DK – Ch 345

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The Dark King – Chapter 345

Study room in the second floor. Ryan family.

Old Fulin dismissed the maid as he sat by the desk. Only Sander was accompanying him in the room. Old patriarch sighed as there was worried expression on his face.

Sander was by his side. He couldn’t help but ask: “Father, are you worried about the barbarians? It shouldn’t be difficult for the military to protect the barrier if their background is taken into the account. In case even if the army fails the Holy Church and magistrate wouldn’t sit by. At worst we will retreat to the other edge while we wait for the reinforcements.”

Old Fulin shook his head: “Chil, I’m not worried about army’s war but our battle.”

“Our battle?” Sander was stunned.

Old Fulin continued: “The war is a disaster for some while opportunity for others. All the six consortia are aiming for huge profits. Especially the prices in the mining industry have skyrocketed recently. There will be forces that profits from these fluctuations. The Holy Church has been praying to the God of Light in their platform. So if there was really a God then why hasn’t he destroyed the barbarians yet? I’m not sure how much wealth Holy Church has donated to help civilians. Moreover some forces will push the alchemists from the dark church to fight in the shadows. They will use them for their own needs. Everyone is on the move except us. Not only we won’t gain any benefits but there will be few who would take this chance to destroy us!”

Sander face slightly changed: “Are you referring to Mellon consortium?”

Old Fulin sighed: “It’s very difficult to avoid the disaster at this point. I hope Mellon consortium will be attracted to their problems with Scott consortium or we will be its food in this chaotic period of war.”

Sander was alarmed: “Aren’t you a bit too pessimistic? We have architect Dean as our support. Mellon consortium’s every move has become fruitless because of him. In this chaos they wouldn’t dare to provoke Temple or Holy Church.”

“The problem is that Dean is outside the giant wall in this critical juncture. He is not in Temple of Elements. I’m not sure whether he has deliberately exposed such a flaw to lure in Mellon consortium or he hasn’t taken this into account. If it’s the latter then I’m afraid our head will be chopped off!”

Sander was stunned: “Father since the situation is so urgent should I sent a message to call him back?”

“He is outside the giant wall and unfortunately we don’t have a stronghold there so contacting him is not an option. We can only wait for him to find us.” Old Fulin sighed: “But the hunt may take two or three days even a week or two is possible too. I’m afraid it will be too late when he comes back and he will become a prisoner once again.”

Sander was shocked as he realized the seriousness of the situation: “Father, aren’t you exaggerating the thing? He is an architect of the Temple. How can he be imprisoned? Mellon consortium can’t intervene with the members of the Temple!”

Old Fulin continued in a bitter tone: “We weren’t involved much in politics so you didn’t have enough experience or else you would have understood. Maybe this time after the incident you will open up your eyes to the reality of life. There are many ways to achieve a purpose and most of the time those paths are hidden way too deep. Most people can’t see through them and the ones who are aware try not to be involved in such matters!”

Sander anxiously asked: “Father, are we going to sit still?”

“I have sent a message to him and I hope we will be able to contact Dean and the news will reach to him. ” Old Fulin sighed: “The rest depends on the strings of the fate. Perhaps the Ryan family was never meant to rise again. Its just unfortunate for the boy. If someone nurtured him and gave him extra five years then he would be one of the characters at the top of the outer wall. Even Rudolph from Burong family or Chai from Rostov family wouldn’t be match for him!”

Sander was silent for a moment before he said: “I won’t pity him even if he is dead after the storm.”

Old patriarch looked at his son but didn’t say anything. He leaned against the chair and slowly closed his eyes.

The next day.

Old Fulin was eating breakfast with the family. He wasn’t even finished when he heard the voice of butler. There were few people that followed in behind him.

However it seemed that those people weren’t invited by the butler but forced him into the dining room. The voice of a man echoed in the room: “We are here to recover the debt and will go back soon.” The man who spoke was middle-aged and was wearing a knight’s uniform while a silver medal hang on his shoulder. There were two young knights who walked behind him.

Old Fulin’s face sank: “You are trespassing into private property! It’s very rude of you!”

The middle aged man laughed in disdain: “Rude? Old patriarch your family owes us 428,600 gold coins. Is it not rude?”

Old Fulin was perplexed.

Sander, Jake and the others sitting on both sides of the table were stunned. They suspected the thing man said.

Old Fulin spoke: “What kind of nonsense are you uttering? When did Ryan family owe you money?”

“Well!” The middle-aged man snorted as he took out the sheepskin roll from his arm: “This is the contract and everything is clearly written. Nothing will change even if you go to sue me at magistrate!” The man throw the contract.

The sheepskin roll fell down by Old Fulin’s foot.

The middle-aged maid quickly picked up the roll and handed it to Old Fulin.

Old Fulin’s face was gloomy as he opened the roll. His face turned pale as he skimmed through the content. By the end his face turned red in anger. He glared at Jake: “You unfilial son! How could you have done such a thing? This is what you owe so you should pay for it!”

He threw the parchment at Jake.

Jake was scared as he caught the sheepskin roll. He opened it in hurry and skimmed through. He stood up in shock: “It’s not me! When did I sign such a contract? Impossible!”

The middle-aged man seemed to be happy seeing such a scene occur: “Mr Jake, you may not remember now but last time at Moulin Rouge you loudly made the statement. How can you forget? It’s written in black and white! Do you want to default on your promise?”

It seemed that Jake was hit by lightning as he understood everything: “You have framed me! I have signed another contract! You are despicable! You have committed a crime by falsification of a contract, I’ll sue you!”

The middle-aged man touched his face which was full of saliva spitted from Jake’s mouth as he spoke in anger. He raised his hand and pushed Jake’s chest. The man looked at Jake: “Go on, sue me! Do I have to show you the road to the magistrate?”

“You! You!” Jake’s eyes had turned red.

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