DK – Ch 343

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The Dark King – Chapter 343

“What about you?” Sergei asked.

Dudian indifferently answered: “You should do what you are ordered to do. If there is something that you should know you will be informed.”

Sergei smiled but didn’t ask for more.

Dudian cut off flesh of splitter and folded them into specially prepared bags. Each bag had double layers to it. One of the layers was made of plastic while the other was made of cotton. They were able to cover the smell for some time.

After filling them full he lifted the bags and left the subway station. Dudian ordered Sergei to take care of everything afterwards he rushed through the bushes.

Seven or eight kilometers later Dudian stopped to sniff the air. He saw that Gwyneth and Sergei weren’t following after him so he continued on.

After half an hour later.

Dudian was standing in front of the splitter’s nest. It was sealed and the previous appearance was maintained. There were no other monsters nearby so the place was secure for a while.

He gentle removed a boulder and the gap was opened. He sniffed and smelled the odor of a young splitter. It seems that the young splitter had just hatched out of the egg.

In accordance with the previous hunting method he kept the gap open and stepped back to throw stones to lure the young splitter out.

The newborn splitter didn’t learn anything from its injured kin and climbed to the gap. It looked around and an arrow hit the core of its eyeball as it was caught off guard.

The young splitter screamed and retracted back into the cave.

Dudian rushed into the cave. In about ten minutes Dudian had successfully cutted off the limbs of the newborn splitter. He tied it inside the cave as only its trunk and head were left.

The rope that tied previous young splitter was broken. It seems that their bodies had rolled around while trying to eat the corpses of monster and their mouths had bitten the rope.

Both of them scream as they saw Dudian. They were extremely frightened as they kept twisting their bodies to move back away from Dudian.

Dudian smiled as he put down the bags. He took out a piece of flesh and cut it into uniform parts. Afterwards he threw the meat parts in front of three young splitters as he quietly waited.

All three of them seemed to relax as they began to bit onto flesh of the adult splitter after a moment.

Dudian recovered his eyes as he came to the nest. He looked at four eggs that were as big as a dome. He raised his hand and touched the cold eggs. He pressed his ear against one of them and carefully listened. There was a crunchy voice echoing inside the egg as if something was gently rubbing against its shell.

“Did it wake up?” Dudian’s eyes lit up as he patted the egg.


Cracks began to appear on surface of the egg.

Dudian quickly took few steps back and aimed arrow at the egg.


The cracks quickly expanded and a sharp scythe pierced out from the shell of the egg. It quickly cut down through the egg and a thick slurry liquid infiltrated out revealing the appearance of a newborn splitter.

Dudian face slightly changed but he decided no to attack. Dudian was worried that because of sudden attack newborn splitter may panic and break other eggs while in struggle. The loss would be too great so he receded.

The newly born splitter squeaked and ran over at Dudian.

Dudian fired the arrows after they came to the deeper part of the cave. Puff! The arrow pierced through the eye of the splitter. Its body suddenly stopped as it screamed in pain.

Dudian pulled out another arrow and shot it into its mouth.

The young splitter rolled on the ground as its sharp scythes made deep tracks on the ground.


Dudian held the dagger in his hand as he stared at the newly born splitter.

The young splitter climbed up as it screamed and rushed at Dudian.

Dudian ran back to the gap in the entrance instead of facing it off. He dropped large stones onto the young splitter.

It didn’t take long for Dudian to capture the young splitter. He cut off its limbs and tied to side of the cave. He fed the flesh of the adult splitter to it.

Dudian squatted down to check the first young splitter whose limbs was cut off by him. He saw that the wounds has been scarring and tips of new sharp edges could be observed.

Dudian’s eyes went cold as he thought of an idea. He had brought lime powder with himself so he made sure to completely destroy their limbs and not give them a chance for new tissues to grow.

It was very cruel method but thinking of the great cause he didn’t hesitate a bit.

Dudian went back to check the other three eggs. There were slight sounds coming off from the two eggs. Apparently the young splitters didn’t have power to drill through the eggs but will come out in a day or so.

He took the rest of the flesh and poured it in front of the four young splitter. He went out of the cave and blocked the gap. Dudian quietly returned back to the subway. He saw that Sergei had arranged simply but effective traps. Normally those traps would be much of a threat to humans but they would be useful against the monsters.

Dudian looked at the four scythes on the ground. Gwyneth and Sergei were busy as they cut of splitter’s flesh and loaded them into bags.

Sergei spat on ground as he looked at Dudian: “Master we will load the flesh. What about the scythes and its shell?”

“I need its flesh, we will take the rest back to wall.” Dudian picked up four bags and turned away.

Sergei and Gwyneth looked at each other as Dudian went away. According to Dudian the flesh of the monster won’t be brought back. So where did he transported it then?

Both of them bowed down as they continued to dig out the flesh. However many ideas passed through their minds but they couldn’t find clues to what Dudian was aiming to accomplish.

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    1. I feel sorry for splitty. From what we know, Dudian fed him two days ago for the last time. He then went out of the wall and came back in (1st day) and then left on the second day which is now. Maybe he fed Splittty before going out again, but if not then poor Splitty. He should try to tame them and raise an army of Splitters.

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