DK – Ch 362

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The Dark King – Chapter 362

General Auburn’s face was gloomy as he looked at the barbarian army that was approaching under the heavy rain. His eyes were full of chill as he shouted: “Order the fire department to start the artillery as soon as the barbarians enter the range. Make sure to kill the ‘giant frog’ at spot and don’t let it jump up!”

“Yes.” The adjutant responded.

Sounds of cries echoed from the outer part of the golden wall. Moments later the barbarian army rushed into the area outside the golden wall that was area for traps. Large number of them fell into traps and there was much casualty. However the morale of barbarians was high because of the rain. They rushed towards the wall. In the middle of the army there was a monster that was seven or eight meters high. It moved as it bounced from one location to the other. It didn’t take long for it to reach the ground under the golden wall.


Huge black cannons was aimed towards the barbarians. The cannons fired as the shells were projected onto the barbarian army. At the same time archers shot the arrows. Endless number of arrows fell onto the barbarian army. The barbarians fell to the ground as the arrows were successful in killing them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sounds of bombing echoed out. The soil was blown up splashing a feet tall. The barbarians were blown up and the bombing resulted in numerous casualties.

The poised war that was planned for along time officially kicked off.

The general Auburn’s expression was still gloomy as he looked at the barbarians killed by the shells and arrows.


The giant frog bounced up as it was able to sway away from the fire and arrows. The man riding at the head of the giant frog had long been shot by arrows. However the giant frog itself had scales which was good enough to deflect the arrows. It was successful as it breached through and jumped up.


The giant frog’s single jump was more than tens of meters in height!


The giant cannon’s direction was changed as the aim was the body of the giant frog. The shell hit the giant frog’s chest as it was in the air. It was able to pierce through and burst open its scales. The impact of the shell forced it to fall down. There were two holes on its body as the blood flowed down to the ground. It’s leg gently twitched but giant frog failed to get up again. Apparently it was at the doorsteps of death.
However the soldiers on the wall were scared as cold sweat flowed down their spines. If such a giant frog was able to jump onto the wall then the outflow of the battle would be affected.

At the same time the headquarters of Holy Church in commercial district, the 6 consortia, magistrate and other forces received 2 news. The first was the development of a new invention by the genius architect!

The consortia sent messengers to Dudian’s castle as soon as they learned about him submitting an invention. They prepared gifts for the young architect and went over to talk about the pre-order terms of the new invention. Of course, Mellon consortium wasn’t involved in this kind of discussions.

Mel family.

In the castle.

“What did you say? He appeared? How could he? Wasn’t he outside the giant wall? Was he smuggled back?” Sarah Mel was surprised as she sat in the spacious office and listened to the short maid’s report.

Lisa bowed: “There were no news from the people from death passage. Maybe the message was delayed by the rain and wasn’t received by us in time.”

“It’s impossible.” Sarah frowned. “The flight of the crows isn’t affected by rain. He either leaked information that he was gone outside or he was smuggled back. There is no other way!” Sarah thought of something and took out a map from the drawer. She spread it out on the table.

It was a map of the entire giant wall of the Silvia. The twelve passages rented by the consortia were marked with gray.

“The closest to this death passage is the Scott consortium’s areas. If he directly passed and went into Scott consortium’s area no 1 which is full of monsters that are level 20 or more…No he should have taken a detour because the river would block his way. The only way is for him to go to area no 7 of the Scott consortium and come in through their passage…” Sarah whispered as she checked the map: ” But the hunters station in the area no 7 of the Scott consortium wouldn’t let him get into their hunting area unless there is an approval from higher ups of the Scott consortium. But how could they let him into their own hunting area and even let him use their own passage to enter the giant wall?”

“Was it part of the negotiations for his last invention? Did he buy access through the contract?”

Sarah looked up at Lisa: “You told me that he had submitted a new invention to the Temple. What did our people say about his whereabouts in the Temple? Did they see him go through the processes of the Temple?”

Lisa replied: “Miss, I have asked our sources in the Temple. They had seen him submit his invention while it was raining this afternoon. He was wearing a raincoat and using an umbrella. Some saw him walk through the mountain road carrying a reel which had to be his new invention.”

Sarah was startled as she whispered to herself: “Strange… Was he really working on the new invention? Did he send someone disguised as himself out of the giant wall? How could he? If he was within the giant wall he should have reacted to the action. Why didn’t he jump out to refute the claim? However if we can’t explain his disappearance then all the attacks would be baseless… What would be their use?”

Lisa spoke up: “Miss, maybe he was working on an invention which is so fascinating that he didn’t contact the outside world for that time.”

Sarah slowly shook her head: “Unlikely… If he really was within the giant wall then the only reason for him to stay silent for that long was to deliberately pamper us to attack and discredit him. Why would he do that? What would be the purpose? I can’t think of a reason. It’s not good for him…”

Sarah’s eyes lit up as her thought fluttered and she shook her head: “Maybe I’m overthinking and overestimating him. The only way for him to appear right no is that he went outside the giant wall and contacted the Scott consortium. Moreover they helped him to smuggle him back. This way it shows that he was aware of the turmoil within the wall. If he doesn’t have a way to win then he is way too foolish to think that he can restore the situation with an invention alone! Its too stupid to think that a new invention would help him to gain the respect and love of everyone!”

“The public anger is at peak. He is in a district for the Temple. So how can we pressure him? Too naïve! It seems I have really overestimated him. Even though if he produces an excellent invention but there would be not much of an effect of military and public… He is destined to lose!” Sarah shook her head as there was a trace of regret in her eyes.

Lisa added: “Miss, I inquired about the price of the new invention. I was told that he says it’s a legendary item. Did he really make a legendary level invention?”

Sarah shook her head: “Lisa, you don’t understand. No matter what kind of invention he has come up with there is only one outcome for him. He is doomed. Even if he comes up with an invention which is at the same level as legendary new textile machine it will be very difficult to restore his reputation. After the end of war he will drown if a single person spits on him. Moreover the better his invention will be the greater the public disgust and hatred will follow!

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  1. I dont know why people hate her, shes smart af for such a young child. Unlike dean who has the chip and lived in the modern world and what not she has a more of a small world view but still is that smart.

    1. It’s because she doesn’t like Dean, duh. Majority rules the public opinion- everyone loves Dean!

    2. She would be a great partner to dean IMO. Both of them can unify the outer wall and threatening the inner wall.

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