DK – Ch 370

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The Dark King – Chapter 370

in a vast territory at the north of the commercial district.

The headquarters of the military was surrounded by the soldiers stationed as guard. At the moment seven or eight people were gathered in a broad hall in a magnificent castle in the depth of the territory. All of them were wearing medal on their shoulders. The medals were engraved with golden figure of goddess Silvia. Some of them had one while some had five of those.

“We won’t be able to hold onto the golden wall because of soldiers fighting under the continuous rain. We have replaced dozen batches of soldiers and all of them are seriously ill. Although the medical treatment is done in a timely manner but its not enough!”

A white bearded old man said: “These fucking barbarians are more cunning than we have imagined. We have conveyed messages regarding reinforcements to the inner wall but no one has come over yet! I’m afraid we can’t rely on them at the critical situation!”

“Well!” Another middle-aged man said: “It’s too late to establish the second line of defense now! Previously I said that instead of using guerrilla warfare against the barbarians in Red Maple mountains we should have gone for straight battle. The area was in front of us and the soldiers were familiar with terrain but you all gave up on opportunity to delay the war to golden wall. What’s the result? The artillery is useless because of the heavy rain!”

“All right.”

A blonde middle-aged man frowned: “What’s the use of these arguments at this point? We have to come up with a solution to save the situation as soon as possible. We are at a disadvantage. Auburn can’t do anything with artillery and I assume that barbarians were aware of existence of the weapons. They understood the weakness of the artillery. It means that there are traitors and this matter had to be solved out too. If our plans are going to be sold to the barbarians then how are we going to deal with them?”

“Moreover the existence of the artillery is known not just in military but in the Temple of Elements and the Inferno family of the Dark Church. But I assume Inferno family wouldn’t be so stupid to deal with barbarians as they will turn into the biggest suspects.” Another man added.

“Do you think that the architect called Dean did it?”

“I doubt it. He was just a civilian. He was selected by the Mellon consortium as a scavengers and accidentally got his hands on a magic marks. That’s how he had become a hunter. Afterwards he spent three years in prison and was bailed out by a noble family. His talents were revealed after the prison term. He has no background and no contacts. How would he have information on artillery?” The previous man said in a disdainful tone.

The blonde man frowned: “It’s difficult to find out the traitor. We should focused on the front line. We can seize time and establish the second line of defense. There is only half a day travel from here to inner wall so why haven’t they replied yet?”

White bearded old man’s face was gloomy: “Temporarily don’t expect anything from inner wall. They won’t stand by but they won’t easily intervene either. We still have to rely on our own to delay time. This Red River’s width is more than four hundred meters. Its unfathomable. Moreover there are aquatic monsters inside it so if we fight by the river the giant frogs brought by the barbarians will be useless. The only problem is that the barrier by the side of the Red River has to be repaired. Once we retreat from the golden wall the barbarians will chase after us. Moreover if they don’t take the opportunity to chase us then they can attack the residential area from the side. The situation will be too bad in that case!”

“Maybe we should send some of our troops to the silver wall.” Another man suggested.

Another man sighed:”The boundary wall of the residential area is smaller than golden wall. Its width isn’t much too. The number of soldiers that could be accommodated there is limited. We won’t be able to defend anything there. The only way is to let the civilians into the commercial district…”

The previous blonde middle-aged man flatly refused:”No! The situation is chaotic. If we let the civilians into the commercial district then the mobs will take the opportunity to attack the nobles. We won’t be able to afford the responsibility!”

The others looked at each other as they sighed.

In the blink of an eye another day passed.

The fourth day since the beginning of the war.

Dudian was sitting in a spacious hall inside the castle. There were few shelves which had wooden swords, knight spears and other weapons. It was a room meant for the sons and daughters of the nobles to exercise. This way they could avoid the exposure to the sun.

At the moment two small figures were sparring with each other as they used wooden swords. Clank~ Clank~

Dudian was reading a book as he quietly sat in corner. From time to time he would look up at the figures as he would take a sip or two from the tea cup.


The petite figure fell to the ground.

“Sister.” The tall figure put away the sword as he stepped forward to help his sister. It was Gabriel and Artemis.

Dudian looked up: “Let her go.”

Gabriel looked back at Dudian but he still reached out his hand towards his sister. He said in a gentle tone: “Sister, come on. Get up.”

The girl looked at Dudian and then shook her head. She grinned as she looked at her brother: “Brother, I’m fine!”

Gabriel turned towards Dudian and bent his body ninety degrees: “Master, I’m sorry..I…”

Dudian slowly said in a calm tone: “I know that you want to protect her. But you are harming her. Do you understand me?”

Gabriel whispered: “I know.”

Dudian casually said: “Since you know then from tomorrow on you will train with Nicholas. He isn’t as humble as you.”

Gabriel bit his lips: “Yes.”

“Master!” Artemis stepped out. She was almost going to cry.

Dudian glanced at her: “Your brother wouldn’t try to help you if you didn’t fall. Moreover you wouldn’t have to beg me for yourself… ”

“But … but …”

“Shut up and continue practicing.” Dudian spoke in a cold tone.

Gabriel looked at Artemis: “Sister, lets continue. Don’t worry.”

“Yes, brother.” Artemis replied.

Knock~ Knock~

“Come in.” Dudian said.

Kroen came in as the door was pushed open. He was wearing a black suit but one of his sleeves was empty. He respectfully said: “Master, the letter you were waiting for…”

Dudian nodded slightly and put down the book in his hand. He got up and said to Gabriel: “You can’t stop without my permission. Learn to endure!”

“Yes, young master.” Gabriel answered.

Dudian turned away.

Kroen always stuck to the manners and etiquette of butler. He bowed once more before Dudian. He glanced at the book that Dudian put on the table. There were words engraved in black color: “War and Peace.”

Kroen retracted his eyes and followed after Dudian. He shut the door without making a sound.

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    1. thats in a normal world, in this world they can become hunters so they can still become somewhat strong or fast

    2. because he realized he couldn’t even see through the strength of the last girl he met outside the wall.

  1. Fighting is not based purely on strength even though you need it its nowhere near the most important factor so that was a stupid thing to say.

      1. Look into Chinese history. Surprisingly, there are actually a few great FEMALE warriors. And don’t be an ass about your ignorance, please. Thanks.

      2. Women have been suppressed through the ages, and they still managed to do great things. So dont be an ignorant ass, bc if it wasnt for some women history would be a lot more different.

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