DK – Ch 377

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The Dark King – Chapter 377

Dudian looked at Old Fulin: “Patriarch it seems you are thinking to high of me.”

Old Fulin was confused.

“My appearance on the battlefield will be a show.” Dudian said: “All the civilians and nobles of the consortia think of me as a talented architect but nothing else. They may think that I can make excellent weapons but don’t think that I’m a mighty war general. Moreover, what kind of a role I can play in the war? In terms of personal strength I’m like a drop in the ocean!”

“So it’s pointless for me to enter the battlefield in the early period. As long as I join the battlefield towards the end I will win!”

Old Fulin was speechless.

Dudian continued: “I have never said that I’ll be fighting against the barbarians face to face and come up as a hero of the front line! Of course, if a physically weak architect did this then the effect will be different. But right now the civilians haven’t experienced enough pain. I want them to crush their teeth because of pain of loss. Their hearts have to be broken. Their anger has to be stimulated to the max. IF they don’t experience loss then how do you think I’ll use their anger to overthrow a consortia in the outer wall? If only a small number of people feel the pain of the war then the survivors will abandon those families. They will be excluded from the society. They will be powerless even if I wanted to use them.”

“So the only answer is to let them experience ultimate pain. The desperation they feel have to drive them crazy and angry so that we can direct it.”

There was silence in the study room.

Old Fulin, Sander, Nicholas, Kroen and others looked at the indifferent expression on the teenagers face and listened to the words that came out of his mouth. The coldness spread through their body because of those words.

Old Fulin’s eyelids slightly shook. He looked at Dudian as he slowly said: “Will army be able to repel the barbarians by relying on your legendary military weapon? If not, I’m afraid…”

“Of course.”Dudian said in a tone full of confidence: “The weapon should be easily pierce through the armor and skins of the barbarians. However it will be hard to kill the monsters outside the giant wall relying on this steam rifle.”

In this era because of the monster intrusion outside the giant wall the cold weapons have advanced to the extreme as the smelting process was developed. But the purification of steel was lacking as the technology was insufficient to achieve that type of steel that Dudian wanted. So unless the armor was improved it wouldn’t be able to resist the bullets of the steam rifle. Otherwise when the rifles were introduced in the medieval Europe they wouldn’t be able to defeat the knights back then. The countries well-equipped with cold weapons weren’t able to stand in front of countries that used gunpowder technology. They were beaten and unable to parry with them. (I think it refers to Germany’s accomplishments against Poland and other countries in the second world war)

Moreover his steam rifle’s driving force was steam but no gunpowder. It was the earliest and most basic method used in the old era’s firearm principles.

The firearms were invented in Song Dynasty in China. To be precise they were used by the Southern Song Dynasty. Although Tang dynasty was the first to introduce gunpowder to the military but they only made ‘rockets.’ (author note: gunpowder tied to the arrows). The firearms used by the Chinese had effective range of 100 meters and could easily pierce the armor of enemy.

But the mechanism used by the Dudian was able to generate kinetic energy due to steam and couldn’t match the power of the gunpowder based rifles. That’s why his steam rifles didn’t have range and destruction power of the proper firearms.

But it was enough for Dodian.

He didn’t want a real rifle or gun to appear in this chaotic wall.

After all he was in a high position and had too many enemies. He wouldn’t be able to dodge every bullet if an enemy hid in the shadows and aimed at him.

However if he could reach the power that the Dragon girl had which was beyond the combat power of the senior hunter then even the firearms wouldn’t be a threat to him.

Even though steam rifle couldn’t be compared to the firearms but it would be able to break through the armor of the soldiers within the effective range of 50 meters. So using armor of hunters or general didn’t mean that they couldn’t be punctured.

Moreover the steam rifle had maximum range of 50 meters. He believed that he would be able to see through such a plot if someone tried to kill him. Even if the other person disguised very well but no-one was aware that he was able to see the heart and blood vessels of the others. He could roughly determine the hidden emotions of the others through the abnormal contradiction and speed of the heart. He had synesthesia which he could use to sense the sound that metal product emitted.

In addition, Dudian was fortunate about the deformity in the development. The Inferno family from the Dark Church had come up with gunpowder and the artillery was introduced into the military. IT was much faster than the introduction in the old era. After all, the gunpowder in its early days was used in alchemy in China and Tang dynasty introduced it to military at its last days. Afterwards it was passed to Southern Song dynasty. It took three hundred and fifty years for the firearm to be made after that gunpowder changed hands. If compared to the invention of gunpowder and artillery within the giant wall then that time leap is too long.

However it was not surprising as Dudian had learned history of this development from the super chip. The reason the firearms were introduced was the frequent wars that happened at the borders of the Southern Song dynasty. The war was the most effective way which was a catalyst to the development of the new weapons.

The conclusion is that the development of advanced weapons was closely related to the environment.

This is the reason why the medieval society collapsed in the West after the introduction of the gunpowder.

It was likely the current situation within the giant wall. However the repeated harassment at the border by the barbarians played a minor role. A total of two or three times a large scale war had happened. As a result it gave birth to the artillery.

But after the emergence of the artillery the development halted. The firearms, missiles and other things weren’t invented. The main reason is that the gunpowder was a taboo!

Artillery itself was a taboo weapon and wouldn’t be used in ordinary small-scale wars. They wouldn’t even leave a cannon at the top of the fortress. It was a proof of how afraid they were of this thing!

Who would dare to develop something which was taboo? In the old era the scientists dared to experiment on this that were contrary to the rules of the country. But it was different in the old days. The scientists could escape from one country and relocate to the another. But where could you flee within the giant wall?

Moreover the Dark Church also didn’t dare to study it and banned gunpowder!

Old Fulin was relieved and assured as he looked at Dudian’s confidence. However he was not feeling good in his heart. Although he didn’t care about the civilians but the thought of such a slaughter made his heart uncomfortable and guilty. He knew that those feelings were useless and from the rational point of view Dudian was right. But extreme rationality brought cold bloodedness…

“I’ll go and contact consortia.” Old Fulin sighed and got up.

Dudian nodded: “It’s hard on you.”

Old Fulin wanted to lift his palm and pat Dudian’s shoulder but he changed his mind. He used the crutches to slowly leave the room.

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  1. Damn, this guy and leylin is on par. Its just, this MC had his moment as human and leylin straight up cold.

    1. well leylin was originally a scientist and quite dedicated one with his personality as well morals being out the window he became the leylin we know and love while he was in fact just an intelligent nine year old he was still pretty naive after he was a small child so yes he was human but of course thanks to the new society hes becme extremely similar to leylin

  2. Can’t help but correct you, i hope you don’t take it to heart. The Chinese invented mortars not arrows with gunpowder. Any archer will tell you that this is useless. Either by draft or resistance the arrow will miss (modern explosives could be used in that way but it is complicated and ultimately there are better options. Also the stuff the Chinese used isn’t good enough, as in the ignition temperature is to high to make use of gunpowder, the author of “Release that witch” explains it correctly). as for the rifle: the only battle like this was in the second German -German war between preußen and Austria. The former had “Hinterladergewehre” as opposed to the muskets commonly used in Europe at that time(The second has to be filled from the front, the former uses cartridges and is no affected by weather quite as much) . As for the muskets, when they were invented they spread relatively slow, because heavy cavalry was able counter them for quite a while. Quite interesting right? Everybody is thought that the era of hot weapons ended the cold ones, but it took almost 400 years for the hot weapons to establish themselves as primary forces. Also that you for your hard work translating 😀

    1. i have just 1 personal comment there where I say that I thought the author refers to ww2.. everything else is translation. Don’t worry I dont take anything to heart:)

    2. Just to clarify and not bash!! The chinese created and used alot of different hot weapons from super old school muskets/cannons that where metal barrels strapped to sticks to rockets in the sense of a rocket being a super gigantic bottle rocket aka a tube of gunpowder with a stick tail to guide it in a general direction. (pretty sure that is what he ment by gunpowder on arrows) The early gunpowder was total crap for a very long period of time so hot weapons did not spread fast.

      You where close MadSnail the area of europe was correct and it was a dictator, just the time was a bit wrong. It was just nepoleon trying to take over europe not hitler lol. (Thanks for all the hard work, btw you know how to translate different languages so not being good with history yet knowing several language’s is a fair trade off!) Back to nepoleon he first started using MASS/whole hot weapon units in effect. Where the rest of europe was several steps behind still using pikes and stuff untill he controlled half of europe. Calvery units were used in effect against hot weapon units until they where mostly phased out in ww1.

      Rifles where not used in MASS hot weapon units until later in the nepoleonic wars by the british in their light companys aka skirmish units. 1.Because rifled guns before then toke way to long to bore out and be massed produced. 2. Rifles toke a longer time to reload compared to muskets so most countries went for rate of fire over accuracy. 3. because of those reasons rifles were mostly used for sport hunting by nobles.

      But i totaly agree it is pretty damn interesting! lol

  3. “I think it refers to Germany’s accomplishments against Poland and other countries in the second world war” – i don’t think it refers to that – i am from Poland i know (from history) that we as well were using guns. Maybe you are mistaken about usage of horses – there were guys riding on them but with guns not witch cold weapons ;p

  4. I can’t help but correct you. We, the Polish, weren’t using cold weapons at all during WWII. It’s just German propaganda picked up by the Soviet Union and, sadly, reinforced by movies of a Polish traitor who included scenes such as cavalry rushing at German tanks in them. The sabers were merely a decoration for official ceremonies. Polish cavalry was using machine guns, anti-tank rifles (capable of piercing the armor of any German tank at the time) and artillery, and I’m not sure but perhaps tanks too (I think only the Soviet army had very large numbers of tanks in 1939). And this cavalry recorded victories on the GERMAN territory (counter-attacking into the Eastern Prussia after the war began). And FIY, at least for the first half of the war, horses remained the primary way to move artillery in the German army (and in some others, like Soviet maybe). I enjoy your TL but feel greatly offended by your comment, it’s very ignorant and as unbecoming as the racism appearing in novels such as God and Devil World. Maybe you read too much CN novels? Please refrain from such GODDAMN FUCKING CRAP next time. Oh, and I don’t have time to waste on returning to see if anyone replied to this comment since I’m just reading in my rare spare time, so don’t bother replying. Please just keep it in mind, or in the back of your head at least, that POLISH CAVALRY NEVER CHARGED AT GERMAN TANKS AND DID NOT USE SABERS BUT WEAPONS AS MODERN AS GERMAN ONES.

    1. I wasn’t present in the WW2 so I don’t know what had happened there. I’m sorry to see that you have been offended by my use of Poland as an example. But I’ve never meant to disrespect Poles! Because GODDAMN FUCKING CRAP that you refer to isn’t something that I’ve written to the history. I’ve taken note of your perspective and I’ll refrain from using such an example in the future 😉 Thanks for enlightening me

      1. I just want to say that my guess would be farther back in time. I come from South America so I was taught about its history more than about other places and during the colonization of America by the Spanish people, they brought firearms and a shitton of illnesses. I know most natives died due to illnesses and I’m not quite clear how much of a role firearms played at that time, but they probably played a fairly big role. The native Americans didn’t have muskets and they could only retaliate with bows, daggers, etc so it’s easy to see who was doomed to lose. Heck, in a weird sense you could say this is like an attack of native Americans towards a Spanish settlement in the first few years of the 16th centuries.

  5. Translator is seriusly lacking in history XD.
    Second WW huh? What a joke. Ity evident, that is refers to 15th and 16th century, when firearms became much more advanced and after 30 years war, they overthrew the knights and armor as whole.
    There is also a lack of history knowledge at author’s side too, because there weren’t any really major battles, in which firearms shown itself as clearly superior.
    Introduction of guns was a slow process, because they were getting better and better for long time. And because of this, European armies were always on par with each other in means of technology.

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