DK – Ch 372

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The Dark King – Chapter 372

The best translation of the faction name is Gas! That’s without a doubt. But its not the “coolest” so we have Steam faction (anything better sounding lemme know:D ). We will use rifle instead of steam rifle. Because it has igniting, matchlock… I think it is a weapon that is better than a musket but worse than first invented rifles..

Dudian smiled: “You are being polite. I’m sorry to produce designs only as the time was limited. I wanted to finish the products but half the way my servants passed me the news about unfavorable rumors about me in the outside world. So I hurried to submit the invention and concept. Fortunately there were no big mistakes or you will be troubled a lot.”

Skagen turned around and looked at the crowd in the conference hall. He sighed and looked at Dudian: “We have heard those rumors too but we believe that you won’t be involved in such a stupid thing. Unfortunately these crazy rumors have spread everywhere at this point and we have asked the magistrate to open an investigation. There isn’t any direct evidence found your involvement with the barbarians so please have a bit of patience.”

Dudian nodded: “I’m sorry for bothering you for such a thing. Moreover I have also implicated the Temple because of such unreasonable thing. I’ve brought bad influence to all of you. I would love to personally attest at trial but the witnesses are my servants so there won’t be much of persuasive power. I’m also uncomfortable as its very difficult for me to prove my own alibi.”

“Ha ha……”

Several masters loudly chuckled.

“I understand that you are depressed. The Lord has decided to send you to inner wall to study. You can come back after the end of the war so that you can avoid this momentum.”

“Inner wall?” Dudian was surprised. However he knew that it was possible because of his identity as a master which made him easy to enter the inner wall at this time. Even the consortia were helpless and couldn’t set foot into the inner wall.

He thought for a moment and sincerely said: “Thank you very much! It’s because of the Lord’s and your kindness! But I think that escaping away is not a solution to the problem. In addition there is the military newspaper which have made the claims that are pressing at this point. The purpose of my works is nothing more than spreading the faith and benefiting the civilians. Right now, the civilians are in dire straits and I can’t give up and run away. It’s contrary to my work goals, my faith and spirit of the knighthood. So I’m asking you all to let me stay and fight!”

“Knighthood?” Skagen was surprised but there was no time to go into details: “What’s in your mind?”

Dudian looked at him then at the crowd. He bowed and spoke in an enthusiastic tone: “I want to personally fight in the front line against the barbarians! I swear to defend the golden wall until the last drop of my blood! Please masters! Support me and I’ll be grateful for lifetime!”

All the masters present in the conference hall were affected by the pious and sincere words of Dudian. Previously some of them had different speculations in their minds. Most of them thought that he would ask them to use their personal connections to help Dudian. But the boy had fearless determination and was brave enough to personally set foot into the extremely dangerous battlefield!

Skagen was startled as he saw the teenager making a ninety degree bow in front of him. There was shock in his face. Skagen took a deep breath: “I admire your courage and believe in your love! But you are an architect and fighting in the dangerous front line is not suitable. The barbarians will break through the golden wall at any time and if you fall there it would not just affect our Temple but would be sorrowful result for countless civilians!”

“Yes ah, Mr. Dean don’t be so impulsive! We believe in you…”

“Yes, Master Dean the battlefield is too dangerous…”

“I’m willing to use all my connections to help you wash the dirt that was smeared by the rumors. There is certainly someone behind the shadows that is spreading those rumors! ”

Dudian didn’t lift his body as he still kept in the bowing posture. He said in a resolute and sincere tone: “I hope you will fulfill my request. I don’t care about master medal or the rewards of the Temple! I want to defend the civilians from barbarians!”

The masters looked at each other. Some of them were dissatisfied with Dudian earlier on but their face changed and their eyes softened after Dudian’s resolute action.

Skagen glanced at the crowd. He hesitated a bit before propping up Dudian: “We will promise since you are requesting it. I’ll talk with the Lord. As for your new products. I assume the strong destructive power of rifle can play a great role in the battlefield. It may even be able to restore the situation. The rifle can be regarded as a legendary item!”

Dudian replied: “But its too late in a sense. Too many soldiers have died. Even dead soldier means there is a family which is saddened and fragmented! Only the total destruction of barbarians can end this war!”

Skagen sighed: “It’s true that the war ends in pain. Since you are willing the Temple will contact military in your stead and let them use the rifle in the battlefield. If they mobilize the manufacturing power of all the consortia then its possible to stop the barbarians before they break through the golden wall!”

Dudian nodded: “The sooner its done the better the results will be.”

Skagen asked: “The rifle is a legendary product. How much money do you want military to pay you?” The legendary items would normally cost millions of gold coins.

Dudian slightly shook his head: “I’m not planning to sell it. I’m willing to donate the rifle to the military free of charge. I hope that they can use the money to end the war as soon as possible!”

Skagen was startled.

Most of the masters were perplexed.


Donating a legendary level weapon?

It had to be noted that Dudian could loot the military at this point. He could sell the rifle at several times expensive than an ordinary legendary item as there was a war going on! The military would buy it anyway! However, Dudian didn’t act so but made a selfless move!

It meant millions of gold coins!

It was enough to buy at least 10 bustling neighborhoods in the commercial district! Even the masters present in the conference hall may not produce such a product in their lifetime! At most they would create several pieces of five star items and become a master! But the teenager in front of them was willing to donate a legendary item for free!

Moreover he wanted to donate to the military which slandered him!

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  1. I’m advocating to use gas instead of steam. Steam is way too limiting. You will come into conflict with steam sooner or later. Gas is a root word as well. Just look up what gas is in other languages. Most of them are still gas.

    Choosing to not use gas because it doesn’t sound cool is really not a good reason.

  2. Playing them like a marionette! I love this novel and I think the author is extremely wise and intelligent. Thank you translator and editors for bringing us this masterpiece.

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