DK – Ch 34

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The Dark King – Chapter 34

Invitation from the Nobles


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Anger was building up. Does he want to tell that I don’t belong in here? Dudian was getting to retaliate back when he though of Peter’s words and resisted the urge to retort: “Yes, Mr Peter brought me over.”

“Peter who?” Middle-aged noble frowned, “Even the scavengers are here. Are there no rules?”

“Mr. Mace?” At this time, a voice resounded. Dudian and middle-aged aristocrat looked together towards the root of the sound. It was actually the tough old man Dudian had seen in the office. He was wearing a black gentleman’s suit, besides him there was a middle-aged lady holding his arm. From their affectionate attitude it seemed that they were husband and wife.

At this time, the old man saw Dudian “Little guy. Why are you at the door? Didn’t Peter come over with you? ”

“Mr. Peter has just entered,” Dudian said honestly.

At this time, the middle-aged aristocrat named Mace frowned: “Old Luo, do you know him?”

The old man laughed: “Yes. I met him today. This little guy is this term’s seed object from scavengers. He will have to rely on Mr. Mace’s care in the future.”

“So it is.”. Mace seemed to understand, glanced at Dudian. : “Little guy. You have vision as you have chosen our Mellon Foundation.”

Dudian face was ugly, his fists were clenched tightly under the sleeve.

Old man quickly said. : “Little guy, quickly apologize to Mr.Mace because you stood in front of the door blocking the entrance and then join the party as not to be left out.” Then he winked at Dudian, motioned him to go into the hall.

Dudian looked at Old Luo’s face for a moment. He knew that Old Luo had come to his rescue. But also knew that as long as he didn’t apologize, he would not be able to pass by Mace. At this moment, he realized that there is not right or wrong in this situation. It all depended on each others identity and status. In this world if the one with the power said that yogurt was black, then the weak one should confirm.
The difference between the two sides was depending on the difference of the power held!

He suddenly understood the truth, without power he was no one!

“I’m sorry … …” He bowed his head in an apology. Behind the alluring lights of the magnificent and melodious music, his face was hidden in the shadows. His eyes were focused on the other party’s exquisite boots.

Then he saw the boots move and turn towards the hall.

The old man seemed to look at him, but did not say anything, but also followed.

“These civilians… It does not matter how good you teach never learn the rules…” Mace’s voice echoed in Dudian’s ear and then the old man’s laughter. Dudian still held his head down, clutching his fists. After a long time he slightly rose his head. Looking at the front of the wide manor, he suddenly felt more freedom in the darkness.

At this time, more carriages began to arrive.

Dudian quietly retracted his eyes, did not continue to look at the door and walked into the hall.

The large and spacious hall was illuminated by oil lamps as if it was illuminated by daylight. Large number of servants brought wine and fruits in the hall. The melodious piano music came from the front of the hall. Nobles were standing in small groups chatting together.

After the previous situation Dudian had no mood at the moment to enjoy this rare luxurious party. He walked to an open window and lean against it. He was looking at the hall where people were moving. It was like a flowing picture scrolling in front of his eyes. He felt faint boredom until two black uniformed man appeared on his line of sight. They kind of interrupted his trance.

“Hunters?” Dudian immediately recognized the medal on two men’s shoulders. There was a black falcon engraved on medals which identified them as hunters.

They seemed to be very young, maximum seventeen years old. As they walked, aristocrats took the initiative to greet them. Apparently they were well known figures.

Soon the two hunters came to the middle of the banquet, where a few middle-aged aristocrats stood. The man who Dudian previously had apologized stood there. Besides him there was a fat lady and a slim middle-aged man.

Dudian could not hear what nobles chatted with those two hunters as they walked into the middle of banquet. According to their manners, their identity was high.

“Hunter … …” Dudian eyes flashed slightly, suddenly thought of Rosyard’s Alchemy notes. There was a record which had impressed him. It was about the anatomy of the hunter.

After Rosyard had caused an incident, a young hunter was tasked to find and kill him. Rosyard had prepared potions to control the nervous system in advance and had caught the hunter. He had used knife to dissect the hunter into countless pieces of meat without anesthesia.

Rosyard had found organs and bloods that were different to normal humans body components within the hunter’s body. He was inspired by his findings. It was one of the factors that led him to be certified as a three star alchemist.

“Hello scavenger.” Suddenly a shadow appeared from Dudian’s left side.

It was a white-haired old man with a kind face. He was using a walking stick. A large jade ring was on his thumb. However the clothes that he wore were more simple in comparison to the others in the party.

“I assume you are the seed from this graduation, as you are able to attend the party. Am I right?” White-haired old man smiled.

Dudian nodded slightly, said: “You are?”

White-haired old man smiled and said: “I am Fulin Ryan. Nice to meet you”.

“Ryan?” Dudian eyes a moved. Three years ago the desert where they were tested seemed to be the territory of Ryan family.

Dudian face noticed the weak changes, white-haired old man with smiles: “I assume you have heard of our Ryan family’s background. But they are stories of the old. Are you interested in being Ryan family’s knight? ”

“Knight?” Dudian was surprised. He had desperately studied in the library for three years to increase his understanding of this era. He had cleared up many things which were alien to him at first. The so-called Knight is not only a simple title. For a normal person to acquire the title, he had to go through professional training and as well as a strict examination.

“I did not say clearly.” White-haired old man continued: “Your name only will be linked to our family. We will provide you with the official knight’s salary and you will need to help our Ryan family to explore the wilderness once a year.”
Dudian understood his purpose: “I can go for expedition with your family’s scavengers without a contract too, can’t I?”
“Of course you can.” White-haired old man laughed: “This is all private business. Moreover you won’t bear the costs of going and coming back from the giant wall. In fact most of the noble families privately cultivate scavengers, though they can’t be compared to you in experience.”

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  1. IF this is a common wuxia/xianxia, i’m pretty sure the mc, will go batshit crazy, and offend alot of people, which somehow he will be saved by plot armor..

    illogical , indeed..

    but this, is a logical one, you had no power, you bow, until you got power, then comes the trashing for the noble..

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