DK – Ch 337

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The Dark King – Chapter 337

The young splitter heard the sound of Dudian’s movement. It issued an angry roar as it rushed over.

Dudian took out an arrow and aimed.


The young splitter’s body wasn’t that big. However the scythe like forelimbs were successful in blocked the arrows. But the mercury and venom splashed all over its scythe after the hit.

The young splitter growled and leaped out. It jumped over the boulder as it tried to quickly climb up.

Dudian put away the bow and arrows and began to push down the boulder next to him.


The young splitter was caught off guard and was hit by the boulder. The stone put pressure on it as it tried hard with its forelimbs to push away the boulder.

Dudian took an arrow and narrowed his eyes as he aimed at the young splitter.

The young splitter struggle but at the end was able to push the boulder away. Whoosh! At the same time another arrow was shot. The core of its second eye was hit by the arrow. The splitter’s field of vision was 180 degrees for each eye. One was used to observed the front and rear while the other eye was used to check the ground to see if there were monsters lurking in the soil for a chance to attack.


The young splitter screamed in pain as it waived its scythe like arms around to prevent the danger coming closer to its body. At the same time its body retreated back.

The next moment the other injured young splitter came over and began to wave its scythes in front of the injured one. It was actually covering the other while it retreated.

Dudian grabbed another small stone and threw it past. However none of the young splitters were attracted by it. Obviously they were deceived once and learned the lesson.

Dudian put away the bow and arrows as he thought about his next move. A moment later his eyes brightened as his lips curled up. He turned out form the cave and came outside to the forest. He pulled out dried weeds and green wines. He tied dried weeds and green vines together and found dry and hard wood. Afterwards he returned back to the cave.

On his way while he searched for the materials he kept attention to the movement in the cave. He would do anything to prevent the young splitters from sneaking out. Fortunately they were hurt and didn’t have any notion of moving out.

Dudian threw out stones at the gap to check for the movement. He saw that young splitters weren’t coming out so he carefully closed to the gap. He looked inside to see that both of the splitters were hiding in the corner of the nest.

Dudian took out the match and ignited the weeds. The flames burned as the dry wood began to ignite. The flames were wiped out as the smoke burst out. He then covered the flame with green vines and smoke intensified.

He had brought large leaves similar to a banana’s to fan the smoke like a fan.

The smoke rolled into the cave as it constantly filled it.

After half an hour both of the splitters were out of patience as they slowly tried to climb out from the cave. It seemed they were weak.

Dudian continued to vigorously fan the smoke as he continued to put the surrounding stones to fill the entrance so that it became much narrow.


Both splitters issued hoarse screams as if they were begging in grief.

Dudian picked another big stone and threw it down.

Both young splitters acted very slowly. Once of them escaped while the other was hit and fell to the ground.

The other young splitter receded in fear as it tried to stay away.

Dudian wasn’t anxious at all as he firmly sat in the entrance and fanned the smoke to consume their physical strength! After the evolution there were monsters which were immune to smoke! But Dudian’s purpose wasn’t to choke them with smoke but to reduce the oxygen levels in the cave.

Oxygen was essential no matter what kind of monster there was. Perhaps some of them could survive for long time but none could permanently refuse to intake it.

Symptoms such as dizziness, weakness and other would appear as the oxygen was reduced.

“Hiss~~” The young splitter pushed the stone and slowly crawled back. It feared but also angrily looked at Dudian who was at the entrance.

Dudian knew that both of them were weakened from their appearance. He would be able to beat them in close combat but he naturally wasn’t planning to go for a melee combat. He continued to fan and wait!

An hour passed in the blink of an eye.

Both splitter had made several attempts to rush out from the cave but were faced with failure because of Dudian. Moreover each time had caused them pain and loss of energy. Both of them gave up on plan to leave the cave as they moved to the lower terrain where the smoke was slightly lower.

Dudian looked at the dying bodies of the splitters. Who could think than legendary monsters would be forced back because of the smoke. Even though they were level 24 monster but they were no less dangerous that black weaver that Dudian had hunted with Glenn.

Dudian would throw small stones at them from time to time. At first they resisted but afterwards they didn’t as Dudian would easily hit them.

Dudian was relieved but he still continued to fan the smoke for another ten minutes before coming to a stop.

Dudian pulled out the dagger form his waist and picked a large stone from the ground. He quietly went past.

There was no movement from the both splitters as he closed to ten meters away from them. He raised his hand and threw the stone at one of the splitter’s.

Bang! The splitter woke up because of the pain but it didn’t jump up or reacted. It was difficult for it to move its body. The movement of its body was extremely slow as it seemed struggling to lift its scythes.

Dudian took out an arrow which had rope tied to its tail. He shot it at the body of the young splitter. The arrow hit its body and fell down. Dudian pulled the rope as he dragged the splitter to increase its distance from the other.

The process was quick and without any problems. The young splitter’s body twitched slightly but it didn’t resist.

Dudian waved his dagger close to its limb joints. Puff! The joint was stabbed. The young splitter weakly squeaked and waved its other limbs to cut off Dudian.

Dudian easily bent over and hugged the limb that was stabbed at the joints. He pulled it out forcefully.

Blood splashed around.

The young splitter screamed in pain as its sharp limbs waved around and forced Dudian to retreat. As it stopped Dudian went over to attack another limb on its body.

A few minutes later Dudian had pulled off all the limbs of the young splitter. It was like a huge peanut-shaped insect which had dark shell as a surface like to protect its body.

Dudian attacked the other young splitter.

In about five minutes he was able to pull off the limbs of the other young splitter. It’s combat capability was lost.

Dudian went back outside to breathe a few mouthfuls of fresh air. He went inside and tied both splitter with rope to the corner of the cave. He saw that there was no difference since the last time. There were monster corpses over each other. The blood was everywhere on the ground.

He didn’t check to see what kind of monsters were hunted. Instead he bypassed the corpses and saw the back of the nest. He looked at the eggs in front of him: “Five? There are still five more eggs! If I add these two then there would be total of seven!”

“If I count the one in the giant wall then a total of eight!”

Eight legendary monsters! Who wouldn’t be excited at such a sight?

This meant that he could increase the probability of deification to 70 percent!

It was worth the fight for such a high probability!

Dudian glanced around at the corpses of monsters. He couldn’t help but be disappointed. After all these monster should have parasitic worms inside them too. After all, humans relied on parasitic worm to improve their magic mark abilities. Then monster would have such a demand too!

Dudian looked at the dumpling like bodies of the both young splitters. His eyes lit up as he caught the bodies of two hound and threw in front of them.

Both splitter leaned over to take big bites.

However it was very difficult for them to eat alone with their mouths without using their limbs.

Dudian didn’t continue to stay in the smoky cave as he went outside: ” The life of monsters has same division as the world within the giant wall. The poor are in slums while powerful businessmen are in commercial district. Most likely the monsters in this area are level 20 to level 35. This should be the reason why the adult splitter has chosen this area to lay eggs in here. It has estimated the monsters in this area are weak and wouldn’t easily hunt its children. Moreover its children would be able to have more appropriate living environment after leaving the cave.”

“There are two monsters that could prey on its cubs and eggs within the range of level 20 to level 20. The first is ‘brown spider fly’ which is a level 21 monster. It moves in secret and eats cubs or eggs when there is an opportunity.”

“The second one is ‘little frog’ which doesn’t just like eating the eggs or cubs of other monsters but preys on its own cubs. That’s why each female ‘little frog’ would stay away from a male one during its pregnancy as it would identify the other as a natural enemy.”

Dudian looked around: “This is a dry terrain and close to the suburban areas. There are lots of hills and no wet zones. So I shouldn’t fear ‘little frogs’ but there could be ‘brown spider flies’. However they would be afraid to attack the monster with huge size. They are like bullies who prey on smaller monsters.”

“I don’t think it would dare to attack even if the splitters were newly born. I don’t need to prepare traps but make sure that other monsters aren’t attracted by the bloody smell of the cave.”

He blocked the gap of the cave.

After finishing he looked around to see no movement.
“I don’t have much time. The adult splitter had hunted in the neighborhood for some time so no monster would dare to get close. But it won’t be that long after the monsters will migrate over to the ‘forbidden’(close to the cave) area.” Dudian returned back. He bypass some strange smells he sensed on the way as he successfully returned to the place where the adult splitter’s corpse was.

He saw a skeleton’s body lying on top of the adult splitter’s corpse as he jumped into the subway station. Not all of the undeads were beheaded previously and it seems this was the bravest out of all. Actually no sane monster would attack splitter as blatantly as undeads did.

At the moment the skeleton’s body was much larger than ordinary undead’s. It was nearly three meters tall and its muscles were very bloated. There was still pieces of pants on its body. He knew that it was one of the undeads from the subway.

As Dudian observed it the skeleton also noticed Dudian. It roared as it rushed over.

Dudian’s eyes were cold as he aimed at its forehead and shoot the arrow.


The skeleton had simply consciousness and feeling of self-preservation. However it didn’t understand the concept of arrows so it didn’t try to avoid it. The arrow pierced its head and its body fell to the ground.

Dudian slightly hesitated as he didn’t expect to solve the problem so easily. He knew that the skeleton would not play dead so he jumped past.


Another roar echoed out from close to splitter’s body. It was another skeleton.

Dudian’s face slightly change as he quickly pulled out another arrow and attacked it.


Arrow accurately hit its forehead.

The skeleton fluttered but didn’t escape. It fell to the ground after the head-shot.


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      Rage comments speak the best of reader-immersion (and of honest feelings when it breaks).

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  3. Yeah. It’s an interesting story, but the author screwing Dudian over continuously can get out of hand. One, it feels forced. Two, we very rarely get a sense if satisfaction out of tense moments. Especially since Dudian always goes for a slow and methodical approach, often without one big ‘done’ moment.
    I mean, really. Has he had a single trip outside the wall without any huge incidents? Other scavengers and hunters (as shown by Glenn’s team) don’t seem to have so many troubles all the time.
    Well. I’ll stop that rant. It just built up because I bulk read from ch 298.

    Thanks for the chapters!

  4. Looking for the good side, If the girl had not stolen the Dudian parasite could die, And he got something in return (Information), I hope he gets an up in the next chapters

    Thanks for the chapters

    1. Dudian is an MC, instead of dying, hed probably turn into some monster king or some shit. That tid bit about him dying was added like that authors fans dont get pissed. But if you really think about it, dudian is a scientist so if he actually just took a monsters legendary worms without thinking. Then hes dumb af.

      1. Honestly, even if he DID take the Splitter’s worms, and DID use them on himself, I have no doubt that, rather than dying, he would have some sort of godly ability and upgrade at the cost of near-death.

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        I thought there was a method to hold the worms, so instead of torturing creatures why not put them in the holder,

        1. When I read this chapter, I kinda… Felt disappointed in Dean. As Dean, shouldn’t he have been able to come up with something to capture them..? It was just really depressed when I read that A) Splitty’s suffering from malnutrition and B) He ripped all the limbs off newborn splitters. B is just kinda gross, and A is just sad.

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