DK – Ch 344

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The Dark King – Chapter 344

Two days passed in the blink of an eye.

These past two days Dudian carried the fles and blood of adult splitter’s corpse to feed the newborn splitters. Sergei and Gwyneth laid traps around the vicinity of the corpse to resist the other monsters. Perhaps it was because of black snow season that the temperature was low and the decaying of adult splitter’s corpse was more slower and the smell didn’t exude out. That’s why its corpse didn’t attract the attention of other monsters.

Nevertheless in the past two days three of them fought four or five times. Fortunately the monsters in the vicinity were between level 15 to 25. So it was pretty easy for trio to cooperate and kill the monsters. Moreover a rare monster called bloodsucker had appeared!

This bloodsucker was a level 18 monster. Normally when they reached maturity the bloodsuckers reached level 32. Dudian, Gwyneth and Sergei smoothly killed it, removed its parasitic worm and sealed it inside a container.

In two days about seven or eight tonnes of flesh was cut from adult splitter’s corpse. The edges of its limbs were stripped of flesh and blood to prevent them from rotting. Dudian had transported all those flesh and blood back to the splitter’s nest. Two splitters were born out of the remaining three eggs. Dudian had used toxic arrows to weaken and cut off their limbs to loss their combat capability.

The legendary monsters were concocted into bare trunks by Dudian. He was feeding them on daily base with adult splitter’s flesh and blood. All six of them had big appetites even though they had physical injuries. One of them would eat about four or five hundred pounds of flesh on daily basis and their appetites grew by each passing day.

The growth of the six young splitters was very obvious. The rate was alarming as most of them had reached six meters in length. Dudian estimated that in about four or five days they would reach eleven or twelve meters and their parasitic worms will enter the growth period. All of them would reach about level 40.

Only in comparison to other level 40 monsters these young splitters were raised by Dudian and their fighting capabilities were greatly weakened. The rich and nutritious flesh of the adult aplitter had worked as a catalyst in their daily growth. Moreover even if somehow they could re-grow their limbs they would need time to adapt and restore the majesty of the legendary monsters.

Dudian was busy with young splitters while the situation within the giant wall was surging as it shook the balance.

The number of barbarians gathering in the Red Maple mountains had grown and military wasn’t able to pressure them anymore. The situation outside the barrier of the commercial district was getting dangerous. These were the stalwart walls that encircled the region and were build in 65th year of Silva calendar. The barrier had more than 200 hundred years of history and no actual information about the reasons why it was built was known. The only thing remembered was that the barriers were built at the end of the ‘Battle of Gods’.

The so called Battle of Gods referred to the first war that happened with barbarians. It was very difficult to find the records of the war in famous libraries or colleges. There were slight information at some of the scriptures of the Holy Church.

The barbarians were repulsed while the guardians of the wall build the barrier wall to defend the future generations from their attacks.

In the last two hundred years the barbarians repeatedly tried to attack the region however they weren’t able to pass through the barrier. Occasionally they had passed through a fort but they were quickly driven back by the military. It seems that this time the barbarians had learned lessons from their previous failures and had moved to Red Maple mountains to easily defend against the military’s forces. The place was a natural base and very suitable as a military camp. The army repeatedly attacked but there were no positive results.

It was written in today’s military newspaper that the military was preparing for the war to reoccupy the fort and Red Maple mountains.

Mel family.

The office in the first floor of the castle.

Sarah had sent seven letters in the past two hours. Her brows were wrinkled as she gently tapped on the table which had the map of the area. She pondered for a long time and slowly asked: “Is there any movement from Inferno family?”

Lisa, the maid with short hair slowly shook her head: “It’s very calm these days. The industry under their command is also doing normal day-to-day activities. Miss, why do you ask?”

Sarah’s eyes lit up: “The barbarians are going to attack the barrier through the Red Maple Mountains. The military wouldn’t be able to resist them alone so once the barbarians break through the gap then the consequences and losses won’t be something that military wouldn’t be willing to face and bear. They must use sun flames technique to fight them off!”

“Sun flames?” Lisa was startled: “Could it be the inflammation technique of the Inferno family?”

“Yes, they have just changed the name.” Sarah whispered: “Their inflammation technique has caued great damage in the commercial district and they were investigation by the magistrate. Senior disciplinary knights were sent by the inner wall to suppress the pressure of the Inferno family. However no one knows how the military got its hands on the formula. But the thing is the destructive power of this method is way too unpredictable and military doesn’t dare to used it out of blue.”

Lisa nodded: “So to say the barbarians will lose the war without a doubt.”

Sarah narrowed her eyes: “The outcome of the war is unpredictable at this point. But it will be a headache to the military. The barbarians are gathering at Red Maple mountains so the best we can do at this point is to make the barbarians to attack early on. The earlier the war ends faster we will take back the mines in the Red Maple mountains. These days the Scott consortium took advantage of barbarians occupation of Red Maple mountains. They are trying to seize the market as we lack raw materials. The demand for variety of metal ores is greater than ever. If we can’t recover on time the damage we will face won’t be light. If the war lasts for another month then Scott consortium would take the upper hand. Moreover it won’t yield any significant results if we acquire the mines after month.”

Lisa was puzzled: “But Miss how can we make the barbarians attack earlier? We aren’t commanding their forces! ”

“There will be a risk but we will be able to lure them.” Sarah gently smiled: “We will send few spies and expose the weaknesses of military’s defense. They will naturally be interested in attacking as soon as possible.”

Lisa couldn’t help but ask: “Would they believe the information?

“If its true then they will.” Sarah’s mouth curled up into a wide smile.

Lisa’s eyes lit up: “Miss is wise!”

“This war is an important opportunity for our Mellon consortium to swallow up the other consortia. But first we will begin from the small matter at hand. The genius architect that has been a headache for us…It’s time to deal with him and make him bow in front of us.” Sarah said as she glanced at the letter on the table.

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