DK – Ch 361

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The Dark King – Chapter 361

“Kroen go and contact the reporters from the agencies under Huasheng and Scott consortium. I’m going to make an open conference regarding the new invention.” Dudian looked at Kroen.

Kroen nodded in confirmation and left.

“An official statement?” Old Fulin looked at Dudian: “I have heard of announcements after the invention was made but never heard of things doing such as this. Aren’t you worried that your invention will be leaked?”

Dudian replied: “I’ve already submitted my work to the Temple and moreover its not just a commodity so I’m not worried about any leakages. I just want to briefly introduce my invention to attract the attention of people.”

The previous reporters mainly focused on his ‘cooperation’ with barbarians which was a hot topic. Although he had repeated changed the topic to his new invention but he was aware that the reporters were biased and wouldn’t make a news out of his words. So he planned to make a conference which would focus on new invention.

“This would be good but if the war outbreaks at the golden wall then I assume tomorrow all the headlines will be focused on it. Even if you have a conference regarding your invention but it is difficult to see it getting published.” Old patriarch spoke in a worried tone.

Dudian said: “Then I have to create a wave which will attract the attention of people.”

Old Fulin was startled: “What can I do to help you out?”

Dudian laughed: “Your greatest help to me would be taking care of your health.”

Old Fulin smiled.

At the same time one of the guards entered the hall and announced: “Old patriarch, young master Dean. There is a carriage from the Temple that has arrived!”

“A carriage of the Temple?” Dudin was surprised.

Old Fulin looked at Dudian in doubt.

“Bring them in.” Dudian commanded to guard.

IT didn’t take long for the carriage to park in front of the castle. Three people came off the carriage wearing the pure white robes with gold patterns on it. They were led by a middle-aged man: “I’m the reporter from the Temple’s newspaper. My main purpose in coming to visit architect is to interview you.”

Dudian’s eyes lit up as he nodded: “No problem. Please sit and enjoy tea.”

The maid handed them tea.

“Architect Dean I have heard that you have come up with a new invention! Can you tell us what type of an invention this is?” Middle-aged man politely asked.

Dudian smiled: “It’s a bit hard to say the specific type. In simple terms it could be applied to any type of field.”

“Any field?” Middle-aged man uttered in surprise.

Old Fulin who was sitting next to them was also stunned.

There were total of nine faction. Each faction had sub-faction within them such as military, civilian and other categories. Moreover military could be also divided into categories such as sub-melee, attack, remote, defense and so on. Civilian sub-faction was much more mixed which had manufacturing, sewing etc…

An invention which would be classified as a top in any of those sub-factions would be regarded as a superior grade product. So an invention which could be applied to any field was simply unheard of!

The man recovered and said: “Architect Dean isn’t it a bit… too exaggerated. According to six years of experience in the Temple I have never heard of an invention which could be applied to all areas. Even the most recent plastic can’t cover that much of a wide area.”

Dudian replied: “I believe that you are a professional but I also hope that you should believe that as a senior architect I would make judgement without slightest concern to anything. I don’t have the slightest exaggeration in my assessment. If you insist on my telling the areas which it could be used very widely then I would have to say it would be the military use. Especially my new invention will played an incredible role in large-scale wars. If I was given a hundred man army and they used my invention then they can topple and slaughter easily an army of million!”


Old Fulin, the middle-aged man and the other were stunned. Hundred soldiers could kill such a big army? Isn’t it the gap in strength in hundred fold? Was it a joke?

The middle-aged man was stunned for a long time. He gradually recovered: “Architect Dean, although I believe in your judgement… this is not an exaggeration but a miracle we are talking about. Do you say that the new invention is a legendary level item?”

Dudian said: “I have to wait for the Temple evaluation but I believe that the power of my invention in the military field is in no way inferior to other legendary items!”

The middle-aged man almost choked.

Old Fulin was shocked. He knew that if Dudian deliberately ‘increased’ the value of invention then it would backfire at them. Even if the the people from magistrate came over then they wouldn’t be able to maintain order because of public anger!

The middle-aged man’s heart was timid as he saw Dudian’s confident expression. The two assistants sitting close to him recorded Dudian’s words intact, word-by-word. He continued: “Architect Dean, may I know how you would name the new invention?”

Dudian replied: “I call it ‘steam’.”

“Steam?” The middle-aged man nodded and asked: “Is it very hard to study the process of steam?”

“Yes. It would take a long time and it’s a very complicated process.”

“Is it your own idea?”


“Did you ask for help from someone else?”


The interview last for more than half an hour. The middle-aged man bid farewell to Dudian and Old Fulin as he took both of his assistants and left the castle.

“They didn’t ask anything about your disappearance. It seems that the ‘rumors stop the wise man’ is very reasonable.” Old Fulin looked at Dudian.

Dudian calmly replied: “It is not that they didn’t ask but they were here to help me restore the momentum.”

“Help you?”

“I’m part of the Temple. Moreover as a genius architect with a great potential I am very rare figure in the Temple. Moreover the Temple is under the command of Holy Church. Although Holy Church and military seems to have harmonious relations but there is no details about the real relationships. In addition they don’t want to see me lose as the image of a genius from the Temple is on line with cooperating with barbarians. It could spread to affect the image of the Temple.”

Old Fulin exclaimed: “No wonder they have to interview at such a bad weather. Although the reports about war will seize the main pages but they want to have a layout for you.”

Dudian narrowed his eyes: “I want more than just a layout.”

The outskirts of the commercial district.

Golden Wall.

Row and row of soldiers run along the steps to the top of the wall. It was heavily raining. They were wearing raincoats but at the moment there was a war and inevitable their faces and necks were spilled with rainwater. Because of the urgent battle the soldiers refused to take care of rain spewing onto their faces.



Even though the wind whistled by their ears but the soldiers were able to hear the voices coming off from the barbarians. Their scalps tingled as their faces turned pale in fear.

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  1. thanks….. dean uses some natural reactions of human… i cant do that but no should ever think of doin that to me ! but now after the “troll” chapter , i think i got played -_- no? madsnail?

  2. @MadSnail, I was reading another novel and an undead creature with claw-like hands was mentioned. It was called a Ghoul and I think it would be a better name for the undead in this novel. They also excreted poison from their nails like Didian previously could to cut metal.

    I’ve just notied that The Temple of Elements represent the physical branch of science (aka Physics) and the two branches of Alchemists Association represent the chemical and biological fields of science (Chemistry and Biology).

    1. ghoul was mentioned as a level 20something creature… he had a fight with a ghoul;) undeads are zombies and evolved undeads are skeletons. there are variant skeletons and so on

    1. its a bit too late now, im watching news… gotta wake up early, go to work and spare sometime to do a bit of translation..

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    Thanks for the chapters.

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