DK – Ch 356

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The Dark King – Chapter 356

Dudian didn’t answer him as he went along the familiar terrainn. He was going to the place where he had hid the splitty. He had stayed outside for more than seven days so he wasn’t sure whether splitty had starved to death.

After ten minutes.

Dudian stopped in the plains where he had hidden splitty. He looked at Gwyneth and Sergei: “I’ll be back soon so wait here for me.” He took the bags that he had put the corpses of mutated beasts that they had killed along the way.

Sergei shrugged as he sat on ground. He pulled a stalk of grass and put it into his mouth. He was humming a tune as he narrowed his eyes and looked at Gwyneth: “This kiddo is hiding a secret which doesn’t want us to be aware of. To tell the truth, I don’t care much…”

Gwyneth glanced at him: “If all the hunters were like you then our job would have been much easier.”

Sergei raised his eyebrows: “Like me? If they were like me do you think that you would be able to catch them? I don’t care about nobles, consortia or anyone. I’m not a person who would close one of my eyes to the activities of influential while open the other for the weak one. I just kill!”

Gwyneth sneered: “Ignorant.”

“So what? I’m fearless and also indomitable, ha!” Sergei pulled out the stem of grass from his mouth and threw it away.

Gwyneth turned away her head: “Naive.”



Dudian went through the forest. He turned to see that Gwyneth and Sergei hadn’t moved. He went to the abandoned building. He saw a faint red dot inside the building. His heart was relieved as he jumped into the basement. Splitty was sleeping inside the cage made out of tungsten steel. It weakly raised its eyelids as it heard the movement.

“It’s good to know that you aren’t so easy to starve.” Dudian smiled. He stepped forward as he pulled out the corpses of beasts from the bag and throw them into the cage.

Splitty’s spirit was aroused as it began to bit and devour the bloody corpses.

Dudian smiled as he fed it: “After we are done with the problems I will take you outside to play. Your brother or sister has grown a lot stronger than you.. We gotta raise your strength too.”

Splitty was concentrating on its meal as it didn’t care about the words of the human.

Dudian didn’t way for much as he returned back. Gwyneth and Sergei were sitting as they backs faced each other. It seemed they weren’t interested in talking to each other.

Dudian said: “Let’s go.” He looked at the sky then led the way.

Sergei patted his pants as he followed up. He said to Dudian: “Master you always check the sky. We gotta find a place to hide if it rains…”

“We won’t be able to get rid of all the rain.”

“What do you mean? Don’t use those intelligent quotes. Actually don’t beat around the bush when you talk to me… Say it straight out.”

Dudian didn’t bother with him as he went forward. It didn’t take long before they bypassed the fort and went to a steep cliff at the hill. It was covered with moss. Dudian’s was slightly relieved as he reached out his hand.

“Master, you are …”

Sergei wasn’t even finished when he saw Dudian poked out the vines and moss. There was a cave hidden behind them..

Dudian went into the cave. There were stone bowls, bonfires, grills on the bonfires and bucket which had rotten human arm and fingers. Dudian frowned at sight.

Sergei and Gwyneth also went inside. Gwyneth was silent like a shadow. Sergei vigilantly looked around and saw that there were no enemies. However his face turned ugly as he saw the human arm and fingers damped in salt: “These barbarians are really like they are told about in legends. They even eat humans. You would never know who had eaten whom if you stayed with them!” He was trying to make a joke.

Gwyneth glanced at him but didn’t say anything.

Dudian checked around as he found a lot of equipment of barbarians. He picked up something and showed it to Sergei and Gwyneth: “What do you think?”

Sergei shrugged his shoulder.

Gwyneth replied: “I don’t know.”

Dudian looked at the black horn. He wiped the dust as he blew it with his mouth. Suddenly a sound was echoed so he stopped: “It seems the barbarians have left this stronghold long time ago. As I have expected its about to start.”

Dudian turned and left the cave.

Sergei and Gwyneth followed after him.

Trio came to King’s Fort after few hours.

“Is it fort breached? Has the army of barbarians gone into the commercial district? Is the war over? ” Sergei looked at the broken fort.

Dudian said: “This is King’s Fort.”

“Oh, so it’s the fort broken through by barbarians. I was scared as I though barbarians have broken through the barrier.” Sergei patted his chest.

Dudian glanced back at him: “Can’t you differentiate forts?”

“I’ve never been to this fort and I don’t care much about forts at all. All of them look alike to me.” Sergei said in a confident tone.

Dudian raised his hand to stop both of them: “Let’s find a place to hide.”

“In the bushes over there.” Sergei pointed to.

Dudian whispered: “There is someone over there.”

Sergei bent his body as he slowly crawled back.

It didn’t take long for Dudian to find the right place to hide. They were sitting on the ground and looking at the sky doing nothing.

Sergei and Gwyneth squatted besides him. Sergei asked: “Master if we aren’t planning to sneak into the fort then why are we here?”

“We are like the wind.”

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