DK – Ch 36

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The Dark King – Chapter 36

“A tree in blossom”

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“What kind of world is outside the giant wall?” The girl looked curiously at Dudian, “Is there a endless seas and vast expanse of forests as bards tell?”

Dudian turned back to the pavilion, looked for a chair and sat down, shrugging. “I have just been appointed scavengers, and have not been outside the giant wall. But there are seas and forests, that’s for sure.”

“How do you know?” Jenny followed him to the pavilion, sitting on the chair opposite the tea table, wondering, “Did not you say you have not been outside the giant wall?”

Dudian mind suddenly thought of the earth. He have seen the blue sea and forests. and many beautiful scenery. His heart was saddened and he murmured: “Of course, I have seen”.

“Have you seen?” Jenny was surprised.

Dudian recoiled, and said: “It is in the poet’s poem to see. But I believe that those who certainly exist, otherwise, how the bards would know about them? ”

“Do you think so?” Jenny pleasantly surprised, said: “I think so too but my father always said that those are made up by bards. In reality they do not exist. Even if there is something like that we would never step outside the giant wall. He said it is very dangerous outside, is that so?”

Dudian thought to himself. Most probably your father was afraid that you are too curious and would secretly ran to the outside the giant wall to peep at the scene. He said: “The danger does exist.”

“Is it really dangerous?” Jenny’s eyes were a bit disappointed.

Dudian saw her sad eyes, suddenly felt himself as if killed off a good hope. He couldn’t bear to break her heart so he continued: “However, although there is danger but it does not mean that there is no sea and forest. I believe, one day, the danger outside the giant wall will disappear and we will be able to go out and see the mountains and the sea and everything”

Jenny ‘s face shone brightly and said, “Really?

“Really!” replied Dudian in serious manner.

Jenny’s face smiled and said: “I think so too. I had told my father about it before but he told me to give up the idea. He said the outside of the giant wall is unknown place. In addition, he said that only special personnel such as you can go outside the wall, other people are prohibited from entering. ”

Dudian smiled, did not say anything.

“I really want to go outside the giant wall!” Jenny face full of longing. Suddenly, she thought of something looked at Dudian, said: “Since the giant wall so dangerous, why do scavengers go outside? ”

Dudian thought but didn’t say that this has to be answered by the nobles. However, as the girl’s age is still small, apparently not involved in these aristocratic politics: “I don’t know the reason. Perhaps like you, just want to go outside to see.”

Jennifer looked at him with a trace of admiration: “You are so powerful. Obviously we are same age but you are more brave than I am.”

“Because I’m a boy,” Dudian smiled.

Hearing this, Jenny face turned red. She secretly looked up to Dudian. She saw that he didn’t notice her embarrassed appearance, and her heart was relieved. But her heartbeat was slightly accelerated. How can I and a boy be in a garden alone? If father knew… no! no!… He can’t learn about it.

She was going to bid farewell to Dudian and leave.

“Do not misunderstand. I do not discriminate against women. In our training camp there were many girls. But I think you should still listen to your father’s advice. Outside the giant wall is indeed very dangerous. You just have to wait until those dangers are swept out. Sooner or later you will be able to see the outside world. I believe that day won’t take long!

By the faint moonlight, Jenny looked at the boy’s serious and confident look. She could not help but startled a moment, subconsciously asked: “Really?

“Uh-huh!” Dudian nodded affirmatively.

Jenny heard his words. It seems as if she was infected by them: “I believe you!”

Dudian smiled and said, “I believe in myself.”

Jenny smiled. “puchi”. Her previous intention to leave has long been missing.: “You know, my dream is to become a” magistrate “. Although the official can not go outside the giant wall, but at least can judge all the bad inside the giant wall. I believe that there are no bad people in the world and if we work together we will soon be able to remove the danger outside the giant wall.”

Dudian smiled and said: “Do you learn the law?

“Of course.” Jenny grinned, showing a proud expression.

Dudian laughed: “I just learned the law.”

Jenny said with surprise, “Have you also learned the law?

“Self-learning,” Dudian added.

“You want to be a magistrate?”

“Well, my goal is as great as yours!”

“Great?” “Yes, our goals are great!”

“how old are you?”

“Just turned eleven.”

“I’m almost twelve.”

The darkness gradually deepened. The more they talked the more they were unaware of how the time flew. They talked about lots of things, from their hobbies to their ages. As well as their views on things. They had way too much in common, as if they had found long lost friends.

“One without ears, one without tail, giggle … …” Jenny clutched her stomach because of laughind hard. She completely forgot to pay attention to the image of nobility, said: “What a strange son. So strange lyrics… It’s fun thou… ”

Dudian said: “It is a children’s song.”

Jenny smiled, thinking how can there be such a strange children’s songs.

Dudian just wanted to say a few more children’s songs, suddenly he felt a mosquito bite his wrist. He shot with his backhand to kill it. The sudden sound woke up them from the sweet chat. The looked back at the direction of the banquet hall.

Jenny saw his move, also reacted. She felt bad: “I have to go back. If my father can not find me he will be very angry.”

Dudian is also just ready to go back, said: “Then you go first. I will wait a while. Let’s not be caught seen together”

Jenny’s face turned red. She ran outside the pavilion, suddenly though of something and turned back: “You just said you also heard a lot of nice poetry. I also like poetry. Can you tell me one?”

Dudian was surprised for a moment. She was not sheltered under the pavilion. The moon shines were reflected on her cheek. This moment, she was as beautiful as unreal fairy. His heart was throbbing subconsciously.

He knew a lot of Tang poetry which was classified as Eastern classical poetry. It was totally different from this era’s poetry genre.

Suddenly, he thought of the modern poetry which her sister often read:

How do I let you meet me,

At my most beautiful moment.

For this,

I beseeched the God for five hundred years,

I asked Him to let us meet in earthly life.

God let me become a tree,

Grown on the roadside that you pass by every day.

Dudian remembered that this poem was called “A Tree in Blossom”. He had changed the word “Buddha” to “God” while reciting. After all, the faith of the world is dictated by the Holy Church and there is no Buddhism.

Hearing Dudian quietly recite the verse, Jenny was stunned. After a while she turned around and fled along the trail to disappear in the darkness.

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