DK – Ch 369

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The Dark King – Chapter 369

Gwyneth and Sergei once again came to the golden wall. They found out that after one night the wall had become unrecognizable. It was full of corpses and there was not enough manpower to clean them. Tsunami-like roars echoed from the other side of the golden wall which stirred the eardrums and minds of the soldiers.


A giant frog jumped onto the wall. Its huge body swept around the crowd and threw out many soldiers from the golden wall. The soldiers fell to the ground like sandbags. There were no more sounds coming off them as most of them died on spot.

Gwyneth and Sergei glanced at each other. In such a war there was a high risk of death even for people with senior hunter’s combat power.

“Are you from New World consortium? Go! Go! Go there!” A young man wearing a uniform of a lieutenant shouted at Sergei and Gwyneth.

Sergei clenched his fists and turned to look at the youth. Gwyneth slowly shook her head as she looked at him. According to the instructions of the young master they had to follow the orders of the military.

General Auburn watched the situation on the wall: “Are the hunters from the consortia have been mobilized?”

“They are in the barracks.” Adjutant Junlang reported.

“Make sure that to form them into a separate team but they have to follow the orders from the battalion headquarters. Make them move!” General Auburn said in a cold tone.

“Yes!” Adjutant Junlang was surprised but didn’t dare to neglect the general’s order. He quickly turned away and left.

At the same time another adjutant said: “General the arrows that we have prepared isn’t enough!”

Auburn frowned: “Why are you coming to me for little things such as this? Make sure that new batches are produced and if there not enough in the warehouse then buy from the consortia! Why haven’t you prepared arrows in advance as we were going to fight a long war?”

“Yes.” The adjutant left.


Barbarian army used catapults to throw boulders. They hit the wall. Some soldiers were smashed into pool of mud as they weren’t able to avoid it on time. There were huge pits blasted on the high golden wall.


The part of the golden wall couldn’t hold and smashed after cracks were made by the thrown boulders. The stones began to fall down the golden wall and a huge gap was revealed.


The barbarians attacked through the gap as if they were angry bulls.

The middle-aged man who was the captain of the area said in a hurry: “Fast! Arrows! Block!”


The barbarians were like group of ants which tried to climb the golden wall. The first wave of barbarians were shot dead by the arrows. But the waves that followed up were able to set foot on the wall. They reached the wall in a rapid influx.

The width of the wall was limited. The barbarians quickly drowned the defending soldiers.


A team of purple feather troops rushed into the battlefield. They were using spears as they swept through the barbarians like a wolf that had gone into a flock of sheep. Because of the support by the archers they were able to block the rush of barbarians.


Barbarians still didn’t give up as they crawled from the outside of the golden wall.

The men of the purple feather troops were much powerful than ordinary soldiers. They beheaded the barbarians and blocked the gap. The barbarians couldn’t take a half step onto the wall anymore.

The rain was still continued as the war went on.

After half an hour.

A group of barbarians with dark red skin jumped into the battlefield. Their faces were grim and angry. There were cracks on their red faces which looked like blood vessels floating on their cheeks.


The red barbarians issued howls similar to beasts as they rushed at purple feather troops. They were very fast. One of the red barbarians threw a soldier from purple feather troops onto the ground and began to bite onto his face.


Members of the purple feather troops rushed to rescue. They used spears to stab onto the body of the red barbarians. However the latter was still roaring and biting even though its body was full of holes. They were able to kill the red barbarians. The previous member of the purple feather troop that was attacked by it was in a deadly situation. His companions were overwhelmed as they checked his face. His nose, cheeks and throat were bitten and blood flowed out.


The entrance of the red barbarians caused a sudden chaos in the battlefield.

“Reporting to the general! There is a gap on the 7th wall and the red barbarians have appeared. The number of purple feather troops isn’t enough! We need more help!” An adjutant reported to Auburn.

Auburn’s face slightly changed as he spoke in a low tone: “Send more purple feather troops. In addition, give the pills to the ordinary soldiers. We have to survive until the reinforcements comes!”


At noon.

Dudian checked the afternoon news. The afternoon and evening newspapers didn’t have a much of an audience relative to morning news. However because of the war people began to pay more attention to its state so the sales had gone up.

After all, the situation didn’t seem to be optimistic.

The occupation of Red Maple mountains by the barbarians and the destruction of the surrounding towns and villages have been published by the newspapers. Once they passed through the golden wall then the horrors of the Red Maple mountains would occur in the commercial district and entire outer wall area.

“Military is really ruthless. They have used the hunters from all the six consortia. They have even asked for the majority of primary hunters to join the war. Its no different than using them as cannon fodder!” Dudian’s eyes narrowed as he read the papers.

“Purple feather troops are unable to stop the barbarians. It seems I have to give them a hand…” Dudian murmured as he gently rubbed his fingers.

The same night. The news released by the military.

“Heavy casualties!”

“Golden wall will fall!”

“The military will establish second line of defense by the Red river. It will stick to the end to defend the civilians!”

“The help from the inner wall area has been summoned and soon they will send reinforcements…”

Dudian checked the eye-catching titles at the newspaper. He wrinkled his eyebrows as he pondered. Dudian put away the newspaper and turned to check the newspapers of the other consortia. All of them reported news related to the war. Although most of them analysed the situation from different perspectives but they still admitted that the situation was very difficult. However they found different reasoning to appease the civilians and try to avoid creating panic. If there were riots then the consortia would be the most to be influenced by it.

“Golden wall has always been impregnable! The barbarians were able to easily break through the King’s Fort and repeated attack the golden wall! We believe that Mr Dean, the traitor from the Temple, should be arrested and interrogated. Perhaps the information about tactics of the barbarians could be…” Dudian saw a report at the bottom of the newspapers. He looked at the lower left corner to check the name of the newspaper.

“I thought you have forgotten about me…”

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