DK – Ch 376

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The Dark King – Chapter 376

Dudian left the Temple and went straight back to his castle. He called old Fulin and others for a meeting. He told them the details of his accomplishments and let them know that he was appointed as a ‘master’. Everyone was shocked and speechless at turn of events.

“So the invention that you submitted last time was really a legendary level item!” Old Fulin felt incredible. The sixteen year old boy who was sitting in front of him had already produced a legendary level item which meant that he was very talented. But right now he had produced a second one. Never before such a thing had happened in the history of giant wall of Silvia.

Sander, Nicholas, Kroen and others were shocked to face a sixteen year old master who had created two legendary products.

Everyone was aware that Dudian’s previous senior architect identity was in no way comparable to his new status. He was one of the top figures within the outer wall at the moment!

Dudian saw the expressions on their faces. It seems that the title of a master had much more profound meaning than he had imagined. Even the old Fulin was no exception. They weren’t aware of him creating and heading a faction yet!

Creating a new faction and new system was much more sensational news in comparison to him becoming a master. Since the birth of the Temple there have been 9 factions. However in the long years since the creation of the last faction no new extraordinary development was made for further improvement. It has to be noted that with the introduction of the ‘Steam’ faction he will enter the history books as a legendary master!

He will be able to do anything that he wants within the outer wall with such an identity!

“Don’t get too emotional!” Dudian coldly said as he could see through the thoughts that were passing in minds of everyone: ” There is a war going on and I will personally fight in the front line to win the war and restore the negative reputation that Mellon consortium has brought upon me. Now we need to do some preparatory work.”

Old Fulin and others were perplexed as they looked at Dudian.

“Are you planning to join the war?” Old Fulin was stunned.

Sander added: “Master, your identity and the invention of pair of legendary items is enough for people to not suspect you anymore! Why do you want to join the battlefield? Its too dangerous.. If an accident…”

“Yes ah … “Nicholas wanted to propose an idea.

“Huh?” Dudian glanced at Nicholas who didn’t utter another word.

Dudian retracted his eyes and indifferently said: “I’ve decided on this and nothing can change my mind. I’m not here for you guys to advise me. I know that my identity alone is enough to cancel the suspicion of most people. Moreover the military will find a way to restore the damage they have done to my reputation. But this is not my aim. I don’t want to cancel the public anger but to transfer it!”

“The ones who tried to smear dirt on me will swallow it back!”

Old Fulin was startled: “Transfer? Is this why you want to get involved with war? However unless we find direct evidence that the slander was spread by Mellon consortium then we are helpless at this point.”

Dudian said: “We don’t have enough manpower and time to find evidence to pull them out. And once the war ends even if the evidence is found the anger of civilians will be gone for long. Time heals pain so we have to take advantage of the chaos that was created as a result of outbreak of war! This is the perfect chance!”

“War? How we will lead?” Old Fulin frowned as he couldn’t understand.

Dudian slightly shook his head: “It’s a long story. In short everyone will act according to my instructions. Nicholas you must go to the workshop that you had previously rented. Speed up process of printing leaflets! Make sure that those leaflets are spread in commercial and residential districts! Don’t forget to put my image on the leaflets. Make sure it to be a tragic scene where I’m fighting against barbarians. Remember to add information about me donating legendary level weapon to the military and write down about me becoming a master of the Temple. You should be aware of how to put these into proper words.”

“I know, young master.” Nicholas bowed in respect.

Dudian looked at Kroen: “After I join the battlefield begin to spread the news about Mellon consortium trying to frame me. Write some truth and mix some rumors. Add names of real locations, high-ranking officers and people from the Holy Church. But don’t add real names. Make up characters like master Kroen or stuff like that! Do you understand?”

Kroen was startled.

Old Fulin and Nicholas were stunned too.

“I-I know.” Kroen replied.

Dudian continued: “Everything has to be done in secret. Hire middle-men for these things and make sure that they are not traced back to us. Do everything according to the techniques I have taught you.”

“I know, young master.” Kroen said.

Dudian nodded and looked at Old Fulin: “Patriarch you help me out by contacting every consortia except Mellon. They should help us out by publishing news about us. Hint them that if the performance will be good I’ll remember their favor. However don’t tell anything in my name.”

“I know.” Old Fulin nodded as he heard Dudian talk. He knew that Dudian had arranged every move in an orderly manner so he was relieved to see that Dudian had prepared to everything.

Dudian looked at Sander: “I’ll trouble you to personally visit Mellon consortium in my name. Talk to them and see if they are willing to close down the previous problems. They have to withdraw and apologize for the previous slander. If there is a clarification then we can coexist in the future. But they have to pay a fee for my reputation loss. 1 million gold coins!”

“In addition, they must also give us a passage to the outside! Tell them that as long as they concur with these two conditions and remember to emphasize those ones then I as master Dean will swear in my name no longer to act against them and peacefully coexist together!

“Ah …” Sander was stunned.

Old Fulin, Nicolas and Kroen were also shocked. Let bygones by bygones? Peaceful coexistence? They have been in contact with Dudian for a long time and they were aware that he wasn’t such a good man!

“Do you remember what I told you?” Dudian frowned.

Sander recovered: “Yes, I do. But Mellon consortium… Will they really believe it? And, do you really don’t want revenge?

Dudian looked at him: “How can we attack if we don’t have an enemy?”

They suddenly understood Dudian’s purpose. However their faces changed as bursts of chill appeared in their hearts. They felt fortunate that this teenager was on their own side or they would have lots of sleepless nights.

“When are you going to start?” Old Fulin asked.

Dudian tapped his fingers on table as he whispered: “It’s too early right now. I’ll set off when the golden wall is captured by the barbarians.”

Old Fulin was surprised: “Do you think the barbarians will pass through the golden wall? Wouldn’t they rush into the commercial district? I’m afraid…”

“We will be fighting against Mellon in any case. But what’s the point of defeating barbarians at the golden wall? At best I’ll get some cheers from the public. But if it falls into the hands of barbarians then Mellon consortium will have no chance to make a comeback!” Dudian plainly replied.

Old Fulin reacted after a moment: “True, but if the barbarians take over the golden wall then there will be countless dead and wounded. It would be way hard to repel them at that point!”

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