DK – Ch 350

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The Dark King – Chapter 350

Dudian put away the bow and arrows. He looked at the splitter to confirm that it was really dead. He quickly approached it and pulled out his dagger. He pierced through the joint with dagger and pulled out the arrow. The blood poured out and soaked the ground into dark red.

Dudian pushed his hand into the wound as it was soaked in blood of the young splitter. He was waiting for parasitic soul worm to automatically climb onto his arm because of his body temperature.

Moreover he wasn’t worried about being infected with viruses or other possible diseases as he had the magic marks from juranzhi which made him act so. He had found it when he was a junior hunter that his body was immune and had resistance against vast majority of viruses!

Dudian wouldn’t be infected even if he was bitten or soaked in other monster’s blood. It was very difficult for other hunters to survive in such a case. Even the senior hunters were no exception.

Dudian frowned as he quietly waited. His heart was a bit nervous.

Dudian felt soft tentacles touching onto his finger after five or six minutes. He quickly retracted back his hand. There was a dark red worm that had a very small needle like organ that it used to pierce into his hand. It had very short feet that it used to climb onto his hand.

The scene was so disgusting that it made his scalp tingle. His body was about to throw it away on instinct but he held back. Although this little parasitic worm was slightly smaller in volume in comparison to adult splitter’s parasitic worm but the appearance was similar. He was able to see its body structure as it was directly in front of his eyes. The worm looked like a centipede. But its legs were much shorter and thinner and they were hidden under its body. It would be hard to distinguish them at first glance as it would look like a naked worm.

“Parasitic soul worm …” Dudian took a deep breath and raised his right hand. He was staring at the parasitic soul worm that was drilling into his hand. It was an awkward and ‘twisted’ scene. The picture in front of his eyes made him nauseous but he silently watched as the latter could bring him great power and strength.

There was no blood that flowed out of the wound after the parasitic worm completely drilled into his finger. The wound healed in a speed visible to the eye.

However now there was an object that had the shape of a bug that bent and climbed along his arm.

Dudian’s face turned ugly as he raised his arm to observe the insect that quickly climbed over under his skin. It reached his shoulder and hurried over to his throat. He quickly raised both his hand to pinch his skin to stop the parasitic worm. He wasn’t able to see the bug like shape but he clearly ‘felt’ its movement as he could feel every step taken by the parasitic soul worm. It was like a group of ants were quickly moving over.

It was a very creepy feeling.

The worm that was moving under his skin touched the edge of his hand which was holding onto his throat.

Dudian face changed as he didn’t think that the aim of the parasitic soul worm was his brain!

What a joke!

He clenched onto his throat so that it couldn’t move over.

Dudian felt that the parasitic soul worm changed its direction and began to crawl down his throat and reached his chest. He quickly tore away his armor and looked down. He saw that the worm was in his middle of his chest. However the worm wasn’t going towards the magic mark but slightly to the left.

It was advancing towards his heart.

Dudian’s eyes narrowed as anger gushed into his heart. How could parasitic soul worm choose directly to go to occupy his heart after it couldn’t cling into his head? Both of them were cores of his body and once any of them were damaged he would die instantly. The worm tried to take over his body!

He moved his hand to press onto his skin so that the parasitic worm couldn’t move forward while he used his other hand to pull out the dagger. He was angry and puzzled! However he panicked a lot too. He knew that if the parasitic worm penetrated into his body then it would be very difficult to seize it. He even regretted to letting it penetrated into his own body. Did he used the wrong method to replace his magic marks?

Dudian had decided that if the worm tried to pierce below his skin then he was going to kill it that instant even though he would be seriously injured as a result.

The parasitic worm suddenly changed its direction as it tried to move along his palm. Dudian moved his palm to intercept and direct its movement.

After a few minutes of repetition the parasitic worm seemed to understand that its actions were useless. It slowly changed its direction as the worm moved to the center of Dudian’s chest.

Dudian was relieved but there was some doubts in his heart. Why did the parasitic worm of the splitter didn’t dare to replace the juranzhi’s magic mark? Why did it try to go to other two deadly place as if it was aware from the beginning that those two place were the key to take over his body? Is the difference between his physical condition and constitution and young splitter’s way too big?

Or, is it just this parasitic worm was aggressive?

He looked at his current magic marks which looked like blood vessels that had popped up on his chest. The parasitic worm crawled close and quickly sucked them dry. The magic marks that looked like red blood vessels sank back onto his chest and began to slowly bulge. However no their color wasn’t red but dark black. Moreover their appearance change as they didn’t look like circular blood vessels but a rhombus like triangle which was similar to a diamond.

Dudian raised his hand to reach out and touch it. However he felt dizzy and his eyelids became heavy. He wanted to bit his tongue to awake himself but his mind became chaotic as his body turned weak and as a result he fainted on spot.


Dudian woke up from slumber. He looked around and saw that the other six splitter were still lying on the other side of the cave. However he was shocked as he saw that there was a red heat distribution on their bodies. It was like lava was flowing through their bodies and as a result they emitted huge heat.

Could he detect the heat?

He was stunned as he looked down at his chest. The previous magic mark was replaced by a new diamond-shape magic mark. He raised his hand and touched it. The magic mark was not soft as it was earlier but hard and sharp. It was like a scale.

Is this the magic mark of the splitter?

Did he successfully replace the magic marks?

He winked few times before looking back at six splitter. There heat emitted from their bodies. Then he looked at the splitter that he had previously killed. It still had heat emitting from its body but it was very weak. It seemed like the ashes left after the fire and it would go out any time soon.

In addition to the newly acquired ‘thermal vision’ he still had the dark vision. He hadn’t lost the ability from the juranzhi. He looked around and saw the dagger that he was holding onto. He used his nails to touch the handle of the dagger.

The dagger’s handle was intact without any scratches.

Dudian was a bit disappointed. It seems that while the new thermal vision ability was acquired he was able to keep dark vision because of they were similar to each other. It was no wonder to him now why the splitter’s nest was so dark and young splitters could act so freely after they were born. This thermal vision was one of the main reasons why the splitter could find the mutated crocodiles within the swamps without any difficulties.

“It is an awesome ability to track. Basically I will be able to see any monsters even the cold-blooded creatures aren’t an exception. Every creature has a body temperature level, especially the hearts!” Dudian was at peace. His eye-sight and visualization abilities had upgraded a lot. Most probably the other abilities had gone through an excellent evolution too. It was just there were no records on abilities gained after acquiring the magic marks of the splitter. He would be able to slowly explore the new abilities in the future.

Dudian’s nose gentle switched as he sniffed the air. In addition to smell he heard the ‘sounds’. It was like numerous worms and insects were crawling around. His face turned ugly as he looked around. There were no red dots(heat tracking) so it meant that there were no insects lurking around. He sniffed more. It was clear that he was hearing very subtle voices. The sound was very strangle. It reminded him of the sounds when sands flowed and waters crashed.

After 10 minutes of observation Dudian finally understood the source of this sound. It was the sound of the smell.

He was literally able to smell the scents of sounds!

“It is a rare medical phenomenon called ‘synesthesia’. The probability of something like this to appear is one in hundred thousand.” Dudian had read a lot from the super chip. He was concerned about natural medicine so he had read a lot. It was the result of confusion in senses. He was able to make the judgement right now about this phenomenon because he was able to hear the scents of sounds as he blocked his ears. He just had to sniff!

“My vision had evolved from ‘dark vision’ into ‘thermal dark vision’. (both of them)”

“My sense of smell and hearing is in a confused state. So the scope of sense has been reduced a lot. I can’t detect the smells like I previously did but I can sense the scent of sound. So if I listen to them then my range will be as big as my hearing can detect. In short basically no monster can hide from me within my hearing range!”

“My eyes, nose and ears have evolved a lot! There is no big changes in my mouth.”

“There are physical changes too. My finger and toenails have become very hard unlike human nails. They more like metal blades. However I have yet to find any abnormalities in other parts of my body.”

Dudian classified the changes in his body after a time period of induction. He was extremely satisfied. It was indeed the magic marks of a legendary monster! Although the scope of his perception wasn’t as far as the juranzhi’s but within his range and domain he was without a competition. He was able sense and smell anything that would hide. He could see the monsters hidden under the soil. In short there were no dead ends! Unless a monster with some special ability would come out.

However it would be tough to meet such a monster. Moreover the abilities he had acquired weren’t surprising as the splitter had evolved into an ultimate attack-based monster. It’s body structure and attitude made it a war machine. Its perception had to be corresponding to its abilities or else it would be an empty shell which lots of power. It had to find the enemy and prey on it or else it wouldn’t be called legendary monster for nothing.

It was called legendary because all aspects of it had to reach the apex!

This was a monster which was literally the perfect one.

“The perception is way too strong as a result of splitter’s evolution. I assume the combat abilities should be more terrifying…” Dudian’s eyes lit up. He was eager to test things but his time was limited. He didn’t continue to ponder as he went close to the other six young splitters.

The other six splitter were lying on the ground. Their bodies began to gently twist and they squeaked as they saw Dudian approaching towards them.

Dudian was very familiar with this position. They wanted food.

Dudian ignored them and grabbed onto the tail of one of the splitters. He dragged it to the side and pierced its body with the dagger.

The splitter struggled as it twisted its body but Dudian was tightly holding onto it. After a few laps it gradually weakened and stopped moving at all.

Dudian twisted the dagger to stimulate the wound. There was no response from the splitter. He cut it up as the organs gushed out.

Previously he had the magic marks of the juranzhi so he wasn’t afraid of diseases and viruses because of the extraordinary resistance to them. However he wasn’t sure the new magic marks had resistance to these tiny bacteria and parasites.

Dudian closely observed as the internal organs and blood flowed out. He saw a red dot come out with the blood flow. This red dot was very bright because of the heat it emitted. It was like a pinkish red point.


This chapter reminded me the movie Predator… The first one with Arnie;)

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  1. I feel as if the parasitic worm wasn’t trying to kill him, but actually give him even better upgrades. Thanks for the translation!

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