DK – Ch 37

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The Dark King – Chapter 37

Two ‘blessings’

It was about 10 minutes that Jenny had left when Dudian began to walk through the trail towards the estate. He was reaching the banquet hall when he heard bursts of hearty laughter from far away. It seems the party had finished, as Dudian saw the banquet hall’s door completely open. One after another nobles came out in groups.

Dudian did not expect for his timing to be the on line with banquet’s ending. In his heart he was thankful to the mosquito which had bitten his wrist. He didn’t enter the banquet hall but instead walked down the main road towards the outside of the manor. He used another route to join the main road to close up to entrance of the banquet hall. There was no nobles so he trotted past, pretending to come out from the banquet hall. As if ready to return back home any moment.

He saw the there were only seven or eight carriages left in comparison to large numbers of them that were neatly parked close by to each other when they had initially came over.

Dudian’s heart was relieved when he saw Peter’s carriage standing outside.

He went over but there was no one in the carriage. It was clear that Peter had yet to come out.

Dudian first sat in the carriage, waiting inside.

Before long, Peter drifted back in an extremely drank state. He saw Dudian inside the carriage: “You?… how?… you here? You… me…admired…long … ” He was in a state where he couldn’t express himself. Peter’s body was shaking. Dudian helped him into the carriage.

Dudian was dumbfounded as he said: “You shouldn’t drink more. Come sit over for a break.”

“Higher ups… orders… in the next must do so … …” Peter speak too vague to understand anything out of his speech. However he obediently went inside the carriage and sat down to lean on his right side.

Dudian watched Peter’s nonstop giggling. He sighed, lifted the curtain and said to the driver, “Go back.”

“Yes, sir,” said the coachman respectfully and then shook the rope.

They first dropped off Peter and later came to the temporary accommodation castle provided by the Mellon consortia where Dudian got off.

It was late night so Mason and others were in deep sleep. Except the gatekeepers on shift the rest of the attendants, servants and maids were resting. Dudian returned to his room to lie on bed. A lot of things emerged in his mind that he had encountered in the party. There was both humiliation and anger. He thought about beautiful girls that brought joy to his mind. Gradually he fell asleep.

The following day, early in the morning Dudian just woke up to Peter had come over to the castle carrying a wooden box.

“Good morning, Mr. Peter,” said Dudian greeting him. Dudian was surprised as he didn’t expect Peter who was so drunk last night to be awake and so fresh early in the morning.

Peter smiled and said: “Last night I was way too drunk. Coachman said that you had sent me back home”

“This is how it should be, doesn’t it?.” Dudian looked at the small box in his hand and said, “What’s this?”

Peter put the box on the table in the living room and opened the box. There was a syringe that Dudian had previously seen. He understood that the reason Peter had come was to give him the “God’s blessing”.

“Yesterday you were just transferred over so did not have time to give use it on you. I assume, there is no need for introduction about what this is. Dean, you will get two ‘blessings’. First is on the basis of distribution, the other is your first months quota. The other one will be issued to you exactly this day of next month. “Peter laughed.

“Would you let me take it home and use it myself?” Asked Dudian.

“Of course not,” Peter shook his head. “This is the power of the Holy Church which is the gift of God. The rule is that it must be seen by the witnesses when it is used. I brought it to you so I’m your witness. ”

Dudian regretted as the chance to research the syringe was lost. However, thinking about it he had no proper equipment for the research so there was no way to study it.

“Come on, first,” Peter said, taking the syringe from the box.

Dudian was lacking in trust department so he asked: “This … … no problems, right?”

Peter’s face turned cold: “I’m going to forget what you had said. Do not even think about talking like this somewhere outside. It is same as questioning the God!”

Dudian naturally understand this point so he had to select words tactfully in the future. If he didn’t directly question, there won’t be any problems.

“Do not worry. This is the gift of the God. There has never been adverse reactions since the first scavenger that had used it.” Peter answered.

Dudian did not say anything but was surprised. It was an awe-inspiring moment from a scientists perspective. How did the Holy Church create such a perfect gene agent? Is it possible to mass produce scavengers?

Peter injected the fluid inside the syringe into Dudian’s arm. He felt no pain just felt some numbness. Soon, all of the pink fluid inside the syringe was pushed into his body.

Dudian felt a surge of enthusiasm that was spreading into his body and limbs. A violent heat flew to his brain. It felt as if the whole blood inside his body was blown to his mind in a matter of seconds. He roared loudly and the heat began to flow in reverse back to his body and limbs. It felt very painful as it was almost like someone was trying to tear his limbs apart. He bit his teeth to bear the pain.

Soon, this heat like a tide of water faded away. Dudian looked up and immediately felt different. His vision was very sensitive. He could see small details of Peter’s face that he was not aware before.

Dudian thought of Lorian’s strength, immediately jumped in place.

Dudian felt like flying. With a single jump he had reached almost the level of Peter’s head. He fall back to the ground, raising his hand he grabbed a chair. It felt as light as catkins.

“Well, wait a minute and then we can use the second one,” Peter laughed.

Dudian looked at the second syringe Peter had picked up, and asked, “Is it going to feel like this every time? ”

Peter smiled and said: “Of course not, the initial injection the effect will be very significant. But your body will get used to it so the effect will be weaker as you get more injections.”

Dudian although expected this, but still can not help but regret. If the effect could be doubled or tripled then simply a monster like existence will appear at the result of using genetic agents of Holy Church.

They were just scavengers and had such terrible power. So what an existence a hunter was?

Soon, Peter injected the second syringe into Dudian’s arm. The heat flowed again from his body. This time it was not as strong as before, and Dudian only felt a slight tearing and the heat flew down.

Dudian looked again, immediately feel their vision clear a lot. He knew that his power had improved a lot. He thought he could barehanded kill a tiger if he had faced it.

“Go ahead and teach the others,” Peter laughed.

Dudian nodded slightly. Mason cried hard.

Before long, all the injection were completed. For a time the whole castle was extraordinarily noisy, everyone wass jumping, experiencing the incredible power they had acquired.

After Peter left, Dudian returned to his room to pack up. He was ready to return to the residential district.

“We can live for free for three days. Are you going today?

“We also intend to go to the busy downtown market today!”

“Why are you in hurry? This is such a rare opportunity.”

Mason and the other two tried to persuade Dudian.

However, Dudian had already made his mind. He bid farewell to them, called a carriage and went to residential district.

As soon as the carriage reached Lin Kang Street No. 108 Dudian jumped out of it. He paid sixty copper coins. His heart was in pain, as the carriage hired in commercial district would charge twice the amount for same distance in comparison to carriage hired in residential district or in slums.

At this time, Dudian suddenly saw another carriage parked by their door. “Are there any guests?” , he wondered.

He bypassed the carriage, opened the door outside the white fence and was about the enter the house when he hear the voices of outgoing quarrel. He was surprised. He raised his hand and knocked on the door.

Soon, the door was opened by Jura. She looked strangely at Dudian, said: “You are?

After three years of scavenger training Dudian’s appearance has also undergone tremendous changes. His build was a lot stronger than the original, color was not so pale but tanned into the wheat color. As a result Jura actually did not recognize it.

“Auntie, it’s me,” said Dudian.

Jura heard his voice that had changed a little: “You are Dean!”

Dudian lightly chuckled: “The training is over, I’m back.”

Jura eyes suddenly flushed. She embraced Dudian with her arms: “You come back. You finally come back! Your uncle and I feared for you that you were in some kind of trouble… It’s good that you are okay… …” She immediately pushed Dudian, looked up and down at him. She was relieved as she saw his hands and feet intact.

Dudian’s heart warmed up as he saw her so exaggerated. He smiled and said: “Originally wanted to buy you few specialties from commercial district. I had no money so didn’t buy anything”

“Silly child. You coming back alive and well is a gift.” Jura smiled and touched Dudian’s hair: “The three years have gone by. You are so high, and over there … …”

“Do not go too far!” At this point, an angry voice came from the living room. It was Gray’s voice.

Jura face changed, and quickly turned back to the living room.

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  1. OH. I wasn’t expecting anymore chapters for today.

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  3. So he used an unknown drug just like that… It may be addictive and you may have to use it for life who knows. You may even die if you don’t use it every month for example. It would actually be a perfect way for church to bind people to itself for life. Simply stupid… He should have tought of a way to get out of it. It’s simply stupid to use a drug that you know nothing about…

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