DK – Ch 340

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The Dark King – Chapter 340

The middle-aged man was excited but deliberately made a hesitated expression on surface: “Architect Dean this thing is illegal… If it passed out…” He didn’t continue till the end so to make a room for maneuver.

Dudian narrowed his eyes as he said: “I am an architect of the Temple and I won’t ever leave outside the giant wall. I was there to take care of the hunters and show them the usage of some tools. Shouldn’t I be released after the medical inspection? Do you want to treat me as a hunter?”

The middle-aged man’s face changed. He thought that Dudian would try to favor him more but never imagined that he would take such a tough stance and attitude. He felt a bit tricky but he smiled: “Architect Dean no need to talk so seriously. Naturally, these hunters can’t be compared with you. I’ll order my workers to give a clean room to you and release as soon as possible… You are an architect of the Temple. Your stay here is the loss of the Temple and it could be considered as a infidelity! So I will order you to be sent back after the physical examination!”

He paused and stared at Dudian: “But it will be good if your ‘lightning rod’ would be sold to Scott consortium.”

Dudian didn’t expect that Scott consortium was behind the director. Although all six consortia tried to penetrate Holy Church but Scott consortia was able to push their person as the director of the detention center. In short they were in charge of life and death of hunters. It was a great role and the man was in an influential position.

“Scott consortium and Mellon consortium have deeply penetrated into the society. It would be very hard to fight every root one by one… It would be very slow… ” Dudian’s eyes brightened as an idea passed through his eyes. He calmly looked at the director: “I have cooperated with Scott consortium many times and I believe that it will be very pleasant to sell the rights of ‘lightning rod’ to Scott consortia. What was your name?”

“Architect Dean is polite. I’m Ludwig.” The middle-aged man was full of joy and excitement. Actually releasing Dudian was a small matter for him. Even if Dudian didn’t agree to sell ‘lightning rod’ he was willing to release such a person with extraordinary potential. However this opportunity will bring alarming wealth to him and improve his status within the Scott consortium. It was a cheap deal!

Dudian nodded slightly as he wrote down the name: “We have a deal then.” Afterwards he sat back on the couch.

Ludwig smiled: “I will arrange you another room for the physical examination. This one is too dirty.”

“No need, I don’t care much about the residence.” Dudian replied.

Ludwig looked at the boy with interest: “That being the case I will leave then.” He departed out of the cell.

After Ludwig left Nicholas looked at Dudian: “Master, are you going to take me with you?”

“You will be here for the term.” Dudian indifferently said: “There will be concerns from some forces after I go back. If we go back together then problems may arise. Be careful and try to not to talk about this matter.”

Nicholas heard his warning: “I will young master! I had made mistakes but now I’m absolutely loyal to you. I hope you can believe in me again!”

“I will look at your performance.” Dudian indifferently said.

Nicholas slightly smiled but didn’t continue to talk.

After a minute two doctors came and check Dudian. They didn’t inspect Nicholas but left afterwards.

The next day.

Dudian sat in the carriage while Ludwig send a team of knights of light to escort him to the nearest border fort. The main reason for sending the team of knights was the recent activities of the barbarians. He feared that Dudian would be injured and Ludwig wouldn’t be able to bear the responsibility. In addition he hoped to earn goodwill of Dudian.

The Holy Church had eyes almost everywhere so they were aware the fort which had less attacks from the barbarians. There were several waves of different beast attacks along the way but they didn’t encounter any barbarians.

Dudian directly went back to his castle. The carriages of wealthy businessmen tend to move to roadside to avoid blocking Dudian’s carriage as the coachman saw the flag of the Holy Church.

Dudian returned back to his castle after few hours. He saw the Jin sitting in the hall: “Where are those two?”

Jin was cutting down a fruit. He was frightened to see Dudian come back so suddenly. He almost cut off his finger. He stood up in hurry: “Young master both of them are at home. Gwyneth is upstairs while Sergei is in the training field at the back.”

Dudian commanded: “Call them up.”

“Yes.” Jin turned and run.

Dudian was drinking tea when Gwyneth, Sergei and Jin came into the hall. His body lacked water so he was trying to overcome his thirst: “Sergei go and buy this things to make traps. This is the money.” He threw a stack of gold notes on the table.

“Are you planning to go outside the giant wall? Didn’t you just come back? ”

“Just go! Why so much nonsense?” Dudian said.

Sergei picked up the golden notes and left the hall.

“You should buy some weapons. By arrows for me and some ropes. ”

Gwyneth nodded as she picked the notes and left.

Dudian looked at Jin: “Hire … Forget that. Buy a mammoth carriage and make sure that its ready to haul at any moment.”

Jin nodded.

Dudian turned towards Kroen who was closeby: “We will go outside the giant wall so the house will be under your care. Make sure that news doesn’t leak.”

Kroen nodded. He had seen the attitude of Gwyneth and others towards Dudian. He felt familiar and unfamiliar with Dudian. The latter grow up with them in the orphanage however Dudian was able to distinguish himself in the society.

Moreover while Dudian was outside the giant wall he had chatted with Sergei, Jin and others. He deliberately talked about going outside the giant wall with them. But he had heard Sergei and Jin talk about the dangerous monsters outside the giant wall. He understood that Dudian who was similar to him in age had gone through many life and death battles to achieve today’s status.

“One more.” Dudian handed him the cup.

Kroen took the cup and filled it.

Dudian gently tapped the table with his fingers as he delved into thoughts.

A few hours later.

Jin came back with the mammoth carriage and stopped by the river outside the giant wall.

Dudian saw Jin jumping off the mammoth beast: “What about coachman?”

Jin smiled: “Originally coachman was included in the price of the carriage but I thought that young master needs such a carriage to carry some secret things. If the coachman had big mouth then it would spread to ears of other consortia. It took long time for me to learn how to control this beast so I came back a bit late.”


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  1. Dean haven’t improved his strenght for so very long time. He just gets screw up one after another and that make me feel bored.

    1. He’s building his foundation of power. If he didn’t have a leash around his neck or social status and was a top hunter… They’d never allow him to exist. And he’s bringing up capable subordinates and securing better equipment, so his strength is increasing…

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