DK – Ch 358

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The Dark King – Chapter 358

The boy’s face turned pale as he heard Sergei’s words. He stepped out to stand in front of the girl as his bode trembled: “Y-ou! Don’t come over! I-I am very powerful! D-on’t-don’t come!”

Sergei smiled: “You have seen what you shouldn’t see. Blame yourself.” The big body of Sergei approached to stop in front of the two. His large palm grabbed the little boy’s head.

The boy punched and beat Sergei’s arm as his face was twisted in pain. The girl was frightened as he grabbed onto Sergei’s thigh and began to beg: “Uncle! I beg you please don’t hurt my brother! Please…”

Sergei’s leg moved as he hit the girl and the force of the kick threw her body to the wall.

“Leave them.” Dudian ordered.

“It will be trouble if they talk about us.” Sergei answered.

Dudian went over and grabbed boy’s body from Sergei’s hand. The boy fell down to ground and quickly ran towards the girl: “sister, sister…” He picked up her small body.

Dudian looked at them: “Are you siblings?”

The boy looked up at Dudian. His face was tense as he replied: “Yes, yes!”


The boy’s voice was trembling: “I’m not sure. I’ve seen her in our family since when I was young.”

Dudian nodded slightly: “What about your parents?”

“My father died early on and my mom passed away two years ago.”

Dudian asked: “The residents of the village have taken refuge in other places. Why are you still in here?”

“There is a fee to pass the barrier to get into commercial district. I-I-we have no money and could only hide in here!” The boy replied.

Sergei snorted: “Fee? How much would that cost? Even though both of you are poor but you could sell some things and get enough money to pass the barrier.”

The boy’s face turned white as he quickly answered: “No, it won’t be enough! Earlier it was only two copper coins to enter the city. However after the news of the barbarians attacking were reported the fees increased. Right no its ten silver coins per person! There is no pawn shop to sell anything at this point. Moreover the roar to other towns is too far away. If we travel there is a possibility of running into beasts or barbarians… ”

Sergei frowned but he didn’t say anything.

Dudian looked at both of them: “I need two more servants. If you are willing then you should join me. You will get food and clothing.”

The boy looked at Dudian in surprise. He hesitated for a moment before saying: “I-I am afraid we are too clumsy…we…”

“There is absolutely nothing that couldn’t be learned. ”

The girl turned around and looked at the little girl. He clenched his teeth: “We are willing! Please take us with you!” Both of them pressed their heads onto ground.

Dudian didn’t stop them: “Stand up! From now on you don’t have to kneel in front of anyone, including me.”

The boy pulled up the little girl and stood up.

Dudian asked: “What is your name?”

“My name is Gabriel.” The boy said: “My sister is called Artemis.”

Dudian looked at the boy: “Bandage your wounds..We will leave.”

Gabriel looked at Dudian “Mister.”


“Can you wait for us? We will go to pack our luggage.” Gabriel asked.

Sergei snorted: “Its getting more funnier. At the best you will be picking pieces of broken things. Don’t forget that you will get the best and the most expensive things from now on. Do you understand me? ”

There was a trace of fear in Gabriel’s eyes as he looked at Sergei. He couraged up as he said to Dudian: “Mister, my parents left keepsake at our home. I want to take it.. I ask you..”

“Alright.” Dudian answered.

Gabriel was overjoyed as he pulled Artemis.

Dudian and the other two followed behind Gabriel and Artemis as they went towards a creek behind the town. Occasionally, fish that swam along the stream could be seen.

They walked towards a hill where a dilapidated wooden shed was located. Gabriel waited for her sister by the foot of the hill as Artemis was wounded. He went inside, picked a small bag and ran down.

“Mister, I packed up.” Gabriel pulled Artemis by her hand as he came to stop in front of Dudian.

Dudian looked at the small bag and nodded slightly.

They found new sets of clothes from the town and put them on. All five of them went to the closest fort to the town. Dudian used charcoal to smear on his face. Their appearance had changed a lot. Sergei and Gwyneth also used the same method.

“Stop!” The guard outside the gate commanded Dudian and others.

Dudian took out the badge of Ryan family.

The guard recognized the noble emblem that was engraved on the medal. His tone changed instantly: “Please come inside.” He stepped sideways.

Dudian took the lead and passed the gates. They found the closest town and rented rooms in a small hotel. Dudian looked at Sergei and Gwyneth while Gabriel was bandaging Artemis’s wounds: “You guys stay here and try not to expose traces.”

“What about you?” Sergei asked.

“I will go to the Temple.” Dudian opened the window of the room and looked at the dark clouds that had covered the sky. The people felt depressed just from the haze of the weather.

“To the temple?” Sergei frowned.

Gwyneth who had been silent all the way spoke up: “We should sneak back to the Ryan family. Although they have been in decline but we can at least inquire about the situation from them.”

Dudian shook his head: “The enemy should be watching them closely if they want to deal with us. Such a move will expose us.”

Sergei looked at Dudian: “Do you want Mellon consortium ‘dealt’ with?” (I assume everyone understands what Sergei means…)

“I am more than enough to deal with them.”

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