DK – Ch 364

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The Dark King – Chapter 364

The hall was silent. The rhythm of the rain penetrated into the hall.

Sander quietly looked at teenager. There were many thoughts passing through his mind. He hesitated for a while but at the end he couldn’t be ask: “Master, can we ride over the ide?”

Dudian recovered his eyes as he slowly replied: “The hardest problem is the Mellon consortium.”

There was a trace of loss in Sander’s eyes.

After sometime the rain got weaker.

A team of carriages came to park in front of the castle. A team of knights of light led by a blonde youth entered the hall. The man looked at Dudian: “Architect, because of recent chaotic situation I was ordered to protect your safety in case a criminal mob tries to attack you.”

There was a trace of surprise in Dudian’s heart: “Thanks for the hard work.”

Sander’s eyes lit up as he heard the knight of light’s words. It meant that the Temple hadn’t given up on Dudian. They still had a hope to survive if the Temple backed them.

Dudian made sure that the knights of light were settled in the castle. He commanded the servants to prepare his own carriage. He looked at Sander: “I’m going to Knight’s Hall. If Gwyneth and Sergei brings news about the situation at the front line then send them to Knight’s Hall!”

“To the Knight’s Hall?” Sander was surprised. “Why would you go there? Do you have friends in Knight’s Hall?”

Dudian slightly shook his head but didn’t answer to his question. He ordered the coachman to drive.

By the golden wall.


The barbarian army used a catapult to throw large rock at the golden wall. It had caused great damage to the wall and to the soldiers.

General Auburn’s face was ugly as he observed the scene: “The intelligence department wasn’t even able to detect so many catapults! Damned idiots!” He clenched his fists as his heart was full of anger. There was great responsibility lying on his shoulder as the commander of the guards of the golden wall. Although he had expected the barbarian would attack in the stormy weather but he didn’t imagine that they will have so many ways to cope up with the military.

He hadn’t seen such siege weapons used by the barbarians when they broke to King’s Fort. He found out that he had underestimated the barbarians. Right now, the barbarians weren’t inferior to the regular army in no way.


A sudden sound echoed from the distance.

Auburn saw an eight-meter high giant frog bouncing up to the golden wall. It’s huge body rolled as the soldiers were suppress under it. They didn’t even have time to issue screams as they were pressed into meat mud.

Auburn’s face changed as he grabbed an object which looked like a microphone. He shouted: “Regie! Quickly send soldiers to block the giant frog. Order the purple feather troops to behead it as soon as possible!” His sound went through the microphone’s pipeline to another huge speaker.

A brawny man standing not far away from the speaker heard the general’s words. He shouted in hurry: “Purple feather troops!”

At the same time the adjutant rushed to stop by Auburn’s side: “7th, 9th, 12th, 34th artillery have stalled! The rain is to heavy and we can’t ignite the artillery after the replacement of the shells.”

“Damn it!” Auburn frowned. He growled: “Make purple feather troops to replace the artillery. We have to block the gap!”

“Yes.” The adjutant ran back in haste.

“Damn it! The logistics department is useless! Damn!” Auburn’s fist hit the wall in anger. He deliberately had made another batch of artillery whose purpose was to be used in such weather. However the war was not over as he had expected. Moreover in case the artillery was withdrawn from the battlefield their output would drop more than 50 percent. They wouldn’t be able to stop the barbarians with just boulders and arrows!

The rain continued to pour down.

The rain water and blood was mixed as it colored the earth in red.

Barbarians rushed to the wall even though the numerous arrows dropped on them like hedgehogs. The barbarians kept marching over the dead bodies of their companions to climb the wall. Their brutal methods had frightened the soldiers. It was the first time that they saw the terrifying force of the barbarians.

The situation was tense in the golden wall while Dudian sat in his carriage as he moved to the Knight’s Hall. There were very few carriages in the streets because of the heavy rain. The streets were kind of isolated. It gave him sense of serenity.

The carriage stopped and Dudian got off. He used umbrella to cover himself as he walked upstairs to the Knight’s Hall.

One of the squires who was standing as a guard in front of the Hall recognized Dudian: “Are you architect Dean?”

Dudian nodded in confirmation: “I want to be a knight and want to participate in the Hall’s assessment. Please show me the way!”

“Become a knight?” Both guards were surprised. Even a senior architect wants to become a knight?

After a moment, Dudian entered the Knight’s Hall.

It was a magnificent building and the organization itself had a very ancient history. The power of the Knight’s Hall was as big as the Holy Church and magistrate’s. Moreover the knights of the magistrate and Holy Church were assessed by the Knight’s Hall at the beginning. So the other two forces didn’t want to offend the power that prepared knights for them.
Dudian went through a long corridor after passing through the entrance. There were huge sculptures at both sides which were as tall as ten meters. They were the depiction of the glorious knights from the history. Some of the were riding on a horse while the others held onto spears or swords.

Dudian walked while observing the sight.

There were information about the outstanding achievements acquired by the knights under the sculptures.

“Mr. Dean. Here please.” They reached the end of the corridor and the squire showed Dudian the way.

Dudian nodded and went inside.

The huge golden door opened as he entered inside.

Dudian sat by the tea table as he looked at the ancient hall that stood for hundreds of years. Moments later an old man wearing a blue robe came to sit in front of Dudian. His eyes lit up as he respectfully said: “Greetings architect Dean. It’s raining very heavily outside so may I know the purpose of your visit?”

Dudian got up and followed the ceremony: “My childhood dream was to a heroic knight! I want to see if I’m qualified to become a knight.”

The man’s brows wrinkled as he slowly said: “Architect Dean you are part of the Temple and serve the God of Light. Why would you want to become a knight when you are spreading the love of God?”

“The knights are righteous, fair and just! I don’t think my choice is impulsive as there things are what the God wants us to do!” Dudian smiled.

The old man looked at him: “The Knight’s Hall does not refuse anyone who wants to participate in the assessment. We don’t care whether the person is poor or a noble, whether they are disabled or sound. As long as there spirit of the knight is existent then there is a high chance that the person will be member of our Knight’s Hall. We serve the spirit of knight and don’t violate our codex at all times.”

Dudian seriously replied: “I’m willing to defend the spirit of the knight for the rest of my life! I’ll never make the slightest violation that could affect my choice.”

The old man looked at him: “Alright, come over with me. I’ve to see if you have the spirit of the knight!”

“Un.” Dudian nodded.

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    1. Eh. Jack of two trades. He’s a multiclass warrior and scientist. Architect and alchemist, hunter and knight, those are just labels. It’s probably not so simple, but I think he wants to use the identity of a knight to save the day at the golden wall, instead of as a hunter that has a bad image.

    2. Not . Take is entering a higher realm. First he was hunter then he levels up. After knight its general then King

  1. He is more and more funny with time. What he is trying to do is really crafty. Eventhough he isn’t a believer, he will use the religion just for the benefit. In a society governed by intense belief, the real power isn’t coming from the nobles but from god’s servants.
    Basically, he is saying : ” You want to play it dirty ? I will show you what it really means to play dirty”.

  2. He is doing everything he could to win over the church now and when he become both master architect & high-level knight ,who can shake him anymore?

  3. What is even happening?? Can somebody explain to me what is dudian doing for the last 15 chapter? His action is so random that i can’t even tell what is this novel is about

  4. Dude, wow. This isnt just a plan anymore, this is THE plan. I dont even know what the heck is going on…
    *Clap, clap* author, i cant tell what are you trying to do, not anymore.

    Thanks for the chapters. 😀

  5. Leavea trail as a bait…
    …then leave some more for better catch.

    Now, it seems to me that all the baits have been taken. What’s left to do, which is what dean is doing now, i tying all the other ends of the baits to one another. Preparing a onw big pull to get all the fishes together at the same time…

  6. Wow just wow i think i get what the mc trying to do first get accused with bettayal then use your enemies to prove your innocence and destroy them then get a high enough position in the army to secure help form them

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