DK – Ch 342

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The Dark King – Chapter 342

They transported out all the things that they had brought with them. Sergei and Gwyneth took their weapons while they carried some lighter materials with them. Sergei killed the monsters relying on his magic marks from ‘dragon steel’ while Dudian sensed the monsters in advance and made sure that they were not ambushed along the way. His first priority was to keep their lives.

It didn’t take long for the trio to reach a place not far away from the splitter’s corpse.

Dudian sniffed the air and sense two or three strange smells gathered by the corpse of the splitter. His eyes narrowed as he made a gesture towards the Sergei indicating the existence of the ‘enemy’. Sergei’s bent over and clenched his spear. He began to slowly move forward.

Although Sergei was goofing off a lot within the giant wall but the moment he stepped outside his personality changed 180 degrees. He was like a totally different person with opposite character. Along the way he had been silent and vigilant to the movements in the surrounding.


Sergei noticed the giant scratches at the walls and occasional damage along the way. It made his heart tremble as he didn’t know what kind of monster Dudian was after. At least, as an experience hunter he had never met a monster which would leave such marks.

It didn’t take long for three to reach the entrance of the subway. Dudian looked down the hole and saw the splitter’s corpse. There were three monsters that looked like cheetahs. They were as tall as two meters and had long fangs. Their bodies had the pattern of eyeballs all over it. It had the same look as the feathers of the peacock. There were bones spurs extending from their front limbs which were similar to daggers hooked onto their claws.

“Hellhound, level twenty one monster …” Dudian glanced around and noticed the corpses of swamp lizard, an unknown python and other insects. All of the were killed and their deaths should be caused by hellhounds. He looked at Sergei and Gwyneth.

Gwyneth was in shock. She had regarded mutated crocodiles as a upper level monster. However at the moment there was a corpse of huge monster in front of her. It was difficult to imagine how could a human being would be able to fight against such a ferocious and devious monster. However the thing that shocked her most was that the monster was dead and there were shark spears pierced onto it which she was personally involved in the smelting process.

Gwyneth was ignorant in sense if she was compared to Sergei. He had been a hunter for a long time. The place was dimly lit but it didn’t prevent him from seeing the look of the monster. At first glance he was already frightened from the huge silhouette as he was aware that it was the corpse of the monster called ‘splitter’ which was the top monster within the ranks of the eight legendary monsters.

Apparently the scratches and dents on the giant wall were caused by the attacks of the splitter!

But it was dead!

A legendary monster had died in here! He could conclude from the faint smell of decay that it has been about a day or two that it was killed. It was exactly the same time as Dudian had gone out to hunt! Moreover the shark spears that were on splitter’s corpse were proof of this point! Sergei was anxious as he looked at Dudian: “I-i-it-its magic marks weren’t…by…you”

Dudian didn’t answer him but glanced at both of them: “Each of us will take one of them. Any problems?”

Sergei and Gwyneth looked at teenager’s calm eyes. The kid’s attitude had changed a lot. Sergei bit the bullet: “We will be barely able to cope up. If the spikes were removed from my body then I could have killed all three of them!”

“We will take them out after going back.” Dudian replied.

Sergei and Gwyneth’s looked at each other in surprise. However they were frightened as many thoughts passed through their minds. Previously Dudian had prohibited them to pull out the spikes to quell them. However he was willing to remove their spikes now…It seemed he wasn’t worried anymore about them restoring their strength!

Sergei looked at Dudian with fear and curiosity. He had heard about legendary magic marks but only in rumors. What kind of terrifying abilities did he have?

Dudian pulled out arrows from the quiever as many ideas rotated in the minds of the two. Dudian aimed at the closest hellhound. It was biting onto splitter’s flesh. Whoosh! The arrow was shot.

The hellhound reacted the moment it heard the sound of the arrow. It’s body made a sudden jump to avoid the arrow but its speed was slow by a beat. Dudian’s constitution was already close to an ordinary senior hunter’s strength. Moreover there was less than two hundred meters of distance between them. The arrow had reached its peak speed and strength.


The arrow hit the ribs of the hellhound. Hellhound looked around without caring about the pain coming off from its ribs.

Dudian pulled out the second arrow and shot it.

Hellhound saw the Dudian and the other two coming through the hole. It’s body jumped to the left to escape the second arrow.

Dudian’s brows wrinkled as he saw the sensitive reaction of the hellhound. He thought of the catalytic role of the splitter’s flesh and blood. The color of their body had turned reddish and their speed was equal to monster which were in between level 22 to 25. He knew that at their current state Sergei and Gwyneth wouldn’t be able to deal with hellhounds alone on their own.

“Both of you coordinate with each other. You can’t afford to take them alone.” Dudian indifferently said as he pulled out the third arrow.

At the same time the other two hellhounds which were eating stopped as they saw their companion suffering attacks. They rushed towards the hole at Dudian and others.

There was a trace of arrogance on Sergei’s face as he heard Dudian’s words. He was about to refuse but changed his mind as he saw the extraordinary speed of hellhounds. He raised his spear vigilantly.

Dudian quickly retreated as he saw two hellhounds to approach them. He was planning to let Sergei and Gwyneth to deal with them while he tried to kill the wounded hellhound.

Gwyneth wielded her sword as he waved it. Although there were spikes on her joints but her actions were coherent and rapid. Sergei and Gwyneth cooperated as they kept both hellhounds away from them. Gwyneth has been a senior disciplinary knight and hunted senior level hunters. The only thing that she lacked was the experience with fighting against monsters. She would be able to cope up with monsters up to level 30 after she was seasoned.

Dudian’s eyes narrowed as he saw the balance between them and two hellhounds. He continued to shot at injured monster.

One of the arrows pierced the hellhound’s claw and it made a loud cry and fell down.

Dudian pulled out arrows and began to help Sergei and Gwyneth. Otherwise it was going to take long time for them to kill the hellhounds. Maybe they may not be able to kill them at all.

Five or six minutes later.

All three hellhounds were dead.

Sergei and Gwyneth were taking big breathes as their bodies were tired. Moreover blood faintly oozed out from the spikes. If Dudian didn’t help them as a support character then they would not be able to survive the battle.


Dudian directly jumped through the hole and went to the front of splitter’s corpse. He was too lazy to deal with the body of three hellhounds. Compared with splitter everything else was trivial.

“Get down.” Dudian looked at both of them.

Gwyneth and Sergei didn’t have time to take a rest as they immediately jumped down.

Dudian said: “Both of you will be responsible for guarding this place. Cut off the flesh of the monster and carry the tools from the passage. Sergei, make few simple traps in the vicinity so that other monsters don’t make sneak attacks.” Although Sergei was a knight but after all he was a senior hunter and was knowledgeable about traps. He was aware and knew how to create simple traps.


the name of the monster was: many-eyed demon dog or hundred eyed demon dog which I translated as hellhound because of user recommendation…

I would like to thank Albert Schimpf for pledging $20 at our patreon page.

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    1. its called many-eyed or hundred eyes not because it has many eyes but its skin is like peacock’s feathers.. so polyoptic isn’t the right word but hellhound spot on

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