DK – Ch 346

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The Dark King – Chapter 346

Jake was trembling as he looked at his father: “Father, please believe me I was framed by them! I don’t have courage to sign such a contract. Certainly its Mellon consortium behind them…I… ”

Old Fulin recovered his eyes and looked at the middle-aged man: “Ryan family will investigate this matter clearly. Please give us a day!”

“Alright.” The middle-aged man continued: “As long as you sign the contract that your family will pay the money after a day then I agree to leave. Otherwise, even though this castle is dilapidated but its worth some money. “

“Father!” Sander shouted.

Old Fulin raised his hand to stop Sander to continue to talk. Old patriarch’s face was full of wrinkles as he said in a colt tone: “Stop being insensible! If I expel this unfilial son then you won’t get anything but his corpse. So if you want it then take him now!” He waved his sleeves as he finished his speech and refused to look at Jake.

Jake’s face turned white as he heart Old Fulin’s words. He knelt down and held onto his father’s legs: “Father, you can’t! If you expel me then they will kill me! You can’t be so cruel! You can’t!”

“Yes, grandfather! …”

Hugh and another girl from the third generation hurried over and knelt in front of Old Fulin to plead for their father.

Old Fulin’s face was cold as if he hasn’t heard anything. But he still kept looking at middle-aged man in cold manner.

The middle-aged man’s face slightly changed as anger gushed in his heart: “What a father! He won’t even care about his own son and grandchildren! I’ll give you one day! One day! If I don’t get my money by tomorrow then don’t blame for my blunt actions!” Afterwards the man left in anger.

The butler followed them out and returned quickly. He bent down and whispered to Old Fulin’s ears: “Master, they left.”

Old Fulin slightly shook his head as he heard this. It seemed like he aged for ten years in an instant. The hall was silent as everyone’s eyes were focused on his figure. Sander couldn’t bear anymore and whispered: “Father…”

Old Fulin looked at him and slowly said: “Sander go and contact deacon Antioch. Ask her to come over.”

Sander replied: “Yes.” Coldness flashed through his eyes as he peeked at Jake who was kneeling by his father’s legs. He didn’t say anything as he left the hall.

Jake was begging as he knelt and grabbed onto his father’s legs: “Father, I was really framed. You must keep me! I’m your son! It is my mistake but they had deliberately done it to deal with us…I… ”

Old Fulin looked down at him. He wanted to raise his pestle and beat him up but suddenly he felt pain in his chest as his hands went soft. He took deep breathes: “Our Ryan family has been declining for decades. You have never contributed to the family but at the critical situation has made so that everything will be destroyed in an instant!” Old Fulin coughed as he emotionally said.

The middle-aged maid standing next to old patriarch handed out handkerchief and tea.

Old Fulin drank a mouthful of tea and looked at Jake: “You should pray that there is a way out! Otherwise, for the sake of others and for the future of Ryan family I will expel you!”

Jake’s face was as white as a piece of paper. He clung onto Old Fulin’s legs as he desperately pleaded. Tears flowed down through his face…

Hush and another girl also held onto the other leg of Old Fulin as their faces were covered in tears.

Old Fulin indifferently looked at Hugh and the girl. It seemed that he didn’t care much about them but his eyes had moistened.

At noon.

Sander returned back to the castle. Most of the members of the family were sitting in the hall. The place was silent as he went through the hall.

Sander looked at the butler: “Where is father and third brother?”

“Master is in the study room in the second floor while Jake is kneeling by the door.” Butler whispered.

Sander quickly went upstairs. He saw Jake, Hugh and his sister crying and kneeling in front of old patriarch’s study room.

Jake looked back at him as his face turned ugly: “Deacon Antioch! Why didn’t she come back?”

Sander passed by him as he didn’t even answer to him. He knocked on the door: “Father, I’m back!”

“Come in.” Old Fulin’s voice echoed out.

Sander pushed the door and squeezed in. Jake tried to go in too but Sander pushed him out and locked the door. Sander saw Old Fulin’s haggard look. The middle-aged maid was gently massaging his shoulders as old patriarch leaned over the bed: “Father, is your body alright?”

Old Fulin asked: “Did she come?”

Sander replied: “Deacon Antioch heard the matter but didn’t want to come back. She told me that even if we bring the matter to magistrate nothing will change. She said that there is nothing that she can do. Our only chance is to borrow architect Dean’s status and money to pay it off.”

Old Fulin snorted “Worthless people! At the time when our family was glorious we had helped her teacher. Now after so many years we need a help but she didn’t even bother to come here. I didn’t think that… People have become more cold than I had imagined… ”

“Don’t be discouraged.” Sander said: “There is always a solution. We will be able to solve the matter if we follow what she says.”

Old Fulin said: “Her approach? Mellon consortium have made their preparations for long time and choose to trouble us at this time because they are aware that Dean is outside the giant wall. They have planned it good. Dean had asked me previously and I told him that Mellon consortium wasn’t making a move but it seems they had already acted. If this contract is dragged then the amount including the interest will lead to an astronomical figure. How do you think we will pay it off?”

Sander continued: “Father why are they doing it now? Is it that Scott consortium has forced them tightly and they are in need of urgent money? Otherwise they could continue to wait and the interest would be so high that no one will be able to afford!”

Old Fulin’s face turned cold: “Don’t you think that this amount happens to be almost equal to price of a superior grade four star item? Their purpose is to bankrupt us and make sure that Dean is broke. They want to make sure that Dean is in a situation as he was in the time of his imprisonment.”

Sander’s face turned ugly: “Father since this is the case…we either…we have to expel third brother for the future of the family. We can’t fall once more or we will never be able to rise again!”

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