DK – Ch 339

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The Dark King – Chapter 339

Dudian and Nicholas came out of the passage.

There were two teams of knights of light on duty. There was a distance between two teams but it wasn’t for patrolling but defensive means.

The middle-aged knight’s eyes brightened as he saw Dudian and ran over: “We were almost scared that you would not come out!”

Dudian was stunned. The next moment he understood the reason but he still asked: “Why?

The middle-aged knight continued: “Not long after you went out to the giant wall we heard restless voices coming out from there. It was certain that the monster had come back but fortunately you haven’t encountered it! Or we would considered guilt of our actions! ”

Dudian smiled: “Oh. We had gone very far but I heard the movement of the monster. Fortunately we went far away or the only way out for us would be to slip back to the passage.”

“Yes…” There was a trace of fear lingering on middle-aged knight’s face. If Dudian died outside the giant wall then the Temple would inevitable punish him too. Even though it won’t be a heavy penalty but his career would be affect.

Dudian said: “The weather is getting late and we have to go back. I will bother you with the arrangements.”

“Yes!” The captain was polite as he waved to the young knight behind him: “Communicate!”

The young knight took out a whistle and blew it. After some time a black crow flew over and they attached a note onto its leg to be taken to the detention center.

The middle-aged knight and Dudian chatted while they waited for the people to come over to take them. If the captain could get close to Dudian then his position would undoubtedly improve by leaps and bounds in the Temple. He didn’t care much about promotion but stability of his position.

Dudian saw through the man’s intentions and naturally didn’t give him the opportunity. He was aware that Sherman, the middle-aged captain, belonged to Charles family. It was a small noble family and was part of the Huasheng consortium. The man was the most promising member of his family. The responsibilities of his family were on his shoulders.

It was precisely because of Sherman’s identity as a captain of knights of light that Charles family prospered. Although they were at the bottom position in the aristocratic circle but they were much stronger than most of the declining families. Sherman’s identity alone was enough to cover up for most things. Moreover the wealth of their family was rising and was several times higher than in the past.

“The people from the detention center are coming.” Dudian said to Sherman as he saw the group come over.

There was joy in Sherman’s heart because of conversation with Dudian had gone relatively smooth. It was undoubtedly a good foundation and if he carefully managed the relations in the future then he could attend some gathering with Dudian. His future would be more brilliant if he could let people know that he had a relationship with Dudian.

“Does architect want me to accompany you?” Sherman spoke in a polite tone.

Dudian smiled. The other side was too impatient but he wasn’t going to let the relationship between the two to get too close for now: “You have your duty in here and I would be sorry if you delayed your work because of me.”

Sherman added: “There are many others in duty here. Nothing would happen but you will be passing through the radiation zone. There would be mutant beasts that could disturb and attack you. If anything happened to you then it will be a huge loss to the Temple of element and the people within the giant wall… ”

Dudian slightly shook his head: “It’s almost night and the monster activities close to the wall will increase. The knights from the center will be guarding me not to mention the hunter. It would be very easy task for him to deal with the mutated beasts.”

Nicholas who was standing next to them was listening to the conversation. The old fox jumped in immediately: “Don’t worry I won’t let these beasts disturb mr Dean.”

The middle-aged knight didn’t force the topic and said: “Mr Dean be careful on the way.”

Dudian nodded silently. He bid farewell to him as he sat in the carriage brought by the guards of the center with Nicholas.

After some time they came to the detention center.

Dudian followed the knights of light into the center. He looked at the leader of knights: “I’m an architect form the Temple. This is my identity meal. Would you please inform your direction about me?”

The knight of light surprised to hear Dudian’s words. He checked his medal: “Are you architect Dean the inventor of ‘military crossbow’?”

Dudian nodded.

The leader took Dudian’s medal and saw the word ‘Dean’ written on it. He knew that Dudian wasn’t lying. The man spoke in a humble tone: “I didn’t think that you were an architect. Sorry I wasn’t aware…” He quickly left.

Nicholas saw the fear in leader’s eyes. He turned towards Dudian’s cage and asked curiously: “I have heard that hunters must stay here for at least seven days before going back.”

“Um.” Dudian nodded: “If you feel bored read the book of light. It’s on the table. Try to purify your soul.”

Nicholas bowed as he checked the book: “I can’t remember how many times I have read it back in prison. I think I’m already purified. By the way, God of Light can save the people who live under the sun. How can he save those who live in darkness and abyss?”

Dudian glanced back at him: “Don’t modify the meaning of the book!”

Nicholas smiled as he saw Dudian to be so straightforward and unkind: “You are an architect. Your nature is different from ordinary people such as me.”

Dudian chuckled as he sat on the couch and waited.

The door to the underground cell was opened as the previous leader of the knights came in. A handsome middle-aged man followed after him. His skin was very clean and his eyes were bright. He had a clean beard which betrayed his age. Dudian estimated that he was in his fifties.

The knights of light were hesitant while they were walking by the handsome middle-aged man.

“Are you the architect Dean?” The man looked up and down at Dudian as he seized him. He didn’t expect that the teenager in the recent reports would look younger than he had imagined.

Dudian said: “Greetings director. Can we talk alone?”

The man stared at Dudian then waved. He indicated the others to leave.

After everyone left the man smiled: “It’s first time that we are meeting. What do you want to say?”

Dudian smiled: “My biggest purpose in trying to contact you is to seek your help.”

“Help?” The middle-aged man’s eyes lit up: “Do you want me to cover your trip to the outside the giant wall?”

“There is nothing to cover up.” Dudian shook his head: “I want you to let me go back directly after I’m finished with inspections. ”

The middle-aged man shook his head: “It’s not that I don’t want to help but this thing… ”

“What if I owe you a favor?” Dudian interrupted his words and directly said.

The man was startled. He was a member of the Holy Church and was aware of the things happening in the Temple. He had paid attention to the deeds of Dudian. In fact, even the people who weren’t member of the Holy Church would be aware of the big sensations caused by the inventions of the architects.

“This…” The man seemed to be troubled at Dudian’s words.

Dudian continued: “I’m not aware of the ‘the preferred’ consortium by the director. The last time I have made a superior grade four star item called ‘lightning rod’. It’s hasn’t been sold yet, if there is a consortia that director prefers… ”

The man’s heard jumped. He naturally was aware of the ‘lightning rod’. Although the invention was not sold yet and there were no prototypes in the market but he had heard that Temple was able to manipulate and control the lightning to avoid it. Not just consortia but even military was interested in purchasing the rights.

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  1. MadSnail. You should really get an editor, or reduce the booze you take while TL’ing.
    The second half of this chapter became gibberish. And reading became fun xD

    It started here:
    “I’m an architect form the Temple. This is my identity meal. Would you please inform your direction about me?”

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