DK – Ch 363

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The Dark King – Chapter 363

Rostov castle.

“What? Did he appear?” Rosie was surprised as she asked the servant: “Where is he now?”

“In his castle.”

“Good, you can leave now.”

The young servant retreated. Rosie put down the book in her hand and came to the closet. She quickly put on the clothing and rushed out.

“Miss, where are you going?”

“Get the carriage prepared immediately!”

“Miss, its raining outside …”


Huasheng consortium, Krylov consortium, Green consortium and others received the news too. Before they were calmed down their nerves another shocking news came out which thoroughly boiled the consortia.

“Did barbarians attack the golden wall?”

“When the war started?”

“It’s alright. Prepare enough materials. We as Green consortium have the best medicine. The soldiers will get sick after fighting under the rain. Go to the front to reinforce them with supplies! Remember to record everything in details in the books!”

All of the consortia were busy in the rainy night. The news of Dudian had fallen back of their minds at this point.

Mount Church. Temple of Elements

A carriage parked in front of the the majestic hall of the Temple. The servants and guards were around the perimeter. The carriages standing in front of the hall had the banner of the Temple. In addition to the banner there was a flag. Each flag had the same prominent symbol at their side. It meant that the carriages belonged to masters!

At the moment about eight masters were sitting by the round table. Some of the were old, some gray-haired. Most of the were calm and full of vigor.

“The meeting was rushed at such hour as we have to discuss an urgent matter.” A thin old man called master Chen whose cheekbones protruded out spoke up: “Recently a lot of negative comments were made about the new senior architect Dudian. Especially yesterday’s military report was the worst. It had stirred up a lot of anger.”

“The magistrate has been commissioned to investigate the matter and bring out the truth. The results will be open to the public. If Dudian really cooperated with barbarians then we won’t tolerate such an action. However if he didn’t then it means that military maliciously attack him and us. We can’t stand by right now!”

Everyone glanced at each other in silence.

Another old man said: “I’ve just received the news that the barbarians have attacked golden wall. The war has began. Regardless of the outcome the architect Dean’s reputation will fall to the bottom in public’s eye. Right now the best we can do is to help him delay time!”


“Did it really begin?”

“Are the barbarians attacking under the heavy rain? Aren’t they afraid of the rain?”

“If the Holy Church doesn’t get involved then the golden wall could be destroyed by the barbarians.”

Some had worry in their eyes while the others had surprise.

Master Chen calmed the audience: “I haven’t called you to worry about the war but to think of ways to help Dean to delay the time! Use the resources at your hands with maximum degree to help him out. Contact the the consortia that you have interacted before. Make sure that everything is done timely and orderly. In addition, architect Dean has submitted a new work for assessment. He has filled in the information blank that the invention can be submitted to any field! So the Temple has decided to make sure that all nine masters review the invention. There will be groups of three for assessment! Afterwards we will come to a unified evaluation!”

“Applicable to any field?” A white-haired old man laughed: “He has gone crazy! Even if he wants to create uproar to sell for a high price its just way too much! He is too ignorant!”

“I have heard that the consortia rush to book his inventions even before the identification and assessment is out. The prices are scary high too. I’ve heard that he was offered price of a four star item by the consortia before the lightning rod was out but he had rejected them. Although the assessment proved that he would suffer in case he had agreed. No wonder as a young man his arrogance has reached the roof top. He acts like a master.” Another old master with a beard whispered.

An old man with a wide face shook his head: “He haven’t said such a thing. It is the rumor of the newspapers. He has offended a lot of people who deliberately try to discredit him. We have to think ways of helping him out. After all you gotta admit that in the future he is likely to sit by our side.”

The previous old man looked back: “Discredit him? How do you know that it was deliberately done to discredit him? If his attitude wasn’t that arrogant why would people try to discredit him? Naturally the popularity is related with it. Moreover I have heard that he has a hunter in the past. He has been stained with the arrogance of a hunter too! No wonder he has such a temper!”

“The last time when he contradicted me, he wasn’t even a senior architect.” Master Terence slowly said: “Now as a senior architect I think it will be much more to control him. I can’t think how he will act if he becomes one of us!”

The wide faced old man looked at them. He sighed lightly but didn’t continue to talk.

The thin old man raised his hand to interrupt them: “No matter how his character is, don’t forget that he is a member of the Temple! To be put bluntly, if any of your face the same thing in the future the Temple will act the same to protect you. Of course, I hope none of you will provoke the others and get into such a situation.” Finally the man added: ” Moreover the Lord hopes that his invention is identified as soon as possible. Be sure to assess it before the end of the war!”

“In addition, all of you use your contacts to help him restore his image. We will let the magistrate to rule fairly. At least he must get a fair chance at the trial!”

Everyone silently looked at the old man.

“Meeting ends here.” The old man waved his hand.

In the castle.

Dudian was sitting in the living room. Old Fulin had gone to his room to rest. Only Sander was left to accompany him.

Dudian had a cup of hot tea in his hand as he looked out through the window and observed the heavy rain.

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