DK – Ch 352

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The Dark King – Chapter 352

Dudian cleaned up the things on the ground and neatly wore the hunter armor. Now he didn’t have the extraordinary resistance of juranzhi’s magic marks so he could be affect by the radiation, rain and bacteria contained in the rotting corpses of the monster. It would all could cause a damage to his body. He didn’t know if the magic marks of the splitter had improved his resistance. He had to go back to the wall to check. He couldn’t take the risk at this moment.


The splitter lying on the corner screamed in fear as it shrank its body.

Dudian whispered as it looked at it: “Don’t be afraid. You survived.”

As he had gone through deification there was no need to kill it. There were two options. The first was to sell the parasitic worm of the splitter and the second option was to give to the person he trusted. For now he didn’t plan to do anything and shelve it for time being.

Dudian moved out of the cave and closed the gap. He felt fresh air blowing at his face. He took a light breath. He calculated that monsters will migrate to this area after some time as the adult splitter wasn’t around anymore. But it would be very difficult for these monster to pass into the splitter’s nest. Moreover even though the young splitter was in a growth period but it had reached level 40. Although it didn’t have no scythes or claws but it was strong enough to tear of most of the monsters with its sharp teeth.

Dudian glanced around the cave. He saw small red heat being emitted from the bushes about few hundred meters away. It should be the most common monster of the wilderness.

He retracted his eyes and turned away.


Dudian was surprised as he ran. His speed was much faster than he imagined it to be. The air whistled by his ears and he felt like he was flying.

He suddenly stopped and his body firmly braked without shaking.

Dudian checked his hands and feet. Did his body evolve into a senior hunter after the deification?

However he remember that the dragon girl told him that his constitution would not improve after the deification!

“It is clear that only top senior hunters can achieve such a speed!” Dudian ran. Each step that he took moved his body four or five meters away. He couldn’t help but try to jump out of curiosity. He felt amazed as he could jump up to seven or eight meters!

It meant a two-story leap!

Dudian’s knees slightly bent as he landed. There was no pain or extra efforts added for his landing. He was extremely surprised. He hadn’t seen Gwyneth or Sergei have such jumping force or such speed! Although they had spikes nailed onto their bodies but in times of crisis body of them broke through their limits. However it was still far from his current speed!

Dudian was not clear about what had happened but he felt happy because of unexpected increase in power and strength. Splitter wasn’t called a legendary monster for nothing!

“I’m still an intermediate hunter if the dragon girl didn’t deceive me. At least she is right in terms of magic marks. But for me to have such a force…It is likely that the structure of my body has changed. The muscles around my body seems to have increased and they have grown. I think I will be able to burst out several times more power than usual!” Dudian made guesses but he had to wait to confirm until he went into the giant wall. He may use a new parasitic worm to try to advance to a senior hunter. If that would be a success then it would be a proof that he was an intermediate hunter. If it was a failure then the dragon girl had deceived him.

Dudian continued to run as he sorted out his thoughts.


There was a smile on his face as the wind blowed and whistled by his ears.

Dudian looked at the ruins of a building after running for a few kilometers. There was a dark red heat hidden inside. From the shape he thought that iwas a crawling creature which was similar to a crocodile.

Dudian thought that it would be a jungle lizard as he took into account that it was a humid environment!

He didn’t slow down as he ran straight over to the building. Dudian stopped tens of meters away from the building. He saw that giant lizard-like heat shook its tail. It seems the monster was disturbed by his arrival. It crawled as it approached the door of the building. The gate was covered in vines and moss. It was a great cover and it seemed that there was nothing behind it at first glance.

Dudian wouldn’t be identify such a monster if he didn’t have thermal vision. He would have never imagined that such a monster was waiting for an opportunity to move any moment.

Dudian didn’t want to use arrows as jungle lizard was only level 14 monster. He could fight it on in a melee combat relying on his strength. Even though his close combat abilities were lacking but taking into account his current constitution he was sure that he would be able to handle a jungle lizard.

He squatted down and picked a stone. Dudian threw it over.


The stoned hit the lizard.

There was no movement.

Dudian was surprised as he didn’t think that this monster was so tolerable. He bent over and picked a boulder which was two or three hundred pounds. He walked to stop ten meters away from the building’s door and mercilessly threw the boulder.


The giant monster retreated to avoid the boulder. However as if it was a crouching tiger waiting for its prey the next moment it broke of the shelter of the vines and weeds and rushed towards Dudian.

Dudian was shocked the moment he saw the monster’s appearance. It was not a jungle lizard but a sword-tailed rocky crocodile! A level 26 monster!


The first thought that popped up in his mind was to retreat. Originally he had hunted black weaver with Glenn and was aware of how dangerous such level monster was. Not to mention him being an intermediate hunter but in addition he was a close combat rookie! He didn’t have a chance!


He turned and ran for his life.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sword-tailed rocky crocodile rapidly chased behind him as the earthquake like sounds echoed because of its movement. However the sounds echoed from farther and farther away.

Dudian looked back to see that there was 100 meters of distance separating them.

He saw that the sword-tailed rocky crocodile was still chasing after him so he slowed his own pace. But he still kept running in front and easily controlled the space between them. After a few kilometers there was an eager feeling that gradually appeared in Dudian’s heart. It seems that a level 26 monster wasn’t as terrifying as he imagined it to be.

Maybe even he wouldn’t be totally hopeless against it if he fought back.

He slowed down, pulled out his dagger, turned back and rushed up at it.


The sword-tailed rocky crocodile roared in anger as it saw the prey was running back at it.

Dudian was prepared as his body made a sudden turn and slide past by the monster. At the same moment he fiercely stabbed the dagger at the side of its jaw.

Puff! The dagger penetrated the jaw slits which had lots of blood vessels and cut them off. Dudian pulled back the dagger as he withdrew. He found out that the tip of the dagger was bent!

Dudian was shocked. He didn’t know from where the courage poured into him but he used his palm to grasp onto the scales of the sword-tailed rocky crocodile.


The monster roared in anger and twisted its head to bite at Dudian. However its head could only twist for ninety degree and it couldn’t reach Dudian.

Dudian’s fingernails clung onto its back as if they were metal spikes. The gray crust of the crocodile was comparable to rock. That was one of the reasons why it was called ‘rocky crocodile’. But at the moments Dudian’s fingernails had pierced its scales through the gaps.

Dudian lifted his fist and punched onto its head.


The sword-tailed rocky crocodile’s head was violently knocked onto the ground.

Dudian seized the chance and smashed once more.


Once again the sword-tailed rocky crocodile’s jaw was knocked onto the ground.

Dudian repeatedly hammered the monster.

The crocodile twisted its body in a crazy manner because of pain and finally dumped Dudian.

Dudian landed on ground and rushed past. The crocodile seemed that have been weakened as it was acting slowly. Dudian waved his dagger and stabbed into its eyes. He cut out a big hole and jumped onto its head. He trampled over its upper jaw as he mercilessly stabbed the dagger onto its other eye.

There was no sound coming off the sword-tailed rocky crocodile as its body was lying in the pool of blood.

Dudian was gentle breathed as he sat on top of the crocodile. He was excited because he was able to kill a level 26 monster with his own bare hands! Even an experienced senior hunters would be having difficulties to accomplish such a task alone. They had to rely on traps that they had made in advance and use the geography into their advantage to kill such a monster.

However he was in plains and he relied on his speed and strength to accomplish the task. Dudian didn’t use any external factors!

“My strength and speed as well as the timing of my body’s responses should be comparable to top senior hunters…If I used bow and arrows then I would have killed the monster without an effort!” Dudian was excited. He was planning to buy other magic marks and use them as nutrient to break into senior hunter level. It was an important part of his next plant! After deification he had such power so he hoped to get further ahead!

But it had to be noted that it may not be traces of deification. Maybe it was the impact of the magic marks of the splitter. He hadn’t tested anything before a successful deification so he wasn’t aware of improvement.

Dudian stood up and looked at sword-tailed rocky crocodile. He collected the two long teeth at the front of its mouth. Its front teeth were comparable to its body fat and leather. But for him the value of these two teeth was much expensive than gold. They could be forged into sharp daggers!

Dudian washed both of the teeth with filtered water and left the place. As for the leather and claws…He was too lazy to collect them. It was a good money for an ordinary hunter to collect them but it wasn’t worth anything for him at this point.


Dudian returned to subway after ten minutes.

Gwyneth and Sergei were relieved to see Dudian as they heard the movement.

Dudian saw that both of them came out from hiding: “Are you ready?”

Sergei replied: “We have transported the sharp body parts of the monster to the vicinity of the giant wall and have created an underground base according to your orders.”

Dudian nodded slightly as he came into the subway station. He saw the huge skeleton of the adult splitter and its rotten flesh. All the limbs were gone.

“Let’s go.” Dudian took the lead.

Sergei and Gwyneth followed after him.

In the blink of an eye they were standing in front of the passage.

Sergei was about to open the giant door as he was too lazy to listen to Dudian’s orders. He heard Dudian’s orders: “Wait.”

Sergei wrinkled his eyebrows: “Where?”

“From there.” Dudian pointed to the top of the giant wall.

Sergei smiled as he was confused: “Boss, are you joking?”

“Do you think I’ll be joking with you?” Dudian looked at him and turned to the side. He picked up suction cups that were hidden behind the grasses. He cleaned the dew and moisture. Dudian jumped over seven meters and pushed the suction cups towards the wall. His strength was totally different from last time so the cups connected on first try. He rapidly climbed up.

Sergei and Gwyneth’s pupils shrank in shock.

Both of them recovered their eyes as Dudian had reached four or five hundred meters of height. They looked at each other to see the surprise reflected in their pupils. They were surprised at the strange climbing method of Dudian. Moreover they were shocked the height he jumped up.

Dudian climbed to the top of the giant wall in a short time. He found the remaining shark spears and rope on the ground not for from the place he had climbed on.

He threw the rope to pull Sergei and Gwyneth.

Their faces had turned white in fear after reaching the top of the wall. Although they had dangerous experiences but they have never been at such altitudes. It was like the experience of facing the monster for the first time.

“You were like a crawler.” Sergei wryly smiled as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

Dudian faintly smiled. Crawler should be a monster that could climb over the giant wall.

He pulled the rope and threw it to the other side of the giant wall. Sergei and Gwyneth were first to go down as he went last.

As he was two or three hundred meters away from the ground Dudian released the rope. He fell onto a wooden frame on the giant wall. It was a platform made to repair the wall. The height from the ground was approximately three hundred meters and the project could be considered very vast.


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