DK – Ch 341

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The Dark King – Chapter 341

“Pretty smart.” Dudian smiled as he praised Jin.

Jin was happy as he replied: “I’ve learned from the young master.”

“Stop sucking up to me.” Dudian replied.

Jin scraatched his head as his face turned red.

Gwyneth and Sergei came back with dozens of carriages loaded with goods.

“Master we bought all that was needed. This is the leftover money.” Sergei put the golden and silver notes onto the table.

Dudian nodded but didn’t take the money. Kroen who was standing behind him took over the money notes and gave them to Dudian.

“Load them.” Dudian commanded.

“Alright.” Sergei nodded and went out to order the workers to load the materials onto the mammoth carriage.

Mel family.

The office in the first floor of the castle.

Sarah Mel sat in the large office as she quietly listened to the report told by the handsome young man. She thoughtfully nodded as the youth finished: “So he didn’t leave the giant wall… Is he really going to give up on his status as a hunter? Did you investigate the coachman who drove the carriage to the entrance of the passage? Did he knew something?”

The youth replied in a low tone: “The coachman had suffered from the attack of mutated beasts and died on the way back. According to the reports of the knights of light which were on patrol they couldn’t rescue the man on time.”

Sarah frowned: “Attack from the mutated beasts? Wasn’t he escorted by the knights of light?”

The youth shook his head: “No.”

“Stupid.” Sarah’s face turned gloomy. She thought of something and asked: “Are you sure that his death wasn’t man made but result of the beast attacks?”

The youth bowed his head: “His corpse was tested and no scars that could be made by a human were found. All of injuries were result of beast mutilation.”

Sarah’s brows wrinkled: “Stupid civilians!”

Scott consortium.

Consortium headquarters.

Chai Rostov looked at the crowd sitting around the table: “This time I have called you all to tell the good news about the latest invention. The superior grade four star product called ‘lightning rod’ will be sold to our consortium. In addition to sharing the news I have to inform you that the funds of the consortium will be transferred to the production of ‘lightning rod’. The production costs are unknown at this point but it won’t be small amount for sure. We are currently tight on cash so we will have to recruit wealthy businessmen to increase the capital so that we can mass manufacture the ‘lightning rod’ before the rainy season. We will have enough money to invest in mining projects by the end of rainy season if we produce ‘lightning rods’ as soon as possible and ship them before the rainy season.”

The members looked at each other as they sat by the long table. There were different expressions revealed on their faces. Some were surprised while the others were skeptical. There were few who were anxious. One of the middle aged men said: “Chairman, didn’t the architect Dean said that he would be considering to sell the rights after the black snow season? Why did he agree to sell us so suddenly?”

Chai looked at him and slowly said: “You have to thank Rosie for this. She had repeatedly traveled to architect Dean’s castle and talked about this matter. Because of her excellent diplomatic abilities we have reached this fruitful contract.”

The member looked at Rosie who was also seated behind the long table.

“Miss Rosie is an excellent negotiator.”

“It’s worthy of the woman who had studied at the magistrate. ”


In front of the castle.

Dudian looked at Jin, Sergei and Gwyneth as they stood before the mammoth beast. They jumped over to the carriage. Dudian looked back at Kroen: “If Scott consortium comes over to look for me then tell them that I will ask for the details of the ‘gifts’ after coming back.”

Kroen nodded in confirmation: “Yes, young master.”

Dudian nodded slightly and looked at Jin: “Let’s move!”

Jin nodded as he made the mammoth beast move towards the barrier fort.

Dudian showed his architect medal for them to pass through the gate of the fort smoothly. After that it took them about two hours to reach the ‘death passage’. Along the way Gwyneth and Sergei beheaded quite a few mutated beasts but they didn’t meet any barbarians.

Dudian used the rope to slide from mammoth’s forehead to descend down. He looked at Sherman: “You have been working hard. It seems you are on duty almost every day.”

Sherman was surprised to see Dudian back at the passage. He was anxious in his heart because Dudian was sent to detention center yesterday and was in front of him today. He understood that even the people in the detention center had to give ‘face’ to the teenager in front of him. His attitude was more polite and humble as Sherman replied to Dudian: “This is part of my duties and service. You are overpraising me.”
Dudian pointed to Sergei and others: “They are the hunters of our consortium. We have brought materials to build the base outside the giant wall. ”

Sherman glanced at Sergei and others: “That’s a small matter.” He turned and waved at the young knight of light behind him to open the passage.

Dudian gestured to his people and indicated them to carry the things into the passage.

Sergei, Gwyneth and Jin began to carry the materials from the carriage into the passage. Jin was the most shocked out of three. He was a knight of light and never expected a captain of knights to try to be so polite and respectful towards Dudian. However there was disappointment in his heart too. The captain was much more powerful than the rank Jin had previously held in Holy Church. Their reason was to serve God of Light so he had never expected such a person to try to be affected with secular life so much that to try to curry favor with such an attitude.

However he has been an open-minded person after those years in the prison. He knew that there were much to see to things than the surface. However he felt sense of loss but it didn’t affect his emotions.

Sherman naturally didn’t know the ideas passing through the mind of the ‘hunter’. (aka Jin) He constantly tried to find topics to chat with Dudian. Sherman knew that there was much to the youth as he was able to get out of the detention center in less than a day.

Dudian ended the conversation with Sherman and looked at Jin: “You should go back. I will need some more materials and you will be responsible for getting them.”

Jin was relieved. The last time he witnessed the monster carry away Scar and the picture was imprinted into his mind. He was full of fear regarding the hunt outside the giant wall. Moreover he was aware that his strength was nothing much for the life forms outside the giant wall. He felt that goddess cared and loved him as he was able to come back alive the last him. He knew that he would fall into the depth of hell if the goddess turned away from him this time.

“Yes, young master.”

Dudian looked back at Sherman: “Mr Sherman would you sent a knight with him to inform the people at the gates that he didn’t go outside the giant wall?”

“No problem, I’ll solve it out.” Sherman was delighted.

Dudian nodded as he entered the passage.

“Architect Dean please be careful …” Sherman said out loud.

Dudian went through the passage and came to the exit door. He pushed the heavy iron gate and began to sniff the air out of habit. After making sure that the place was safe and there were no strange smells he ordered Gwyneth and Sergei to carry out the things.

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