DK – Ch 375

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The Dark King – Chapter 375

Lorenzo and other generals fell into silence as they looked at the expression in Skagen’s eyes. The vast hall stayed quiet for few moments.

Lorenzo slowly said: “Master we will send our top soldiers to defend the safety of master Dean. You shouldn’t be worried about that. In addition we will thoroughly re-investigate the confession of the barbarians. This matter was neglected by military and the news was published in rush because of our negligence. We will take full responsibility for this matter. I hope it won’t affect the relationship, friendship and covenant we had with the Temple for many years.”

Skagen saw Lorenzo’s serious expression. He added: “I hope there won’t be a next time.”

Lorenzo nodded: “Please forgive us. Never it will happen again.”

Skagen was aware that oral promises had no effect. But he was looking at the opposite party’s posture and standing. There was anger in his face. Skagen raised his hand and two men entered the hall. One of them had a metal item on his back. From their robes and medals it could be seen that both of them were senior architects.

The generals eyes were attracted to the metal item at the back of one of the senior architects. However from the size and appearance the item didn’t seem to give a lethal vibe. There was no sharp edge either.

“This is the rifle. The legendary military weapon.” Skagen indifferently said: “Is it alright if I show you its destructive power?”

Lorenzo was very curious: “Of course, please do so.”

Skagen nodded and glanced at the hall. There were no empty ornaments. His eyes fell on few chairs. He said: “Take one of the chairs and put a general’s armor on the chair.”

Lorenzo and other generals were puzzled but still went according to Skagen’s instructions.

Skagen saw that the shooter was ready and pointing the rifle at the target. He looked at chair which was fifteen meters away from the shooter. He said: “Generals please don’t stand in the middle.”


Lorenzo and the other generals were stunned at the senior architect’s posture. It was similar to shooting a crossbow!

The middle-aged senior architect aimed at the chair. He adjusted the rifle to second gear and used the match to ignite the lead. He pulled the lock and pulled trigger. A metal ball suddenly ejected out from the muzzle.


In a blink of an eye the sound of metal collision echoed and disappeared.

The eyes of Lorenzo and other generals narrowed in shock. They felt their scalps tingle because of horror. They were generals and all of them knew about military strategy and knowledge. But in addition they had high combat power which ensured them to come back alive one campaign after another.

However at this moment they felt the feeling of death passing by them.

Too terrifying!

Their constitution was much higher than ordinary person’s moreover their senses were much better too. However at the moment they were just aware of something shooting out from the muzzle and nothing else.

Lorenzo looked at the armor on the chair. There was actually a hole on it!

Although it wasn’t the best armor but it was one that was used by the generals! The sword would be able to pierce it!

There was a trace of pride in Skagen’s eyes as he looked at shocked expression of the generals. He was scared the first time when he saw the power of the legendary weapon. The destruction was the secondary advantage of the weapon. The most terrible part was that even a child could use it! It was in no way inferior to the technique used by Inferno family!

Actually to some extent it was much more scarier!

After all to make an explosion sufficient amount of powder had to be used. However this rifle was totally different. It was light and small. Its destructive power would more ten times more than inflammation technique of Inferno family if it was used by some cult!

“This, this …” An old general swallowed his saliva and looked at the architect.

The senior architect pulled the gear and the flame inside it was extinguished.

Lorenzo and other generals looked at him in fear and dread. Lorenzo’s face was calm but his chest went up and down rapidly. He slowly asked: “This…It’s used just like that?”

Skagen faintly smiled: “Yes the requirements are not that high. An archer is needed for good aim. In addition the range of the rifle isn’t that far. The maximum is 50 meters which is on third gear. The range is 30 meters in 2 gear and 15 meters on first one. The speed and shooting intervals will be different in each gear. There are information about this in documentation. I won’t waste your time by elaborating on it right now.”

Lorenzo looked at the rifle: “This isn’t going to be used here.”

“You don’t have to worry about it. Just turn off the firing mechanism. ”

Lorenzo and other generals were relieved to hear Skagen. However there was a little fear lingering in them. The attack rate of fire was too fast. Even if someone was prepared it would be difficult to avoid it. If the enemy was a bit lax then they would die on spot!

One of the generals looked behind the chair and saw a small ball embedded into the wall. He carefully reached and pulled it out. He looked back at Skagen: “Master is this the little thing that caused the attack?”

“Yes.” Skagen nodded.

Lorenzo and other general were shocked as they wouldn’t expect something as small as a marble could cause such a lethal attack.

“This is really … a legendary weapon!” Lorenzo wryly smiled as he looked at the rifle in architect’s hands.

“Our Temple never disappoints!” Skagen added.

“This thing can break through steel!” The blonde general spoke: “If we invest in it in large scale then the future of warfare will be rewritten! The scope of this weapon is too big. No wonder it was rate as a legendary weapon! It is creating a new era in warfare!”

Skagen continued: “The steel was soft as the thickness of your armor was not enough. So its normal for it to breakdown. The future armors should be tougher than the ones produced today. You saw the effect of the rifle and I hope you can produce and introduce it into the battlefield as soon as possible. It was the wish of master Dean to reduce the casualties of soldiers and win the war!”

Lorenzo said: “Our army has sworn to protect the golden wall and we will live up to master Dean’s expectations!”

Skagen nodded and turned away to leave.

The senior architect presented the rifle to Lorenzo.

Lorenzo wanted to stop the architect as his heartbeat was going crazy. His muscles were tightened as he got ready to take the rifle.

“General, please.” The architect handed out the rifle.

There was a trace of unnatural smile on Lorenzo’s face as he took the rifle in accordance to the position the architect was carrying it.

“General rest assured that as long as its used according to the instructions the rifle is very safe!” The architect smiled.

“Yes, yes.” Lorenzo politely answered.

Lorenzo watched as Skagen and two senior architect left. He turned and said: “Start the production of the rifle at the military workshops right now! Continue to manufacture it non-stop without sleep!”

“Yes!” A general said and left.

“General the body of this weapon is made of metal. I’m afraid we don’t have much of metal materials in our warehouse. We will have to collect from the consortia!” Another general who was responsible for logistics department spoke out.

Lorenzo coldly said: “The treaty signed with the consortia is very clear. During the war time they must fully support us! If any of them wants to earn dirty money then take over their factories forcefully!”


“Now we will be able to change the tide after we use the rifle!” The blonde general said in an excited tone: “We will reserve them for archers and soon can use them in the battlefield.”

“I don’t know when our workshop can produce it. It looks to have lots of parts. Damn, if we can manufacture it soon!”

Lorenzo looked at the man: “We would have this product in our hands much more earlier if it wasn’t for the influence of the military newspaper. Whoever published that news… Immediately arrest them and strictly investigate. I want to know who is giving them the courage from the shadows!”

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    1. You realize that the names of the factions are supposed to be related with the topic they work with, right? Wood faction works mainly with wood products, Iron faction with Iron products, Wind faction with wind based technology.

      What is Effluvium, Miasma and Zephyr have to do with Steam and kinetic energy? The names aren’t just to look cool.

      1. Effluvium – a slight or invisible exhalation or vapor, especially one that is disagreeable or noxious.

        Miasma – an influence or atmosphere that tends to deplete or corrupt .

        Zephyr – a gentle breeze.

        You just assumed they weren’t relevant because you personally didn’t know what they mean and even had the audacity to insult my intelligence as though I am the one who doesn’t understand. Just try researching next time.

        1. Yes, but those are names that only research 1 topic. Steam and Kinetic energy apply to all of those names… Effluvium would only research invisible(slightly invisible) gas, Miasma(I don’t even know why you put this here) is to fantasy-like(this novel is fantasy, but there is no magic, also if we were to talk about miasma, then it would probably just be fear. Its pretty much the same as those Xianxia novels with killing intent). Zephyr(Dude, seriously. Why did you even add this). In conclusion, ALL THESE TERMS ARE TO FANTASY-LIKE and this novel’s never used fantasy terms to explain things, other then the monsters.

          1. His new faction is not the ‘kinetic energy’ faction. The Temple of Elements already had an elementary understanding of kineric energy, Dudian didn’t discover it. And if I had to limit kinetic energy to a single faction then it would be wind faction (think windmills).

            No, the faction Dudian founded is based around his use of fluids (in this case steam) to transform other forms of energy (in this case thermal energy) into mechanical (kenetic) energy. The steam engine was the flagship invention of this new faction and it was the steam that elevated the invention into its own faction.

            MadSnail already said he wasn’t satisfied with names such as ‘steam faction’ so he asked for suggestions which I provided. Effluvium, miasma, and zephyr are all words pertaining to fluids so I felt they fit quite nicely. No, they are not FANTASY words, they are real things. Google them and lpok at the multiple definitions of each word rather than singling out the single definition that doesn’t fit the theme.

            1. He said FANTASY-LIKE not FANTASY and if u ask people then most would answer that these words are FANTASY-LIKE simply because of overuse of those words in fantasy stories, so as we live in democracy if most would decide that black is white then it must be true;)

      2. zeph·yr
        a soft gentle breeze.

        a highly unpleasant or unhealthy smell or vapor.
        “a miasma of stale alcohol hung around him like marsh gas”

        noun: effluvium; plural noun: effluvia
        an unpleasant or harmful odor, secretion, or discharge.
        “the unwholesome effluvia of decaying vegetable matter”

        All of the names sound fucking awesome and make sense to me. So what’s the problem? You should hit the dictionaries before criticizing you ignorant swine.

          1. Agreed? With that all these words sound like fart? FART FACTION?:p
            Maybe zephyr sounds better but i don’t think “soft gentle breeze” can compare with extra hot, compressed air from steam engine. At last I can enjoy “soft gentle breeze” when it hit me in the face xD

      1. Seriously though, MadSnail asks for recommendations and nobody else seems to have any input other than complaining about my ideas.

  1. I think current faction name is appropriate because he might end up creating another faction related to other fields for example the nuclear faction…. Also i just caught up to date and was wondering if 4 chapters a day is normal for this ln?

    1. Eh, 3 seems to be the norm, 4 is just an added bonus here and there. Like finding an onion ring in your fries.

  2. Steam seems reasonable as a name. Energy might work though it’s vague and far too general.
    I’m not sure how Qi fits into this, unless it has a different meaning in Chinese scientific context.

    Problem is that I don’t see how this rifle could work with steam. It has to be a normal flintlock-type thing, but he also can’t just use gunpowder since that’s taboo.

    Guess we’ll find out how it all fits together as he adds more inventions and stuff gets described more.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. All the r now tied to a knot, time pull all of it with one grand manner!

    And the faction name, how about artificer faction, cause, dean dun really invent new stuff, but recreating tech from the pre-calamity era…so artifacts or relics?

    And will never forget to say, THANK YOU FOR THE TRANSLATIONS! yep!

    1. I think we should just stay with Steam for now or use some simple one which even kids would understand. After all other factions have simple names.
      As for technology I don’t get it how he can so boldly “invent” these things. After all for sure there are people who knows about these things, but don’t share (maybe behind inner wall there will be cars and so on;P). If u ask why i believe that not all knowledge was lost recall that what that famous artist said about MC poem (he knows about names of seasons and some plant from 300 years ago). If he knows about these thinks then how is it possible for others to not know.

  4. well makes sense with the army investigating and with the bribing of the news people there might be more than one foe bribing and with Dean bribing the military into a proper investigation this will be a big catch indeed.

  5. Thanks for the chapter!
    Good thing he gave it to the military. He should make it that anyone non-military using a rifle should be hanged.

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    Can you imagine it? Senior hunter, master architect, knight of the church, monster tamer, war hero. ( in the shadows alchemist, ex convict, murderer) Jesus this is really the dark king.
    It will be written on walls 1) don’t mess with church, 2 don’t mess with temple 3 don’t bring a weapon to deans house 😂😂😂

  7. “Although it wasn’t the best armor but it was one that was used by the generals! The sword would be able to pierce it!” I think it should be “the sword wouldn’t be able to pierce it” or else it won’t make that much sense xD Thanks for the chapter

  8. AIr pressure can produce that destructive power? i imaginge that its just 2-3x stronger than pellet gun. E?

    here comes the plot results !

    thanks madsnail !

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    Names like Energy faction could be applied to all of his inventions so far

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    But in real life our governments have energy departments etc…
    Sooo energy faction sounds just rigth.

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