DK – Ch 35

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The Dark King -Chapter 35


Knight’s monthly salary was not low. According to Dudian’s estimates monthly salary of a knight was more than Jura couple’s salary together. Moreover being affiliated with the Ryan family would give him an identity which vast majority of civilians would look up to.

However, he did not immediately agreed. He understood that the higher the pay, means that scavenging outside the giant wall was more dangerous. Although he had heard that scavengers roam only in safe areas, but there is no guarantee that there will be no other danger. Otherwise, why would they be compensated with such a high return?

“I will think about it,” muttered Dudian.

Fulin Ryan smiled and said: “If you come to a decision know that our family would be happy for you to join. In addition, if you can’t find a place to live, it is not a problem. In our Ryan family there several sets of vacant houses which could be given to you free of charge.”

Dudian declined: “Thank you for your kindness. I’ll be here for seven days but later I will have to go home and visit my parents. For time being, I’m not planning to live in the commercial district.”
“Okay, you are welcome to disturb me if you ever need anything.”

“I will.”

After the conversation, Fulin Ryan left to the central banquet to talk with other nobles.

As Fulin Ryan left several nobles came over to find Dudian to talk to him. The conditions proposed by them were not so different by the ones offered by Fulin Ryan and were declined by Dudian one by one.

All of a sudden, melodious music stopped. A loud clapping echoed and people in the banquet came to halt their chatting, eating or drinking to look at the source of the noise.

It was a forty year old middle-aged noble who was clapping. As he saw all the eyes gathered on him, with a slight smile on his face he spoke: “Welcome to the eight’s party set up by Mellon Foundation. I hope you all are enjoying your time in here. It just happens to be be my daughter, Sarah Mel’s, birthday. I hope all of you who are present can give my daughter your blessings. Thank you!”

As he finished talking, a girl in a red skirt slowly began to descent from the second floor. She was twelve or thirteen years old with delicate cheeks. She gracefully stood and slightly bowed.

The nobles who were present began to warmly applause.

Dudian mind was fretting. Before-hands he had inquire about Mellon consortium. There were more than a dozen noble families of different sizes included in the consortia. However Mel and Burong family were the co-founders and the most influential ones. The girl belonged to Mel family who he had heard before when he was in Meishan orphanage.

Moreover, the Knight of Light Melk who cut the alchemist’s head three years ago apparently was member of the Mel family.


This was a proof of how deep and broad the roots of Mel family reached.

“Our Prynne family has prepared an elegant gift for Ms Sarah… ” At this time, a young man holding a delicate red gift box came up to Sarah Mel. He gentle opened the box where a pair of white silk gloves laid.

Sarah took a few steps forward and said: “This should be Master Sydney’s craftsmanship. I like it. Thank you”

Young man smiled, a servant came up to him and took the gift box.

At this time, the other nobles successively presented gifts with the words of congratulations.

A young man in gentleman’s suit laughed and said, “I always heard that you like poetry so I asked Master Tiza to write a poem. I hope you will enjoy.

“Poetry?” Sarah’s eyes light up with joy.

The young man smiled and continued in gentle voice: “These are tears you dropped on the stone. Those hesitant eyes filled with that evening. Who leaked your inner sadness … …”

After a while, a poem finished, said: “This poem is called “a girl’s sadness” specially written for Miss Sarah.”

The audience suddenly applauded enthusiastically.

Sarah had happy smile on her face: “It is indeed the poem by Taiza master. So touching and so moving. I like it. Thank you!”

Dudian was listening to those cheers while leaning to the edge of windowsill. His heart was frustrated as he hadn’t brought anything with him. He hoped these people didn’t pay any attention to him so as not to provoke any unnecessary trouble.
Suddenly, he saw a figure run under the window. Dudian cursed himself for being stupid. If he didn’t have anything to gift then why not to sneak away as the other person?

He looked at the nobles whose attention at the moment was on Sarah. Taking advantage of the rare opportunity, he looked outside the windows and determined that the height was about two meters. He didn’t hesitate as he climbed onto window in one move and jumped out of it as if he was a flexible cat.

He walked down the path to quickly leave.

In order to avoid encountering the servants, Dudian walked around the more remote areas. Here were no lights. At the moment it was lighted by rays of the moon and the stars. He walked on the stone path surrounded by trimmed ornamental trees. It didn’t take long before he reached a small pavilion. He sat there to wait till the banquet to finish. He would go back then. He was not someone of high birth so his disappearance would not be too noticeable.

Rustle ~!

Suddenly, there leaves shook.

Dudian face slightly changed and he shouted low tone: “Who is there!”

There was no more movement but Dudian knew from the sound of wind that there was a person. After all, three years of rough scavenger training he had gone through many experiences and could determine what were in his surroundings through the voices.

“Come out, I know you’re there!” Dudian said.

Before long, a slender figure moved from behind the trimmed ball like tree. Under the illumination of the moonlight Dudian saw a girl who was almost as big as him. It seems that he had seen her before but couldn’t figure out.

Dudian relieved, said: “Come out. I have no malicious thoughts. I’m hiding from the limelight. I’ll not inform you and you’d better not inform on me. Otherwise it will be bad for both of us.”

This girl was nervous at first but as she heard Dudian’s talk, she was surprised: “You aren’t sent by my father to call me back?”

Dudian knew she had misunderstood so he shrugged: “Of course not, I do not even know you.”

The girl looked at him in relieved manner: “You scared me. You said you are hiding, from what?

Dudian snapped: “I haven’t brought a gift so I’m here to avoid the embarrassment.”

“what?”. The girl seems to suspect that she heard the wrong. Thinking about Dudian’s words she smiled, ‘puchi’: “Oh, didn’t you know that today is Miss Sarah Mel’s birthday?

“Don’t ‘don’t’ me!” Dudian shrugged: “I just didn’t know.”

The girl walked along the slate to the edge of the pavilion. She saw Dudian’s uniform and asked: “This uniform. Are you a scavenger?

Suddenly Dudian looked black, and said, “Yes, but you’d better not talk about seeing me over here. Or else I will tell about you too”
“I will not say.” The girl smiled and said: “My name is Jenny, what is your name?

Dudian replied, “Dean.”

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