DK – Ch 348

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The Dark King – Chapter 348

The sixth day.

“Master there is a letter from the wall. I was told to give it to you as soon as possible.” Gwyneth’s had come back to the subway and handed out an envelope to Dudian.

Dudian took the letter form the envelope and calmly read it. As he finished he ignited a match and burned it into the ashes “Cut open the remaining materials and hid in a place near the passage. We will build a base. Sergei you will be responsible for this task. Do I need to elaborate on location and structure of the base?”

“Of course, not.”

Gwyneth said: “Master, Neuss said that it was an urgent message. IS there something wrong?” ‘Neuss’ was Jin’s original name.

Dudian faintly smiled: “It’s a good news. Nothing to worry about.”

“Good news?” There was doubt in Gwyneth’s eyes. She saw Neuss’s anxiety and it didn’t look like a good news to her. It seems that situation was extremely serious. Did Dudian intends to hide the news from both of them? But as she looked at teenager’s relaxed expression it didn’t seem that he was deliberately trying to disguise anything. Many ideas flashed past her mind but her face was calm without any emotions. She asked: “Master, do I need to reply?”

“No.” Dudian answered: “For the time being don’t enter the wall.”

Gwyneth replied: “Yes.”

Sergei looked at Dudian but didn’t make a sound.


Dudian left the subway in hurry as he moved towards the splitter’s nest. He fed the seven young splitter and found a flat and dry place to sit down. As he leaned against the wall he he reached into the backpack and took out a huge cold crystal. It was shiny and much purer in comparison to normal cold crystals.

He bit his left hand and grabbed the cold crystal.

The crystal began to melt and mix with his blood. It was as if the mucus had consciousness of its own as it drilled into his body through the wound on his finger. It turned into a blue line as he spread into his body along his arm. The coldness spread into his organs.

In few moments the cold feeling quickly passed through every part of his body.

The cold feeling faded away as the energy of the cold crystal diluted within his body. Dudian felt surge of vitality burst out through his body. His eyes seemed more bright.

“It is improving my constitution.” Dudian looked at his left arm: “It’s just I can’t absorb much or my left hand will freeze again. It should adapt if I continue to absorb one a day.”

He looked at the seven young splitters. There rich energy within the flesh and blood of the adult splitter had nurtured these young splitters and made them grow fast. Originally they would need about two months to grow up to ten meters but right now it took only few days for them to reach eight or nine meters. He believed that after a few days they will enter the growth period and they will give birth to parasitic worms.

“The longer they get the better it is…”

Dudian’s mouth curled up.

Dudian’s castle. Commercial district.

“Mr Neuss, did you send the letter?” Old Fulin looked at Neuss.

Sander, Jake and others eyes fell onto Neuss. He answered: “Old patriarch I have sent the letter and I believe soon the young master will get it. If he saw the letter then he will be back as soon as possible.”

Old Fulin, Sander, Jake and others were relieved as they heard this.

“I wish he could get back as soon as possible.” Old Fulin sighed.

Neuss said: “I have sent people to wait at the exit of the passage. If there is anything new then they will immediately report back.”

“It’s been hard on you.” Old Fulin nodded slightly.

A brown haired boy who saw standing in the hall checked the clock hanging on the wall. He looked at Old Fulin and others: “Patriarch, we will be having a guest. Is it possible…”

Old Fulin looked at the teenager: “Guest?”

“Young master’s guest.” Teenager nodded.

Old Fulin turned around and looked at Sander and others: “Go upstairs and sit quietly.”

“Yes.” Sander got up and took the lead.

Everyone followed him in silence. The Ryan family had suffered a disaster and the whole family had turned into a frosted eggplants. There was not a trace of anger in them.

The teenager looked at servants: “Get ready to meet the guests.”


It didn’t take long before a carriage came to stop in front of the castle. An extravagant woman got off the carriage. The teenager and Neuss greeted her at the door: “I’ve heard that Mr Dean is free today. I’ve come to talk about ‘lightning rod’.”

The teenager replied: “Hello Miss Rossie. I’m Mr Dean’s butler Kroen. This is the captain of our knight team Neuss. Please come into the castle.”

Rosie nodded as she went into the hall. She saw Old Fulin sitting in the hall. There was a trace of smile on her face: “I didn’t expect to meet the chairman of New World consortium in here. I haven’t prepared any gifts, please forgive me.”

Old Fulin laughed but he was surprised. He didn’t expect that messenger of Scott consortium would be Dudian’s guest. He hasn’t come back yet so how they will talk about the contract? He couldn’t help but glance at Kroen. He had nurtured him carefully but it seems that right now it was very difficult to see through him.

Kroen asked Rosie to sit down as he ordered the maid to bring tea: “Miss Rosie, today our young master is working on a new invention. He had already printed the contract and given it to me regarding the sales of rights of ‘lightning rod’. Please look over. If there is no problem then you can sign it now.”

Rosie was slightly started. According to the information from their intelligence network she naturally was aware of recent happenings. She was aware that the genius architect was outside the giant wall so she had come here in full doubts today. But it seems that the other side had left a contract. She looked through the contract after Kroen handed it to her.

In addition to the basic terms there were several specific conditions in the contract. Although some of them were petty but she felt that it was acceptable. After all it was an important civil invention and the market was huge.

Rosie raised her head and looked at Kroen: “There is no problem with the contract. We agree to it. However I didn’t think that Mr Dean is so bold to let his butler to finish the contract. It seems he trusts you a lot.”

Kroen smiled: “Miss Rosie is polite. Young master have always trusted us. If you think that there is no problem with the contract then please sign it.”

Rosie pulled out pen and quickly signed the contract. She smiled as she looked at Kroen: “It seems Mr Dean is working on a new invention. How long will it take for it to be ready? Our Scott consortium has cooperated with Mr Dean quite a few times so tell him on our behalf that we are willing to give the price of superior grade four star item as an offer. If architect Dean estimates the price to be less then we are ready for further discussion. Thanks you.”

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