DK – Ch 351

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The Dark King – Chapter 351

Dudian pulled out an arrow and moved closer to the worm. He looked at its appearance which was similar to the previous one.

He took out a jar from his pocket and caught the worm. Dudian opened the jar and threw the parasitic worm into it. It was full with filtered drinking water that he had prepared in advance. The blood stains turned the whole bottle into red.

Dudian shook the jar and opened it. He bit his finger and flowed few drops of blood along the edge of the jar. It didn’t take a moment as the parasitic soul worm slowly climbed out in the direction of the blood drops. Dudian caught it with his fingers. The latter made a fierce struggle as it tried to poke its spike into his palm. However there was no pain but dumb feeling because of its attacks.

Dudian took out the syringe that he had prepared in advance. He pushed its needle fiercely onto the parasitic soul worm.

The parasitic soul worm violently struggled in panic. Dudian pushed the metal handle and pulled it back. The last drop of the blood within the parasitic soul worm was drawn into the syringe. It was full of dark red mucus.

Dudian stabbed the needle into the splitter’s magic marks on his chest. The magic mark was hard so he could penetrate for a few millimeters after few stabs. Dudian controlled the force as he injected the dark red mucus into his magic marks. Slowly, the mucus flowed into his magic marks through the needle of the syringe.

Dudian made sure that he had injected the last drop of the mucus inside the syringe. Finally it was flattened.

He wiped the sweat from his forehead as he felt the slight changes in his magic marks. He felt a faint saturated feeling. His body was full of strength.

He looked at the other splitters. Dudian didn’t pause but put away the syringe and pulled another splitter. He slaughtered it and collected its parasitic soul worm.

After the absorption of the mucus of the second parasitic soul worm he felt visible change on his magic marks. The corners of the magic marks had turned faintly silver.

Dudian rested for ten minutes and killed the third splitter.

After sometime Dudian had absorbed four parasitic soul worms. He was dragging one of the last two surviving splitters. The one he was dragging seemed to realize the fate it was going to encounter. The splitter struggled hard as it was being dragged over by Dudian. It squeaked in panic.

Dudian stopped after some distance. He wagged the dagger as he slaughtered the splitter. A red spot slipped out. It was exuded heat.

Dudian squatted down and used the arrow to attract its attention. He put it into the jar, washed it and took it out. Afterwards he used the syringe to draw the blood(mucus) of the parasitic soul worm.

“Fifth …”

Dudian looked at the parasitic soul worm that was struggling as he pulled the handle of the syringe. There was some tension and big expectations in his heart. Although using five splitter’s wasn’t going to give 100 percent success in ‘deification’ so he had prepared the sixth one too. If the sixth try failed then he was going to use splitty who was inside the giant wall. According to the girl from Dragon family(clan?) using seven parasitic worms would give 70 percent of chance in successful deification!

It is already a very high chance!


Dudian was prepared to use seven of them but he still hoped to reach success after five tries. He hoped that his luck won’t turn its face against him.

He prayed in his heart. Although there was no point or goal in a prayer but it was like a hidden instinct that was coded into his gene. Dudian took a deep breath and pointed the needle at the point on the magic marks where he had previously pierced through. He slowly pushed the needle into his magic marks and pressed the handle of the syringe.

The liquid inside the syringe penetrated into Dudian’s magic marks along the needle.

“Success! Success!”

Dudian clenched his teeth as he secretly prayed.

He pushed the handle until the end. He opened the valve of the syringe and withdrew the handle. He once again pushed it down.

The little residues of the mucus were driven by the pressure and slowly injected into his magic marks.

Dudian repeatedly pushed for several times until nothing was left. He pulled out the syringe.

His heart was in peace as he looked down at the magic marks on his chest.

One second, two seconds…Time passed…The magic marks didn’t change after few minutes of waiting.

Dudian’s face turned ugly as he didn’t think that it will end with his bad luck. He clenched his teeth as he came to stand in front of the last splitter.

The splitter was scared as it saw Dudian approach towards it. It was full of fear as it began to twist its body to move back. The hunters would be shocked if they saw such a scene. A dignified legendery monster was afraid of a human!

Dudian squatted down to kill it with dagger. However he felt a strange feeling flock through his chest to his body. It felt like numerous ants were crawling all over his body. The itchy feeling that popped up was unbearable.

He was startled as he backed away from the splitter to increase his distance. He turned his head and witnessed the scary scene. He saw blood vessels were protruding from his spine like spider webs. They were constructing into a strange patterns. The color of the blood was becoming more brighter as time passed. Moreover he tears flowed out as pains bursts became more intense.

The blood vessels become clear as time passed. Additionally the skin was raised out as if it was torn. He clenched his teeth as he wanted to roar out to let the pain go away. He saw that the skin on his back began to fall down as they turned dead. He felt a different feeling emerging from his spine. It seems like a separate organ was created out of his body.

He was terrified because of the unknown changes to his body. It made him even forget the pain. He turned to check once more. The dead skin was torn and fallen down. There was transparent wings on his back.

They flapped and a light breeze blew.

It was like the time was frozen.

Transparent wings were strength out from his spine. He was shocked as the breeze hit his face.


Do… I have wings?

He was startled. Dudian’s eyes blinked as the transparent wing shook in the back.

Is this the result of deification of the legendary magic marks?

He remembered that the splitty had used the small wings on its back to catch up with him. Although it had wings which were hidden under its shell but its body was too big for the wings to be used to fly. It could glide at low attitudes or use them to increase its speed and make maneuvers.

However he had proper wings after the deification!

Similar to the wings of the splitter!

Dudian touched the transparent wings at his spine. He felt warm. Moreover they were extremely hard as if they were thin metals. He pinched them and that part slightly deformed. However after letting that part go it restored back to its original composition!

Dudian tried to control the transparent wings. He found out that it was like he had grown two arms out from his spine. It was a wonderful feeling as the wings waved. He felt the breeze that blew by his arms. He controlled them and gradually increased the frequency of flaps. His body began to float up as his body was removed from the ground.

Dudian looked down as he saw his toes were dozens of centimeters away from the ground. Excitement burst out of his heart! He was able to fly! He could fly!

He landed down and tried to control each wing one by one. The left one moved then the right one moved. It felt very natural to control them.

Dudian recovered after playing for some time. However there was this strange feeling in his heart. He didn’t know whether to be excited or frustrated at the situation. It was no doubt that having wings was a great help to him. He would be able to have air superiority. Especially if he hunted down land monsters. It was like giving him invincibility. He could keep attack for long time! However as a human being…what did it mean to have pair of insect-like wings? Was he still a human?

Dudian knew that parasitic soul worms did increase his strength but also changed nature and essence. At least by definition he wasn’t a ‘human’ anymore.

Perhaps, the saying of aristocrats about hunters were true. Hunters are monsters!

It was indeed so.

After the absorption of the parasitic worms palms of some hunters could turn into claws. Some had changes in their eyes while the teeth of others became sharper. None of the were characteristics that belonged to humans! In addition after a long time of hunting and battles of life and death the hunters turned more violent. The tendencies would change to a great extent. At some point there would be a hunter would be no different from a monster but their appearance.

There was faint sadness in his heart as he thought of these. The excitement he felt because of the wings faded away. He sighed as he controlled his wings. Moreover as he looked back he saw numerous bloodshots on his back!

He was startled. He controlled his wings and created a gap. There were patterns that looked like bloodshots. They extended from his waist onto his neck. He bowed his head and looked at the patterns from his waist to the armpit. He could see bloodshots all over his body. In his arm, chest legs…Everywhere!

His pupils narrowed as his heart turned aghast. Although there was no mirror to check his face but he could imagine how ugly his appearance had become because of the bloodshots.

It would be impossible for him to step into the Temple of elements with such looks.

The fame that he had previously accumulated would crash in a moment. There was only one label which he will be assessed as: MONSTER!

He could imagine the propaganda that will be thrown at him be the hostile consortia!

He bit his lips and clenched his fists. However he saw that the bloodshots on his fists were suppressed after clenching the palms into fists. He turn to check the splitter that was next to him. The anger on his face disappeared.

He saw that the splitter was wrapped in numerous blood vessels in various sizes. Those blood vessels were much larger than the ones he saw on himself. He could even see the blood flow in some of those blood vessels.

Dudian was startled as he thought of another possibility. He looked at the splitter he had killed recently. Its body was also wrapped in blood vessels but the color was much lighter.

There was a wry smile on his face. Actually it wasn’t that his body has changed. It was his own eyes that evolved!

Because of deification his eyes seem to have evolved once more.

In addition to ‘dark’ and thermal‘ vision now he was able to see the blood vessels of the living being.

Dudian bowed his head as he looked at his own chest. He saw the blood vessels and his own heart. It was bright red, beated constantly and pumped the blood into his body.

Dudian was relieved. The wings at his back had stimulated his imagination to think that his body has also changed. He couldn’t keep his calm for a moment and scared himself!

He gentle sniffed and test the other abilities.

He found out that his sense of smell and hearing hadn’t evolved but the scope had expanded. It was almost the twice of the previous range. It was a terrifying result!

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  1. “…If the sixth try failed then he was going to use splitty who was inside the giant wall….”

    Personally, I was somewhat disturbed at the way MC chopped off the limbs of just-hatched splitters but this sentence is worst – this guy doesn’t even have any feelings for cute Splitty! )-:

  2. Any beauty will turn into a group of blood vessel in front of him. Ha ha , it’s became harder to find a wife for dean now.

  3. Well, you got wings. Congrats! Hope the church of light dont put you on a stake later on.

    thanks for the chapters!

  4. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! Human modification? The author better get more sci-fi or it wont make sense anymore

  5. Sometimes when I wear sunglasses I think “hey is this object supposed to be this color?” and then I remember I still have my sunglasses on lol.

  6. Since his sight evolve, wouldn’t his irises also change? If so then he can no longer open the frozen capsule…

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