark red.

“Wow! The youngest master in the history of the Temple!”

“Geez! Check it out. Its written that he is only sixteen years old and has produced two legendary products. Double! There aren’t many architects in the Temple who have produced a legendary product let alone two of them. It seems the only two are master Skagen and master Marie!”

“So he is the third master with the two legendary inventions. Before it was written that he is a traitor and colluded with the barbarians. I felt very strange about that. Why would a dignified senior architect work with barbarians? He has even donated a legendary item. I just can’t believe it!”

“We are members of the magistrate! Without any evidence any representation is false and can’t be used as an evidence much less as a reference. ”

“What do you mean? Do you still suspect that he had colluded with the barbarians?”

“I didn’t say so. I don’t agree with him doing something like that. However I think evidence is the truth! I only believe in evidence!”

“Well, stop being a fool then.”

3 or 5 apprentice judges were chatting in the office as they checked the newspaper.

A slender figure sat by her desk in the corner. She quietly looked at the newspaper in her hands. There was a small on her face. She quietly whispered: “I knew that you won’t do such a thing! You are not such a person! You are yearning for peace while everyone is trying to blame you…”

There was a trace of sadness in her face: “I was wrong about you …”

She slowly turned over the page of the newspaper. Suddenly her eyes caught onto a piece of news. Her face turned pale: “…personally to the battlefield…”

Rain was pouring down.

On the golden wall.

General Auburn looked at the dark clouds covering the sky. He was tired and his face was pale. It had been several days that he hadn’t rested and commanded the battlefield. The clouds enveloping the sky over his head seemed like the death hovering over their heads. His heart would tighten up any time when a raindrop fell because it was the signal for another battle.

“Tell all the soldiers to muster all their strength! We have to hold the wall!” General Auburn’s fingers clung to the edge of the wall: “If we fail the people will die! We don’t have a way back! Only forward! Only war!”

“Yes!” Adjutant Junlang left.

The rain gradually intensified. The barbarians army was stationed about a dozen miles away from the golden wall in the plains. They were like tides of sea that marched towards the golden wall and seemed to be about to sweep it away.

General Auburn took a deep breath as cold hair flowed into his lungs. His blood was boiling as he pulled out his sword and shouted: “Arrows!”


The arrows covered the air like a black curtain as they sped out. They fall onto the barbarians army that was rushing towards the golden wall. The arrows penetrated their bodies and resulted in numerous casualties.

However there was barbarians who held onto shields that successfully block the arrows. They kept marching towards the golden wall.

Below the wall stood more than hundred figures. All of them were wearing uniforms that were very different from the armor of soldiers. They were hunters. Their weapons was different from the usual military weapons. Some held onto whips, some to swords, some to spears and there were a few which used hammers.

There was blood all over Sergei’s face. His hair was scattered all over his head. He held onto his long spear as he eyes stared at the barbarians which rushed towards the wall.

Gwyneth held onto the swords in silence.

“Are you ready?” Sergei looked back at her.

Gwyneth slowly nodded: “Yes.”



Boulders were thrown from the golden wall towards the oncoming barbarians. Some of them were stumped to death while the rest was lucky to escape alive. The successfully ran towards the golden wall.


Hundreds of hunters roared in unison as they pulled out their weapons and rushed at barbarians.

In the castle.

Dudian was leaning against the bed while a thick quilt covered his body. He held onto the card reader and learn information from the screen. Once in a while he would listen to rhythm of the rain. He was feeling a bit cold so he asked the maid to give him another quilt.

“Why do I feel so cold?” Dudian frowned. He didn’t have any answers to his question so he continued to immerse in the huge knowledge from the chip.


The door was knocked.

Dudian looked up and saw the heat emitted by a human body through the wooden door: “What has happened?”

Neuss saw that Dudian didn’t let him enter so he spoke from the outside: “Master the members of the military have come to ask for you. They said that you should prepare to go out to the battlefield. They are ready!”

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  1. Shut up Jenny. I won’t forgive you unless you put your daddy to jail… You got to admit though,the Father is right. She can’t reach the MC the way she is… She is still very stupid and naive

    1. She definitely can’t reach him now. If she wants to be by his side she will have to become cold, calculative, and crooked. If only she had stayed by his side she could have made it in the inner wall.

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