DK – Ch 354

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The Dark King – Chapter 354

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Sergei and Gwyneth came back from the barrier and stopped by Dudian’s side. They were surprised to see the writing on the sand. Sergei rapidly approached and lifted his foot to erase the memo.

Dudian stopped him.

“Ah?” Sergei was stunned.

“I wrote it” Dudian said as he looked at both of them: “Are you done? If so, then let’s go!”

Sergei pulled him back: “Are you crazy? We have killed so many people who belonged to Holy Church. If such a message is leaked out no one will be able to protect even an architect like you!”

“Who said I did it?” Dudian asked.

“Your name is written on the ground. It will put you on the first row in the suspect list as the most suspicious person. What do you reckon they will think when they saw your name on ground? Even the Holy Church may not believe to you!”

“There will be a proof…” Dudian turned away as he looked at the red heat.

Sergei was startled as he looked at Gwyneth for a tip.

Gwyneth shook her head as she went after Dudian.

Sergei touched the back of his head as he was at a loss.

Dudian’s castle.

A number of journalists from various news agencies were by the gate waiting for an interview. They were whispering one after another which made the place very boiling and lively.

“You can’t enter!”

“I said no one can not enter! Young master is an architect. If you dare to break into this private property then we will sue you!”

Neuss, Sander and four knights from the Ryan family were blocking the entrance. There were many people from different news agencies which wanted to sneak into the castle.

Old Fulin sat in the chair inside the castle’s hall. From time to time he looked through the windows to the situation outside the castle. There was anxiousness in his heart. This same thing has been happening every day for the last two or three days. They had sent message outside the giant wall but no reply was received. The noise coming off from the outside made him very upset.

“Patriarch, You should go upstairs to rest.” Kroen said in a low tone as he came to Old Fulin’s side: “I will inform you when the young master comes back.”

Old Fulin shook his head: “I’ll be here waiting for him. You should go outside to help to deal with those flies. ”

Kroen sighed and turned away.

Sander who wiped the sweat of his forehead entered the hall after few moments. He sat on chair as he kneaded his sore arm. Jake who was sitting in the hall whispered: “When do you think the young master will come back? Is it really as the newspapers write about him?”

Sander turned his head and looked at him: “Shut up, you idiot!”

Jake didn’t say anything. If it was before then he wouldn’t care much about his brother let alone fear him. But know because of his mistakes the Ryan family could decline or even perish.

Sander looked at him in disgust. He felt ashamed as he knew that he had the same father as Jake. He stood up and went towards Old Fulin: “Father if he continues to sit still then Mellon will continue their wanton attacks. I’m afraid even if he comes back there won’t be much of a change.”

Old Fulin looked at his son. In the last few days the hair on Sander’s temples had turned white. He sighed: “The greatest contribution we can do to him at this point is by doing nothing. If we move out of this castle then Mellon will use us once again to attack him. So the only option is to wait. We have a hope as long as the barbarians don’t attack!”

There was sadness in Sander’s eyes: “I’m afraid there is nothing we can do to hold the attack of the barbarians. There are news in the papers to sway the public opinion. It is written that Mr Dean has secretly sold information to the barbarians. Moreover it is mentioned that he has sold his inventions to the barbarians so that they could easily pass through the Fort King (The one by the Red Maple mountain). Many civilians believe these stories to be true. In addition today’s military newspaper also reported that the barbarians that they had captured had admitted that Mr Dean had cooperated with them. I believe that Mr Dean will never do such a thing. I think both Mellon consortium and military wants to frame him!”

Old Fulin lightly smiled: “Except civilians everyone else is aware of this dirty trick.”

“It is fortunate that we have Scott consortium and Holy Church who makes the balance or else…” He continued: “They will send someone to make the charges.”

“Pray…” Old Fulin closed his eyes.

The conference hall. Mellon consortium.

The acting patriarch of the Mel family, Mark was sitting at the table in the conference hall. Patriarch Rudolp from the Burong family was sitting on his right. As of now the situation was totally different to the one few months ago. Mel family held the right to veto as they had 51 percent of the shares in the consortium. They didn’t need to comply with Burong family as they did back in the old days. Even if Burong family cooperated with the other forces within the consortium there wouldn’t be much they could do.

It was a very heavy blow to Burong and other families within the consortium. It would be very difficult for them to sway the direction of the consortium. At this point the Mel family was holding onto the absolute executive power.

“Mark, your daughter is just over sixteen years old now. I don’t think she should be participating in the conference at this age. You should not misunderstand me as I think that Miss Sarah is a good girl She looks so charming. The girls in her age should be studying piano or listening to White Swan music.” A middle aged man smiled and said.

Mark glanced back at him. He hadn’t opened his mouth yet when the girl sitting on his left side said: “I think its not right to judge the person’s ability because of their age. By the way I have reached level six in piano studies. Which level your daughter has practiced to?”

Middle-aged man laughed as he wasn’t angered by her words: “How can my little girl be compared to you? I just feel bad that your father brought you into such an environment at such a young age. It will break the beautiful childhood that you should enjoy. Be careful.”

“Not worth mentioning.” Sarah indifferently said as her tone was very calm.

Everyone quietly watched the little girl.

“Okay, let’s talk about the main issue at hand.” Marked patted his palms to grab the attention: “According to the intelligence reports the barbarians will attack in two days. It will be the moment when we act.”

Rudolph who was sitting next to him asked: “Can we rely get information about military decisions of the barbarians?”

Mark smiled: “There isn’t that you can’t know as long as you are willing to pay its price. Our consortium lost money and people in the process but it was worth the news.”

The man continued: “In that case I have a question. Patriarch Mark I would like to hear your answer.”


I’m tired (t/n: drunk) today and I’ll be tired (drunk) tomorrow… But hopefully I will surprise you guys on saturday and sunday 🙂

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  1. So many variables… cant predict D outcome of creating evidence that u did the crime. E?

    Will he use it to tell that he got framed? How? Is this the chinese term

    “Retreat to advance” ???

    Thn sa chapter MadSnail

    1. considering most people in this era of an IQ of 5 as long as he just points out some minor facts people will suspect him the least considering his name was directly written as most wouldnt believe someone would be crazy enough to do so which would end up with people thinking he was framed(Of Course this is all just Pure Speculation its fine if you disagree)

  2. How can dean do this if hes framed that he did this, which thing did he do, that or this. hehe. i see his plan. HAHA!

    1. Killing ppl of church is worse than selling weps to the barbs so who ever is trying to frame him is up fot it
      He has proof that he was ouside the wall past week

        1. Release an invention which turns the tide of battle against barbarian. and sways the public opinion. hitting two birds with one stone. 🙂

  3. Military and Mellon tried to fuck him up couse his association with Scott. The holy church knows about this… the killing in the fort to blame him, the church will “this is too much”. One rule every dictator and leader knows…. DONT MESS WITH THE CHURCH. Religion are bullshit, and people loves bullshit 😂😂😂
    Now if there is a trial, who wold you call as a lawyer?… that’s rigth his ex- girlfriend 😈
    Ohhh god.
    This writer is a twisted mother fucker, how old is he? Or she?

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