DK – Ch 338

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The Dark King – Chapter 338

Dudian’s brows wrinkled as he raised the head of the skeleton and pulled out the arrow from its forehead. It was an ordinary iron arrow and he wasn’t planning to use mercury arrows to hunt them. It would be a complete waste and the number of mercury arrows were limited so he tried to save as much as he could.

The silence of the subway was disturbed by the loud roars of two skeletons. As both of them fell under Dudian’s arrows another roar echoed. Dudian saw a skeleton whose body was cut in half was eating the splitter’s meat as its face was full of flesh and blood.

Dudian was startled as he saw its appearance. Don’t they use their stomach to digest the food? Maybe they evolve differently after eating the blood and flesh of the splitter? Do they digest the food with a different organ rather than stomach?

He took out another arrow and aimed to shoot as the thoughts quickly passed in his mind.

Puff! Puff! He killed another skeleton.

Dudian was relieved as he saw the actions of the skeletons. Although they were much tougher and agile than ordinary undeads and were close to level 15 monster but they still didn’t know how to avoid danger. They became nothing but live targets for Dudian.

Roar! Roar!

One skeleton after another went out of splitter’s body and rushed at Dudian.

Dudian rapidly pulled arrows and shoot them. He would rush out, collect the arrows and would reuse as he if recycling them. In about four or five minutes almost 55 skeletons tried to attack Dudian but were killed by him. Because of the repeated use all the arrows were scrapped except four normal iron arrows and two mercury arrows.

Dudian saw that there were no other skeletons which climbed out of splitter’s body. He pulled out his dagger and began to cut off the necks of skeletons. It was very difficult to distinguish the gener of the skeletons. Thee flesh outside their skulls was very hard almost like a steel. He poked out holes through their necks and skillfully extracted the intracrannial tissues. It was very easy to find cold crystals afterwards.

Dudian felt coldness as he grabbed the crystals. The skeleton’s head was a bit larger than an ordinary undead’s. He estimated that if the skeletons lived for some time and were able to digest the nutrients then the cold crystals would become much larger. According to his previous experiences Dudian knew that the cold crystals were much purer and effective if he extracted them from a larger head size-wise.

“Each of these cold crystals is equal to two or three crystals from an ordinary undead…” Dudian’s eye lit up: “The flesh of the splitter is a rich energy source which was able to make ordinary undeads to upgrade to skeletons in such a short period of time. If I feed its flesh and blood to young splitters then it would soon be able to promote their growth period.”

He collected the skulls of more than dozen skeletons which were on the ground. After confirming that there was no skeleton left behind he went back to splitter’s corpse. Dudian thought about ways and methods to carry its flesh back to splitter’s cave. If he directly cut off flesh then it would exude a smell. He didn’t know how many monsters would covet after it along the way.

Although all the monsters in this area were afraid of the splitter but after its death the corpse of the splitter would be a rich and delicious meal for all of the monsters.

“I gotta go back to the wall and get some tools for transport. Moreover the weather is getting late and the temperature will become low. Monsters would come out to hunt and it would be very dangerous to carry its body parts in the evening.” He looked at the corpse of the splitter and turned away as he stepped out from the subway station. Inevitable nearby monsters would be led here by the smell of its corpse.

However the monsters at best would eat splitter’s flesh and blood. They wouldn’t be able to eat its scythe like limbs. And these scythes were the most valuable parts of its body in terms of materials. They could be forged into powerful hunting weapons.


Dudian rapidly moved at the direction of the giant wall as the sun set. Moments later he was by the giant wall. He looked up to see Nicholas at the top of the giant wall. Nicholas was leaning on the edge of the giant wall as he watched the surroundings.

Dudian had sneaked over so the latter hadn’t noticed him. He ran back for three kilometers and began to wave his hands at Nicholas. Soon Dudian caught his attention.

Nicholas’s eyes lit up as he saw Dudian. He didn’t know what kind of trouble he was going to face if Dudian died. Nicholas naturally was aware and clear on that if Dudian let him free then there was no way out for him. But in this case if Dudian had died then as a prominent figure the magistrate would go for a careful investigation. Nevertheless the crime would be put on him as he was a servant with criminal background. If he would lose Dudian then there would be no one to rely on. He would be sent back to the prison again.

Dudian gestured as he saw Nicholas notice himself.

Nicholas’s face slightly changed as he saw Dudian’s gestures. He looked down at the kilometer high giant wall. His face was pale. The first reason for him to be waiting over here was that he was afraid of heights. The second reason was that Nicholas was afraid that if he climbed down then the monster might come back to prey on him.

He hesitated a bit as he wanted to ask with gestures to carry other things. Suddenly, Nicholas’s face turned bitter as he understood why Dudian was away from the giant wall. Most probably Dudian was afraid that Nicholas would attack him with the shark spears. That was why Dudian was standing so far away from him. Nicholas knew that he wouldn’t do so…

Nicholas was aware that there was no room for explanations so he tightly wrapped the rope and checked once more to confirm that there were no problems. He clutched the rope as he went down slowly.

Dudian quietly watched as Nicholas went down for three hundred meters. Afterwards Dudian moved to the front of the giant wall. By that time Nicholas had slided to 500 meters away from the ground. It didn’t take long for Nicholas to slip down to the ground. His old face was as white as paper and Nicholas’s legs slightly shivered. It seemed that his fear of height was not light.

Dudian smiled in his heart as he saw Nicholas.

Dudian patted Nicholas shoulder and said to him in a tone as an elder would talk to the young generation: “You have worked hard. It’s time to go back.” He tuned away and went into the passage.

Nicholas froze up for a moment then jumped into the passage. He was walking behind Dudian in the dark passage. Nicholas couldn’t help but ask: “What happened to the monster?”

“It’s dead.” Dudian didn’t turn his heat but casually said as he walked in front. However his heart was frustrated and depressed. He had prepared for so long and finally someone from the inner wall had got the reward. Fortunately there were eggs in the nest or else it would be a big loss to him.


Nicholas was stunned and suspected that he had heard it wrong. He asked once more: “Dead?” Nicholas stared at the back of the teenager. They passed by the statues of the goddesses engraved on the wall. He felt as if evil spirits were looking at him.

He made rapid steps and caught up with Dudian. Nicholas carefully asked: “Is it really dead? What was the name of the monster?”

Nicholas saw Dudian’s gloomy face and could see that the kid’s mood was not very good. He was disappointed as he wanted Dudian’s strength to increase as strong as possible. He was aware that he needed to take refuge under a very strong wing to survive…

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