DK – Ch 349

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The Dark King – Chapter 349

Kroen smiled: “Miss Rosie, young master had expected your words so he had let me to tell you on his behalf that if you want to pre-order the next invention then the offer should be equal to ‘legendary’ item’s price. You can go back and discuss but the time is limited. Please, seize the opportunity.”

Rosie was shocked.

Old Fulin who was sitting on the chair also got stunned.

Rosie had expected to hear an extraordinary price but never imagined that this proud genius would ask for a ‘legendary’ level item’s price. They had planned before and imagined that Dudian would ask for a five-star item’s price.

What was legendary gods?

It was an invention which brought up a new era!

There were very few masters who could produce two pieces of legendary items. In the history there were very few of them. Those characters were not called masters but ‘legends.’

Rosie’s mouth twitched and she was about to spoke out her mind but she restricted herself. She realized that the young butler was someone who had earned Dudian’s trust and it was not smart to offend him. Perhaps the butler may say bad things about her to him which could affect her business: “It seems that architect Dean is very confident with his new invention. But the price is too high. Although we would like to purchase it as Scott consortium but our financial resources can’t keep up with such a price… ”

“Well.” Kroen smiled: “I’ll relay miss Rosie’s words to the young master.”

Rosie smiled politely. Although Dudian had given her chance to go back and discuss with the members of the consortium and give tell back the conclusion but she was aware that consortium would never agree. The difference between the price of five star item and legendary item was like day and night. Even such a consortium like Scott wouldn’t be able to digest such a big piece of cake. If they paid with money then they would be left behind by other consortia as they would lack funds at all levels of operation.

“I’m happy with this level of cooperation. I’ll leave now.” Rosie didn’t continue to talk so she got and was ready to leave.

Kroen also got up to send her off. He took out an envelope from his pocket: “Miss Rosie, this is a letter by our young master which he wanted me to give it to you.”

Rosie took the letter and was about to open it on spot when she heard Kroen’s voice: “Miss Rosie, I’ll send you off.”

She nodded but didn’t continue to open the envelope.

After Rosie left, Kroen and Neuss returned back to the hall.

Old Fulin looked at Kroen: “Dean is outside the giant wall. How come he is talking about the new invention? Is it to raise his fame?”

Kroen bowed: “I’m not sure about the details. Young master told me to speak so but didn’t tell the reason behind it.”

Old Fulin was startled but didn’t say anything.

In the carriage.

Rosie was sitting in the spacious compartment. After the carriage left the castle she took out the envelope and opened it. The letter was made from the expensive snow paper and light fragrance floated from it. She read the content but her brows wrinkled. After reading it she immediately pushed it back to envelope.

She delved into deep thoughts as the carriage slowly went away.

Mel family.

Office in the castle.

Sarah slowly put down the quill as she comfortable leaned back onto the chair. She looked at short maid in front of her desk: “Are you sure?”

Lisa didn’t dare to look directly into her eyes. Her head was down as she clearly said: ” According to the information miss Rosie traveled today to talk about ‘lightning rod’ with architect Dean.”

Sarah’s fingers gentle stroked the pen: “I heard that he send some high end materials back from the giant wall. Old Fulin’s letter should reach him by now. Is there any movement?”

“No.” Lisa continued: “Although Sherman Charles is a hard to buy a man but there is an informant knight of light in the team. If there is anything new then the news will reach us instantly. The architect hasn’t got the letter or else he would returned back by now.”

Sarah narrowed her eyes: “Inform me if a slight movement happens.”


“So he sold the invention to Scott consortium. Hmpf! He wants to suppress us by using Scott consortium. He is really a person who was able to break out from Thorn Flower Prison! However even if he goes through thousands of calculations he should know that even if we can’t destroy Scott consortium but we will be able to exterminate that small consortia of his. Him going outside the giant wall at this sensitive time is nothing but giving us chance to stab a knife at his spine. I’ll make sure that we stab two but not one!”

“Miss, the articles have been prepared. We will release the news about attack of barbarians and others.”

“Alright…It doesn’t matter what kind of a genius he is after he is a public enemy!”

Outside the giant wall.

Splitter’s nest.

Another two days had passed and it was the eighth day that they had come outside the giant wall.

The temperature within the nest was cold. Seven huge shadows were lying on the ground. They would roll from time to time. The shadows were young splitters. However even though Dudian called them ‘young’ their trunks had increased to unimaginable size. Dudian had smeared lime powder on the roots of their limbs so they had rapidly grown in volume. All of them had become eleven or twelve meters in length. Fortunately the nest was large enough or it would be very hard to accommodate seven giants.

Dudian leaned against the wall as he calculated the time. It was eighth day so it was almost time to go back.

He looked at seven splitters. Yesterday they had reached the size where they would give birth to parasitic worms. But he didn’t slaughter them immediately.

Now the time had come.

He grabbed the bow and arrows as he moved to the depths of the cave. The splitter’s trunk was about ten meters away from him. The arrows were toxic and fatal.

The screams echoed as the arrow pierced into the body of the young splitter. It didn’t have its scythe like limbs to protect it so Dudian had targeted the joints which were easy targets. The ground violently trembled as green liquid oozed out. Moments later the splitter stopped moving.


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  1. Okay, I’m starting to feel the story is being dragged on, the events happening are long winded. One event has not finished and another part starts, now it’s all branched out.

    Thanks for the chapter

    1. I believe thats the author plan. to make the story not linear and make mc have smart feel, author will force the mc to do multitasking.

    2. Just like life, you get a promotion, your mother dies, your gf is pregnant… all at same time. Shit happens, I like this writer keep it going.

  2. Heh! The author is good at starts, but terrible with endings. I really lost my fate when seeing these kind of buildups. They often turn out pointless in the end.

  3. am i the only one who thinks the mark will improve healing (legs regrowing), maybe wings, and improvement of the metal breaking power? also the issue within the wall was most likely solved through the contract with the lightning rod (SMALL FONT FOR THE WIN!). thanks for updating!

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