DK – Ch 367

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The Dark King – Chapter 367

“September 16th. Year 307 giant wall calendar. The first battle at the golden wall. 867 units of the ‘dragon’ class artillery weapons were dispatched by the military all over the golden wall. However because of two days of consecutive rain the power of artillery was lost. The situation is very dangerous…”

“At 4:23 am the barbarians launched their 8th attack. The total number of casualties for today was 12,700 …”

Dudian quietly read and closed the newspaper. He delved into thoughts as he looked at the cup of milk in front of him. He has long known the detailed information about the war because of Gwyneth and Sergei’s intelligence reports. Their reports were more accurate than military’s. Of course, they couldn’t keep statistics of casualties but they had more clear information about the general situation.

The barbarians were successful in breaking through the wall by using the giant frogs in the morning of the 8th battle. The barbarians climbed onto the wall and fought with soldiers in a melee combat. The battle was very chaotic and lasted for more than 10 minutes. The military had sent more soldiers and special troops to block the gap and kill the enemy.

It was a proof that the situation was beyond the control of the military. Soon it would get out of control!

Dudian could feel the anxiety within the content. It seems the military wanted to play a big game but they had screwed up.

“The number of soldiers had to be replaced with others as a result of the 8th battle. However the rain is like the poison attack and military can’t avoid or prevent it!” Dudian’s eye lit up: ” The next battle will be harder than the previous one. The number of sick soldiers would be much more and the military will have to use the reserve troops. Those reserves are no different than boy scouts!”

“Although the military hasn’t used their top forces in the war but the number of the losses is to much at this point. It would be difficult to resist all the barbarians by using those top troops. The barbarians are bound to enter the commercial district and it will cause panic!”

“Military …”

Dudian’s eyes narrowed as he gently patted his fingers on the table.

Another day passed in the blink of an eye.

The third day after the war broke out.

Dudian enjoyed his breakfast as he read the military newspaper. The situation was more severe than yesterday. There were heavy casualties. A giant frog was able to broke through the golden wall. However the soldiers were able to kill it before the giant frog was able to enter the commercial district.

Dudian checked the other newspapers. There were few newspapers who had interviews the retired general of military and got the analysis of the current war. Some of them focused on reporting the situation on the front line. The giant frog that had crossed the golden wall was also recorded in the news. A rough sketch of it was drawn. There were soldiers depicted by the corpse of the giant frog. It was shockingly big.

Dudian looked at the drawing and then picked a fruit from the table as he went back to his room.

“Bastard! You have killed my son!”

“Traitor! Spy!”

“Get out!”

More than dozen people who held umbrellas shouted under the rain. The knights of light firmly stood by the gates as they kept them out. They couldn’t attack civilians because of their knighthood.

Dudian glanced through the window but continued to learn from the super chip.

A stir happened inside the castle while they were having dinner in the evening. The captain of the knights of light quickly came into the dining room and said to Dudian: “Architect, the military is coming…We have no right to stop them.”

Dudian frowned: ” Let them in. ”

“Yes.” The young man was relieved as he turned away.

After few moments a team of military knights came to the hall. All of them had swords on their waists. The commander had little contempt in his face as he looked at Dudian.

“Are you Dean? We have received order to take two people from your New World Consortium. They are Gwyneth and Sergei. Both of them are hunters under your consortia.” The middle-aged captain spoke in a cold tone.

Old Fulin, Sander, Jake and other juniors were surprised to see these people. Some of the members of the young generation shivered in fear as they saw the military men wearing black armors.

Dudian narrowed his eyes: “Nicholas tell them the rule of my house.”

Nicholas’s face changed. He didn’t expect Dudian to have such a tough attitude towards the military. He didn’t dare to persuade Dudian so he stepped up: “No one is allowed to wear swords in my master’s castle. My master is an architect of the Temple and you are offending him by such an attitude!”

“I would have caught him long ago if there was a direct evidence. As for his status as an architect, pooh!” The man spat on the floor.

Nicholas was anxious: “You!”

Old Sulin and Sander didn’t expect the military men to be so brutal. They looked at Dudian.

Dudian was sitting in his chair as he stared at the middle-aged captain. He spoke in a calm but very serious tone: “I advise you to clean it otherwise I’ll make you lick it back.”

“Haha … …” The man laughed and the uniformed men behind him joined. The laughter echoed in all directions.

There was a smile on Dudian’s face as he looked at them. He slowly got up and left the table towards the middle-aged captain. He step by step approached him and stood about half a meter away from him. The middle-aged captain stopped laughing and looked at Dudian who was a head smaller than him: “Architect, I’m a rough man and you are standing way close to me. You should be very careful because if I turn around I can hurt you. Don’t blame me in that case.”

“Haha … ” The people behind him laughed.

Dudian smiled: “I would like to tell you this.” He clenched all five of his fingers and lifted his palm. It was a slow movement but the people standing in front of him were much slower to react. The next moment Dudian’s fist hit the middle-aged man’s chest in an extremely fast manner and it seemed as if the fist carried millions of tons of force behind it.

The captain was stunned.


Sounds of broken bones echoed.


The captain’s body flied out suddenly and hit the four military men behind him. All of the turned upside down.

Dudian slowly walked towards the middle-aged captain.

Captain was in pain. He wanted to get up but the chest muscles tightened as he wanted to use his arm to stand. The tearing pain spread through his body.

Dudian grabbed one of his shoulders and twisted it. Kacha~ The shoulder was dislocated. He grabbed the other shoulder and dislocated it too. Afterwards Dudian used one of his hands and lifted the man from his hair. He dragged his body to the place the man had spat to. He pressed the captain’s head onto the ground and cleaned the place with his head.

The middle-aged captain’s cheek polished the floor as Dudian rubbed his face onto the floor.

“Captain!” The two men standing behind them roared and pulled out the swords from the waists. They waved it at Dudian. It seemed that they had totally forgotten the identity of the teenager as an architect of the Temple. There would be a big commotion even if they hurt a hair on his head.

Coldness flashed through Dudian’s eyes as he saw two men try to attack him. His hands were as fast as lightning as he moved in an instant. Kacha~ The hands of the men grabbing onto their swords broke up and they cried up.

Dudian stepped forward he pushed them out as he used his hands to grab onto their faces.

It seemed like both of them were hit by a train. Their bodies were lifted off the ground and flied out. The other three that were about to stand up once again were hit by the bodies of these two.

Dudian glanced at them in anger. He turned away and squatted down. Dudian grabbed by the collar of the captain and put his scarf into his mouth to block his scream. He closed his mouth near the man’s ear and softly said: “Tiger is a Tiger! Because its still the king of beasts even when it it sleeps. Do you understand?”


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  1. YES! That´s what i wanted to see! cruel, cold, and savage mc who dont give a crap about anything at all! i Love it.
    …now i wonder what might happen because of this, and how will it affect his reputation as architect….

    Thanks for the chapters! 😀

  2. “Tiger is a Tiger! Because its still the king of beasts even when it it sleeps. Do you understand?”

    Should be

    “A tiger is a tiger. It will still be the king of beasts even when it sleeps. Do you understand?”

  3. Welcome back DEAN! This act just happens to help me take a deep breath after living in frog for so many chapters and still find no way out.
    Thank you for chapters sir!

  4. Loving the brutality, but i’m beginning to think that he doesn’t expect the little b*tch sarah’s plans.
    Well, maybe i’m wrong..but i’m really hoping he’d topple the mellon consortium and feed sh*t into that “smartass” until she explodes

    1. sarah or whoever make the plans against him doesn’t matter, they are living in their little box of what they know, they don’t suspect Dean being able to fly/climb the wall, so they will fall behind in term of predictions.

  5. Aye, I was worried about how Dean hadn’t attacked anyone as of late. But now, that’s all in the past. Devil Dean is back~!

  6. ´dang catched up… gotta say, translation quality improved over time. Was not very keen on it at first but it’s pretty good now, well done.
    Thanks for the chapters. 🙂

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