DK – Ch 366

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The Dark King – Chapter 366

Time passed

At about seven o’clock in the evening the twilight came. The rain gradually weakened but the clouds were still hovering in the sky. They weren’t dispersed. Because of the annual rain season it would take a few days time for them to break off.

On the golden wall.

Fire was burning on beacon towers about tens of meters apart from each other. Oil from beasts and sycamore wood was used to burn the fire. The flames would last for long and weren’t easy to extinguish as a result. The walls were as bright as a day as team of soldiers stepped up to replace the other ones in the posts.

General Auburn ate his dinner. He looked at the sky. There weren’t going to be stars tonight and the sky was doing to be as dark as ink. He didn’t know how long it would take it to rain again. He turned towards his adjutant: “Tell the generals not to relax so that they wouldn’t be caught in surprise because of a sudden attack. Moreover ordered the intelligence to improve the frequency of the reconnaissance information.”

“Yes.” Adjutant Junlang turned away.

“Make sure that six purple feather troops are prepared and ready to attack.” Auburn told to another assistant.


“I would like to see what kind of military adviser thought of this idea.” General Auburn’s face was gloomy as he narrowed his eyes. He had experience war in jungle, deserts, hills and other different terrains. He had gone through large and small scale wars with a defeat. However this war was unprecedented. Although he occupied the high ground but the climate and morale of soldiers weren’t on par with the geography. There wasn’t much cards in his hands to use…

At night.

Dudian’s study room in the castle.

Dudian called Old Fulin as well as Nicholas, Kroen and several others. He came up with an idea after meeting with the Old Fulin. He told Nicholas and Kroen to be responsible for the implementation of the task. After everyone was dispersed Dudian sat by his desk and delved into thoughts for a long time. He slowly recovered his eyes as he sighed. There was a trace of sadness in his eyes. He set off curtains as he looked at the dark night without a word.

The next day.

The rain drizzled as the sky was covered with dark clouds.

The kid was wearing a raincoat as he delivered the newspaper to each household in the light rain.

The whole of outer wall area fell into an uproar after the reading the newspapers.

Border war had begun as the barbarians have attacked the golden wall!

This news appeared in the headlines of almost all newspapers. IT was reported in financial, entertainment and other kinds of newspapers.

This news spread like a virus to all the corners of the outer wall. The largest response came from the residents of the commercial district. Most of them wore raincoats to ask the neighbors or gather in the squares to ask for the truthfulness of the information from the Holy Church. Most of them saw the same news of war written onto various squares belonging to Holy Church.

“The barbarians took advantage of the rain yesterday afternoon and attack the golden wall! The battle lasted until 6 pm. The barbarians temporarily receded after the heavy rain. The military stubbornly hold onto the fort. There are 26,200 casualties and 71,800 soldiers are injured…”

Dudian ate break and milk while read the morning newspapers. Although he had information about the tide of the war because of Gwyneth and Sergei but he still checked the military newspaper to see their attitude and ideas.

“More than 20,000 soldiers died in the first day…” Old Fulin was shocked as he saw data on casualties: “Are barbarians so cruel? Why do we have such heavy losses as we rely on golden wall to defend?”

Dudian replied: “How could they win the compassion of people without losing soldiers? I think the military will make a big move after the war… It’s just there are warming up the fools.”

Old Fulin looked at him: “It should be because of the development of the magistrate and Holy Church in the last years. They have become more ferocious as the image of the military fell down in the hearts of the people. The people want their children to become soldiers as its an easy job with great remuneration. Moreover no one would bully them because they would be part of the system. Actually the soldiers and guards could bully others. Even if there is no corruption but such an impression was left by the military. That’s why they had directly retreated back to the golden wall to make sure that they would have a chance to restore their reputation.”

Dudian added: “This is a big chess game. If they can win over the enemy then it will be a great victory. However if they lose then military will lose all. But this time there is too many things that’s out of their expectations. They didn’t expect the enemy to be much more difficult that in their information. According to the information given by Sergei the barbarians have used a monster called ‘giant frog’ to make siege.”

“If that this is able to cross the wall then it goes in a rampage of grazing. The barbarians have picked a great opportunity. I didn’t think that military doesn’t have any other cards than artillery.”

Old Fulin looked at Dudian: “Would you like them to have?” (other means…)

Dudian smiled and frankly answered: “Of course its not good for them to have other means.”

Old Fulin was perplexed.

Dudian checked the newspaper in his hand and slowly said: ” People will realize the tragedy and difficulty of the war through the battle, casualties and injuries… I assume military is well prepared but I hope they will be able to control the situation.”

Old Fulin picked another newspaper: “This is an influential newspapers under the wings of Huasheng consortium. There is information about you under the war headlines. It’s about your new invention. I hope you will get good results.”

“If we want good results then we have to rely on both of them.” Dudian slowly said.

“Do you mean Nicholas and Kroen?”


“What kind of mission did you give them last night? Why haven’t they come back yet?”

“It’s nothing much for you to worry about. Its just the rallying by newspapers isn’t enough. I send them to spread leaflets and spread gossip. I think it is a good opportunity to draw the attention of the people.” Dudian said.

Old Fulin was puzzled but didn’t ask for more.

At about ten o’clock in the morning.

There were dozens of figures outside the castle. All of them were farmers and civilians who wanted to rush into the castle but were stopped by knights of light at the gates.

“We want Dean!”

“Ask him come out!”

“He has sinned! Ask him to come out and apologize for the dead soldiers!”

“The reason of my son’s death is him! Huhuhu (crying sound)…”

Dozens of people loudly shouted.

Dudian was learning from the super chip. His brows wrinkled as he heard the voices. He glanced down from the window. He was able to see the scene outside the castle.


The door was knocked.

Dudian glanced at the door: “Make sure that knights of light stop them! If you have chance get some people to come forward and mix with them.”

Sander was startled as he was standing outside the door. He turned away.

The people went back after an hour as heavy rain began.

Dudian was seriously studying as he checked the information form the super chip. He wasn’t affected by the noise.

Another day.

“The situation has deteriorated?”

Dudian opened up the military newspaper and read the title.

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