DK – Ch 371

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The Dark King – Chapter 371

“Prepare the carriage, I’m going to the Temple of Elements.” Dudian ordered the Kroen as he went to change his clothes.

Kroen ran out to make sure the carriage is ready. Dudian changed his clothing and put on raincoat. The carriage was waiting for him as he stepped out of the castle. Kroen opened the door for him.

Dudian nodded and entered the carriage.

The carriage began to move as it slowly went out of the castle.

The raindrops fell onto top of the compartment.

Dudian quietly sat inside the carriage as he listened to the sound of rain. After half an hour the carriage came to the front of Church Mountains. He got off the carriage and used umbrella as he went on the mountain road to his castle. He looked at the guard: “Is there any letter for me?”

“You are … … you!” The guard was surprised to see Dudian: “There are way too many letters. I’ll give you all of them.”

“I don’t want the ones from the past.” Dudian added.

The guard immediately replied: “There are few from today.” He pulled out a drawer and took out four or five letters.

Dudian took the letters and thanked the man. He went into his building and opened the envelopes one by one. In addition to the notice issued by the Temple the other letters were sent by the other architects. Some of them were asking about the problems they faced while the others wanted to make deals.

“Temporarily unable to assess the level? I have to personally get involved in the discussions? Strange… Can’t they analyze the designs? Or is it possible that they can’t understand the mechanical energy?” Dudian’s eyebrows wrinkled as he skimmed through the content. He put away the envelope and left the building. He used the umbrella to walk to the Temple’s Council hall.

Dudian saw seven or eight carriages parked outside the hall. The flags above them were wet and he couldn’t identify the patterns.

Dudian’s eye lit up as he went to the gates of the hall step by step. The guards stopped him but recognized Dudian after he moved the umbrella that covered his face. One of them respectfully said: “Welcome architect.”

Dudian asked: “Are the masters inside the hall?”

One of the guards replied: “The masters are discussing things. We have been informed about your visit so please go in.”

Dudian nodded and handed over his umbrella to one of them. He shook his sleeves to threw the rain and he stepped into the hall.

“Architect, please this way.” The maid greeted Dudian and showed him the room.

Dudian was led by the maid to the second floor of the hall. She knocked the door and gently pushed it after a voice echoed from inside.

Dudian’s eyes swept over the eight figures sitting around the table. All of them were old. The youngest would be at least 40 or 50 years old. Most of them had white hair. Dudian looked at the thin old man sitting at the top: “Greetings master Skagen. Greetings to all the masters.”

The old man laughed: “Architect Dean you don’t have to be polite…Oh… Perhaps after the change I will have to call you master Dean.”

Dudian was surprised even though he was psychologically prepared for the moment: “Master Skagen, what do you mean?”

“Haha … …” Master Skagen laughed: “Of course, I mean what I say. Your invention has been identified and according to the Temple you have the qualification to become a ‘master’! Its too late today or else the news about you becoming a master would have already released. But I can assure you tomorrow morning all the nobles and whole of commercial district will know your name!”

Dudian was startled. Although he had expected the invention to be a legendary level but he didn’t imagine the Temple to be so efficient in assessment. It seems the Temple was determined to help him this time.

Dudian smiled: “Thanks masters! I’ll be in your care!”

Skagen was surprsied to see Dudian to be so calm. Perhaps he had expect to be a master and it was his long term goal. Skagen smiled: “We were looking for you because we want to discuss your incredible invention. We have talked with masters and Lord made the proposal so we won’t be evaluating your invention neither as a five star item nor a legendary. It will be a faction on its own! The new, tenth faction will be born in our Temple!”

Dudian was surprsied when he heard the word faction. It has been so many years but except nine basic elements no new faction was born. However his ‘steam engine’ and kinetic energy ideas would end up as tenth faction!

Is it acting like a foundation?

Skagen saw the dumb expression on Dudian’s face. He said: “Master Dean, I admire the new idea that was proposed by you. I had seen the new textile machine invented by you and I faintly felt inspiration. But after seeing your new concept called ‘steam’ I suddenly woke up from slumber. This is exactly what I was inspired about but couldn’t put it into words. Moreover you have manufactured the idea into applicable product. Its perfect… Impeccable…Haha.. ”

Dudian heard the man’s hearty laughter. He had good impression of the man. Dudian smiled: “It’s the result of my works after the new textile machine. That’s how I was inspired too.”

“A predecessor of ours had made a well which he called ‘cloud’. He had used some kind of technology similar to ‘steam’..”

“We only marveled at his invention for so many years but never thought that steam can be used to propogate kinetic energy… A difference of thinking…A different mindset… ”

“It’s not about thinking a lot of times but thinking the right way. Actually you may never know if you had the right idea or not.” Another thin old man agreed with Skagen.

Skagen smiled as he continued: “We will give you the choice to name the new faction. Don’t rush to answer now and think about it.”

Dudian pondered a bit and replied: “I’ll use a simple word to describe the faction’s name. It should be called ‘Steam’ faction. What do you think?” (Qi as in air, gas or steam)

“Steam?” Skagen was surprised: “Alright, It is your right. We can’t interfere with the naming. But it can’t be an ugly name you know!”

Dudian smiled.

“In addition to the concept of the kinetic energy you have submitted two pieces of designs related to new two products. The first is called steam engine and the second one is called rifle. We have taken liberty and produced both of them. Its effects indeed are the same as were written in the notes in the drawings. That’s why we had to delay for two days before informing you. I hope you won’t be offended by our move.” Skagen said.

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  1. Thanks!

    Wouldn’t something like “Energy” faction or “Force” be better than Qi? I think it relates better to the experiment than Qi, which is more like internal energy.

    1. Seconded. Since I’m pretty sure he’ll also submit the electric generator and maybe even oil engine in the future, so Energy faction is a better choice.

    2. Yeah.. try either Energy, Force, Life, Spirit instead of Qi.. i know its a chinese novel but it kinda feels wrong..

    3. That’s not a good translation of Qi though. Best translation of Qi is gas. As in liquid/solid/gas.

      Steam is just one form of gas; same for the air in the atmosphere. They all fall under the category of being gaseous.

      I can’t get over War and Peace. How did Tolstoy’s work survive? I guess they are near Russia, but still weird to have this around and not other classics. I feel like this is a weak point in the story; distribution of knowledge. I’m sure enough to make a bet that the inner wall has a lot more culture preserved.

    4. Qi is just one form of energy. and there are LOTS of energy. It is really inappropriate to call it qi faction. I would go with Energy faction.

  2. STEAM RIFLE? e? baseon its name, size should not be the same, should be, bigger? imagine a shotgun with steam? is it just me or im thinking the wrong way?

    1. Umm, you know that series some time ago with the trains and zombies? That sort of thing, steam rifle. Like an air-soft BB, it uses pressurized air or someshit to fire

    2. Hahaha I think you misunderstand. Steam would be used as the gun powder, so it would probably won’t even come close to our rifles, but would be damn good for them.

  3. i´m a little disappointed for the name of the new faction, but considering its element, i guess is pretty accurate, right?

    thanks for the chapter! 😀

  4. The rifle is just a paintball rifle it just have ammo that is small and have a high pressure release there are some videos on youtube about how to turn a paintball rifle in a real weapon, it is surprising easily.
    Something like this

    here is a paintball rifle already moded to shot .22 (iron)bb pelets

    just imagine that unless it is against a hunter that steel can would be the barbarians and then you will understand how frightening Dean name will become

    About the “Qi” name it is because it is the “energy of life” but Dean will probally call it “energy of god” or something like this because he is from the temple

  5. I also think that ‘Energy’ should be a better name.
    Since kinetic energy is one kind of energy and (may be) Dean will work on electrical energy, thermal energy and so on in the future.

  6. Nice try at naming the faction, Dean. It’s alright, no one knows if the superchip is able to give creativity in naming sense, anyways. We don’t blame you for coming up with some common Wuxia/Xianxia/Fantasy name. Right, we blame the author. And/Or translator… *eyebrow raise*

    1. Could also be an actual steam rifle. Catriges filled with water and a metal tip that with chemical reaction (or electricity) superheat the water which turns to steam and propells the bullet instead of having gunpowder ignited… who knows.

      1. i been reading about steam rifles and they are not practical in a real war scenario.

        now they already have create gun powder and cannons, so they already have de bases to develop Gas-operated reloading technology for fire arms. Gas-operated mechanism provide energy to operate autoloading firearms, In it a portion of high-pressure gas from the cartridge being fired is used to power a mechanism to extract the spent case and insert a new cartridge into the chamber. Energy from the gas is harnessed through either a port in the barrel or a trap at the muzzle. This high-pressure gas impinges on a surface such as a piston head to provide motion for unlocking of the action, extraction of the spent case, ejection, cocking of the hammer or striker, chambering of a fresh cartridge, and locking of the action.

        by the way upotte taught me that John Browning created this mechanism

  7. So I googled “Steam Rifle” and… well… they could theoretically exist. Even found blueprints for one. The internet is a strange place.

  8. Why not just call it wind or gas faction. I can guess that the steam rifle is a airsoft gun and that the engine will most likely be in the form of windmill.

    But I’m confused as he stated that the item he made can be classified as a part of every element so calling the faction Qi(gas) sounds weird unless he focusses on using air pressured items. I vote for it to be Energy Faction. Also 气(Qi) can also mean energy.

  9. I don’t like naming the faction Qi since other names is westernized. Why not westernize the faction name too? There’s a lot of good suggestion from other comments

  10. steam rifle = high pressured air gun. Which is Not a very potent tool, but we know why he didn’t introduce flint or other more dangerous rifle’s etc.

  11. Steam power is quite practical while acceptably less reliable than gunpowder. It works on an alternative principle of centrifugal forces. It must be noted that it is also possible to apply centrifugal forces through a hand rotation device as well. Basically, it is winding of a spring and unwinding of a spring. It has nothing to do with pressurized air. Basically, steam would be used in the process of winding the coil and then releasing the coil in an automatic mechanism.

    So you simply keep putting projectile after projectile and it would automatically keep firing because of winding and unwinding using rotating disks. It is the first mechanism towards an automatic firing device

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