DK – Ch 359

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The Dark King – Chapter 359

Finally, rain began to fall down.

It was the first rain of the black snow season. The thunder echoed out as the dark clouds had shrouded the sky like a curtain. The people in slums were like having the battle of life and death as they blocked the fronts of their houses with sandbags or else the rain would spread into their houses. No one expected the drainage system that hasn’t been repaired for long time to play a role during the rain.

The soldiers were wearing military raincoats as they stood on top of the walls while the torrential rain poured down. It was very difficult for them to see the distance as their line of sight was blurred because of the rain.

“General, you should take a cover as the rain is too hard.” Adjutant Junlang was standing on top of the wall by General Auburn.

Auburn’s face was gloomy: “Do you want be to go back now when the war is about to start? Make sure that soldiers are ready to fight any moment soon!”

Adjutant Junlang was shocked: “War? Do these barbarians will …”

“Go!” Auburn interrupted the adjutant.

Adjutant Junlang quickly turned and ran.

It didn’t take long for the officer responsible for intelligence to join the general Auburn on top of the wall. He saluted in hurry and said: “General, the barbarians have began their march from the Red Maple mountains. They are rushing towards the ‘golden wall’.” The barriers or walls covering the commercial district were known as ‘golden wall’, the wall covering the residential district was called ‘silver wall’ while the wall protecting the slums was called ‘bronze wall.’

Auburn’s eyes had turned cold: “Make sure that waterproof measures are taken for the artillery!”

“Yes.” The officer left away.

General Auburn clenched his fists as he looked at the white rain curtain in front.


The plains were dyed dark red. The barbarians marched towards the golden wall like a dense ocean . Their speed was medium but not fast. After all there was a dozen of miles until they reached the golden wall and they needed to save their physical strength.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

There were figures hiding in the bushes that secretly checked the barbarians. In their imagination the barbarians were rough monster but at the moment it was seen that the barbarians were wearing well-made armor and had good weapons. They were like lions!


A sound echoed from the side of the barbarians. A huge monster about 7 or 8 meters tall was bouncing forward. It look like a toad but was covered with hard scales as a natural protective gear. Apparently it was tamed and obeyed the commands of the barbarian controlling it.

Dudian hired a carriage from the hotel and went to another place. He hired another one and moved directly to Church Mountains.

Dudian got off the carriage and paid the money after he arrived at Mount Church. He held onto the umbrella as he walked down the mountain road. There was no one on the roar because of the rainy weather. Dudian reached the castle and the guard stopped him but after seeing his face the guard said: “Sorry architect! How come are you here in this rainy day?”

“I have just produced an invention and I’m here to give it for assessment.” Dudian indifferently said.

Guard was shocked: “A new invention? Did not you just made the lightning rod?”

“This is a new invention.” Dudian added.

The guard’s eyes went wide: “N-new invention?” The man was surprised as it would cause another sensation because of continues production of high-level invention.

The guard stared at Dudian’s back. He reacted after a half a second as he went back to his guard room. He took out a pen and began to write. Guard wanted to be the first one to pass out the news.

Dudian came to his own building.

He shook the umbrella for the water stains to drop down and then put it against the door. He went to the room on the second floor. He came towards a bookshelf and took out a roll of white paper.

He slowly rolled out and spread the paper. There was a very sophisticated and meticulous pattern on the paper.

“The era of steam has official began… ” Dudian whispered. He slowly closed the paper and put it inside a big papyrus reel. He took the umbrella and went downstairs. Dudian went in the direction of the hall under the heavy rain.

Dudian saw a lot of people inside the hall. Most of them didn’t have an umbrella and were sitting in various places quietly reading their books.

Dudian shook his umbrella and put it by the door. He walked towards the counter.

A young woman wearing a scarf was sitting by the counter. She had the medal of an intermediate level architect on her chest. She looked up at Dudian: “Are you for submission of invention?”

Dudian smiled as he gave the papyrus reel to her: “Yes this has the manuscript inside for my newest invention.”

The young woman’s eyes were wide open as she recognized Dudian’s appearance: “Are you Mr Dean?”

Dudian blinked his eyes.

The girl was excited as she carefully took the paper and asked him: “Mr Dean, would you give me an autograph?”


It didn’t take long for Dudian to complete the procedures for the submission of the new invention. He left the Temple’s hall.

He took a carriage of the Temple and went back to his own castle.

Layers of ripples could be seen on top of the river because of heavy raindrops.

Most of the reporters had gone back but there were some who took shelter close to the entrance of the castle. They were the professionals who wouldn’t back down at all costs.

“Finally the annoying flies went away.” Jake stretched his neck as he looked out of the window and complained.

Old Fulin whispered: “The rain is too heavy… I assume he should return back from the outside.”

“Father the weather is too cold… You will catch cold so please go back upstairs to rest.” Sander said and asked the servant to deliver blankets to put on the knees of old patriarch.

Old Fulin got up but heard the sounds of hoofs. He looked outside: “A carriage is coming and it has the banner of the Temple of Elements…”

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