DK – Ch 374

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The Dark King – Chapter 374

“Master … Dean?”

Several other generals reacted in shock.

The colonel bowed: “It’s not wrong” He continued: “Master Dean has donated the new product called rifle to the military.”

The faces of some of them changed. The blonde general sucked cold breath and said in a shock: “Isn’t he the Dean who was reported by the barbarians that we took captive? We investigated the man. He was only sixteen years old and had become a senior architect. How come he was promoted to a master so soon?”

“Its reasonable for the Temple to enhance his position to a master’s if the so called rifle is a legendary level military item…But… ” Another general said in a calm tone.

The white bearded general retracted his eyes form the colonel and said: “Although the Temple always maintains their public image but their internal laws are too strict. They wouldn’t force this Dean’s item to legendary level and upgrade his status to master to earn face. I’m afraid in that case they wouldn’t be able to convince the other masters and their losses will be much greater. It would be a stupid move. I think this rifle is really a legendary weapon. Maybe it will be able to help us change the situation in the front…”

The doubts in the hearts of others dissipated after hearing his words. One of them said: “If its really a legendary item and it was donated to us… It doesn’t seem like a move that a traitor would do. After all the price of a legendary item amounts to millions of gold coins. You can live luxury life for ten lifetimes without a worry! He would have taken asylum from the Temple and could go to inner wall to live and never come back to the outer wall area!”

“Yes, It would be too stupid to use donation to scrub suspicion!”

“We have to investigate this person! Although its not a noble move but there are lots of people who admire masters! If he is really wronged then we will be in big trouble!”

“This time we are in a pinch. Blame those idiots. They have directly published the news without investigating and figuring out anything! We as military won’t have a face if its found that everything was a misunderstanding!”

Everyone looked at each other.

At the same time!

A guard came in and reported: “Generals a master Skagen from the Temple has come to visit you. He wants to meet with general Lorenzo.”

“Master Skagen is here?”

“Could it be…?”

White bearded old man’s face was gloomy: “Let him join us.”

“Yes.” The guard turned and left the hall.

After a moment, Skagen joined the hall as the guard led the way.

The white bearded old man was waiting in front of the sand. He stepped forward towards master Skagen. There was a smile on his face: “Master, it has been a long time.”

Skagen calmly looked at him and other generals: “I won’t delay your time as there is a war happening right now. I believe that you have much more things to do rather than wasting your time on me. I came here on behalf of the Temple and our new master Mr Dean. I’m here to tell you two things!”

Lorenzo’s face slightly changed but he still maintained a smile: “You are resolute and vigorous. We have just learned about mr Dean being promoted to master. That’s why we haven’t come yet to congratulate him. I would like to know what you want to say.”

Skagen calmly said: “First of all the military newspaper has to write about master Dean’s donation on the front page as a headline. It has to be noted that he was wronged too. We need justice!”

“Even if the master didn’t say we would publish master Dean’s generosity in the military newspaper.” Lorenzo frowned: “However the battlefield is unpredictable. We can’t put such a news headlines.”

Skagen’s mouth tilted a bit but he didn’t laugh: “We are going to donate a legendary level military product. Are you saying that it has nothing to do with the war? Although you haven’t seen the product yet but have Temple ever disappointed military with our assessment level? We have evaluate from one star to five stars. Have we ever done a wrong identification?”

Lorenzo’s face slightly changed. If he didn’t accept Skagen’s words it meant that he was spitting on Temple’s face. If he agreed then he had to spit on someone else’s face.

“Master, I think we have to discuss…”

Skagen frowned: “General you just said that the situation at the battlefield is changing. Shouldn’t you put all your energy into the decision making?”

Lorenzo was silent for a moment: “Alright, I promise it. The second thing?”

“IT is very simple. Master Dean insisted to personally fight on the front line. I hope you can send the most elite fighter to protect him. I believe that you wouldn’t like to see a master from the Temple who is less than 18 years old and have produced two legendary items to fall dead in the battlefield. This will be a loss to the giant wall!”

Lorenzo was shocked.

The generals standing behind him were stunned in anger.

They were angry because of Skagen’s previous words but at the moment they doubted their ears.

What does it mean to fight at the front line?

Even the generals were reluctant to go to that place!

Especially in this situation the barbarians were about to capture the golden wall. If the military failed to protect then even the generals wouldn’t be able to escape death. In the army the individual power was like a dot of sand in the desert.

However the teenager wanted to take the initiative and go to front line? Moreover he insisted!!!?

Lorenzo recovered: “Master Skagen, did I hear it wrong? Master Dean wasn’t to personally go to battlefield? Why didn’t you stop him? The front line is too dangerous. Even if we send the most elite soldiers we can’t guarantee the safety of anyone! To tell you the truth we can’t even guarantee that the barbarians would not break through the golden wall the next moment. Once the golden wall falls then anyone who comes back alive have to rely on blessings and luck of goddess Silvia!”

“We wanted to stop but he insisted on going to battlefield! Mr Dean isn’t only the most talented architect in the last hundred years but all has passed the first test of the Knight Hall! Once he passes through the next assessment he will become a real knight! He has the spirit of the knighthood! We wanted to send him to the inner wall to study and never return back to the outer wall!”

Skagen stopped for a moment. His fingers clenched into a fist under his sleeves: “But! But he didn’t want to escape! In order for the military to reduce the casualties he was ready to give up selling the legendary product so that the military wasn’t burdened!”

“And for the glory of the knighthood he insisted on fighting in the battlefield! He was a hunter in the past but was imprisoned because of injustice! Now when he saw the crisis in the battlefield and heavy casualties he is ready to personally rush to fight for the civilians!”

“Perhaps you will think that he does so to restore his reputation and prove that he hasn’t collided with the barbarians.”

“But I have to remind you that he is already a master of the Temple! He has produced two legendary level products! He could have looted endless wealth from the military through the sales!”

“But he didn’t do that!”

“He could have earned great wealth and joined the inner wall! He would enjoy superior lifestyle till the end of time! But he didn’t! He abandoned glory to rush to the battlefield! A battlefield where any moment is death!”

“Now. General do you think that such a person would sell his compatriots? Would such a person collude with barbarians? Would such a person be a traitor?”

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  1. Dedian defintely have the advantage of having a larger goal than most suspect, what is a few million compared to the world.

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