DK – Ch 336

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The Dark King – Chapter 336

Dudian took the opportunity to create the distance and made another shot on reflex.


Second arrow was a successful hit too. At the moment there were more than ten meters of distance between the two. Dudian quickly made another shot into its mouth.

After two more arrows Dudian calculated that the monster would be seriously injured even if it didn’t die. As he improved the shark spear he was inspired to infuse paralytic venoms into the arrows in addition to infusing mercury. It was more than hundred times effective than applying the venom onto the arrows.

Dudian didn’t pay attention to the swamp lizard as he turned away and moved forward. However he calmed himself because of the ambush by the swamp lizard. After all he couldn’t continue to rush out blindly. He was in wilderness and the crisis could emerge any moment. It would be very sad to end up in a belly of a monster before reaching the splitter’s nest.


Soon Dudian reached the basin where he had met the mutated crocodiles. The soil above the basin had become hard and there were no visible activities by the mutated crocodiles. The weather had become cold recently and the water had dried up already.

Dudian stopped and sniffed the air.

The sense of smell was very role while he ran. That’s why hounds would stop to smell every once in a while while tracing something.

It didn’t take long for Dudian to get the grasp of everything as he carefully sneaked forward.

After an hour.

Dudian finally reached the nest of the splitter. It would take him ten minutes to reach this place if he went in a straight line but he had to stop and take detours quite a few times. There were monsters on his way which he was able to detect. He didn’t want to face them off in vain.

Dudian was relieved to see the nest was blocked by the boulders. He quietly walked past and checked the boulders. It was blocked very tightly and it would be very difficult to drill inside. He lied onto ground and put down his ears to listen. Moreover he gently sniffed. He could sense the rancid smell mixed with blood’s odor coming off from the cave. Moreover there was splitter’s smell that was mixed with the odors of the monsters that it had hunted.

Dudian sensed the smell of small splitter. Although the cave belonged to the splitter but he was able to differentiate the smell of an adult and larval stage splitter. They would emit different body odors.

“Already hatching out?” Dudian was surprised and delighted. Every young splitter was a potential legendary monster of the future. Their value was infinite!

He took two steps back and checked the surrounding environment. Dudian was disappointed as there was nothing to use. If he relied on his strength and got into the cave then he would end up as a food for the newly born splitter. After all, splitty that he had brought into the giant wall had seen him after the birth and it seemed that splitty took him as a relative.

“I can’t remember how many eggs were inside the cave. I have to go in and check it. If its less than five then I’ll give up on ‘deification’ and move on. The values of their magic marks should be able to disturb the inner wall so it would overthrow the balance in the outer wall.” Dudian secretly went through the options. After all if the eggs weren’t enough then he didn’t know how many years later he would meet another splitter. The probability was low and during that period he couldn’t stayed as a intermediate level hunter. Although the magic marks would have excellent abilities but his strength would be limited and too weak.

Moreover he had met the girl this time which had changed the foundation of his perception. Even senior hunters would be helpless to fight back against her. She was powerful enough to sweep through the six consortia!

Of course this was only feasible in theory. After all the structure of society was interlinked and more complex. The combat effectiveness and personal strength couldn’t rule over the system. There may be other potential rules that regulated the society that he wasn’t aware of. Because if the six consortia were destroyed then the economy of the outer wall would collapse and a chaotic war would occur. Such a thing would catch the attention of the inner wall.

Dudian wasn’t a war monger so he wouldn’t do such a reckless thing. Moreover power play such as that wasn’t part of his character.

“These splitter must be fed for five to seven days to reach the early childhood so they can give birth to magic marks. If their powers soar to level 30 or 40 then there would be no chance to battle them!”

Dudian began to make a pit and traps outside the cave.

“We have to build a stronghold outside the giant wall like the other consortia. It could prove hunters with food, healing and other services. Moreover it could improve the efficiency of hunting.” Dudian thought as he made the traps. Actually without any tools his efficiency was very low. He had made a pit using arrows.

Dudian went to the boulder heap after making other traps. He looked from the boulder to the traps that were put as chess pieces. He began to make a gap.

Dudian continued as to do his beast create a small gap for an hour. He was finally able to create one small gap at the top of the boulder heap.

The pungent smell exuded out from the gap and Dudian felt nauseous. His keen sense of smell was disadvantageous at situations such as this.

Dudian endured the rancid odor as he climbed to the top of the heap and looked into the nest through the gap. He saw a figure with numerous scythe like limbs moving inside the cave. It was honing its scythes by practicing in the wall. At the same time he saw another small splitter climb along the boulder over to his position.

Dudian’s face slightly changed. He didn’t know to smile or cry. Hunting two young splitter had increased the difficulty of the job for several times.

He quickly jumped from the boulder heap and went towards the stone heap that was 50 meters away. He stopped over and choose the best angle for shooting.

Breeze blew past gently as the sounds of stones echoed from time to time. Suddenly body of the young splitter was revealed from the hole at the top. This small splitter was younger than splitty that he had brought into the giant wall. However its color was much darker and looked more shiny. It seemed that because of better nutrition it had better development.

Dudian bent up as he narrowed his eyes and aimed the arrow. He didn’t rush to shoot but waited for small splitter to climb out of the gap. He was going to attack its eye.

He had observed splitty within the giant wall for a long time. He was already familiar with the body structure of the small splitter’s and the arrow was pointed at its weakness.


The arrow was shot.

The small splitter was standing above the heap of boulders. It was its first time in the outside world and small splitter was full of curiosity. Even the warmth of the sun was very new to it.

A sharp whistling sound echoed.


It tried to back up but the arrow had already hit its body.

The arrow was too sudden and its speed was too fast because of the range of fifty meters. The young splitter hadn’t adapted to the sunlight so it wasn’t ready for such an attack.


It screamed in pain as its body shook left and right. Its body hit the sides of the gap. It couldn’t advance or retreat and there was nowhere to escape. It kept screaming in pain.

Dudian was relieved to see that arrow had successfully hit the target. He took another arrow and aimed. The young splitter’s body wasn’t shaking in a regular manner so it was very difficult to prejudge its movement. The blind eye didn’t mean that its combat effectiveness was eliminated. In the end it was a legendary monster. There were more than one way to detect and sense the danger around. The eyes were just convenient and fast way of detection.


The second arrow was shot.

This time Dudian had aimed at its screaming mouth.


The young splitter was chaotically swinging and waving its scythe like limbs. It had mistakenly hit the arrow too.

Dudian frowned but he wasn’t discourage. He took out the third arrow without a pause and coherently locked onto its mouth.

The young splitter seemed to feel the direction of the dangerous arrow because it had encountered the second arrow on chance. Its sharp scythe like limbs were waved around as a shield as it moved backwards.


Arrow couldn’t penetrate through as it had hit the scythe like limb.

Although it was a young splitter but its level was already 24 or 25. Killing it was not an easy thing.

He took another arrow as he quietly waited for the next opportunity.

However the next chance never came. The sense of self-protection was very strong. The young splitter used the scythe like limbs to form a shield while its body slowly retreated back into the cave.

Dudian picked up stones from the ground and throw it past.

A moment later another sound echoed.

The second young splitter climbed out. It was not hurt so Dudian was able to tell that it was the other one.

Dudian waited for the younger splitter to reach half way through the gap. He aimed at its eye as he waited for the splitter.


Arrow was shot and it was a successful hit. The young splitter suffered an attack and issued painful howls as it was half way out.

Dudian continued to shoot.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

The young splitter didn’t immediately react. The second arrow shot into its mouth and its screames that increased quickly stopped. It waved its scythe like arms as it receded back into the cave.

Dudian immediately stopped shooting to save arrows as he saw the young splitter wave its scythes.

Dudian was relieved.. The first round of the ambush attack was fairly successful. Although the young splitters were much more powerful than him but they didn’t have any experience. They should be compared to tender newborn children. It was another proof that planning and execution was more terrifying than just blind strength.

Dudian bent down as he listened to the vibration. Although the splitter were young but their physical strength were stronger than most of the level twenty monsters. He could roughly judge the direction of the cave they moved to through the vibrations. Perhaps because of the injuries both of the splitters moved into the depth of the cave.

Dudian climbed over the boulders and went through the hole. He looked inside and saw that both young splitters were shaking and whispering in low tone. They no longer issued harsh screams.

Dudian aimed the arrow at the young splitter which was in the corner. Behind it there was a corpse of the monster. The other young splitter was heavily injured as it slowly moved back. Its movement was very slow.

Dudian wanted to shoot it but changed his mind. This young splitter was hit by two arrows at vulnerable parts. The venom and mercury would cause great harm to it. If he continued and shot it the third time then it would be directly poisoned.

Dudian grabbed small stones with his hands and threw them over.

The adult splitter was affected by the poison attack in less than half an hour. Although the amount of venoms was very large but the young splitter’s body was not as big as the adults. So the venom would still paralyze it in the same amount of time.


The young splitter was scared as its body rolled around after the stone hit its body. It turned towards the entrance where the invader was. It squeaked in intimidation but didn’t rush out.

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  1. What a sad and poor baby splitter, killed as soon as it wanted to gaze on the beautiful world.
    A moment of silence for all the poor baby splitters sacrificed by the author to power boost our protagonist

  2. ugh. tbh all the wasted time on the big splitter just makes it annoying hunting this tiny splitter… and also, the bow is kinda boring.

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