DK – Ch 335

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The Dark King – Chapter 335

Dudian was silent.

The difference between the inner and outer wall (slum, residential district and commercial district) was very large. It was out of reach for the ancient aristocratic families such as Mel and Burong. It didn’t matter how well he was known in the outer wall area as long as he wasn’t part of the inner wall.

“This monster had created waves outside the giant wall and I was commissioned to behead it.” The girl looked at Dudian with interest: “Originally with my abilities I would be injured while trying to behead it. Most probably it would have run away too. But I didn’t think that a little hunter like you would have folded its hands. So I have picked up a cheap deal. I owe you one kiddo!”

Dudian’s mouth slightly twitched. For few endless days and nights he had kept smelting the tungsten steel, improving shark spear, and coming up with different methods for only one purpose which was to kill the adult splitter. Now that chance was taken away from him in front of his eyes and there was nothing that he could do. He didn’t expect that he would be a step late to grab this fat chance. He estimated that it was clearly the Holy Church which had informed the inner wall. Maybe even the equipment used by her is made by the Holy Church.

The girl smiled as she saw the expression on Dudian’s face. She continued in a leisurely manner: “I assume you were after the parasitic worm of this legendary monster. Although I don’t need this thing but people above have interest in it. Moreover it’s harmful to you taking into account your constitution. If I was not here and even if you were lucky enough to kill the splitter you would end up dead. It would be your own funeral.”

Dudian had already dispelled the idea of getting magic marks after getting insight into her strength. But he frowned as he heard her words: “Dead?”

The girl said: “Of course, Your aim was the parasitic worm from the beginning. And if you got your hands on it you would certainly try to absorb it as soon as possible. This way you would die! After you would use the parasitic worm it would take less than two days for you to die!”

Dudian was startled as he had never heard of such a thing. However the girl was strong enough which meant that there was no need for her to deceive him. Was she trying to deliberately to tease him? Dudian was skeptical: “How can I die after absorbing the parasitic worm?”

The girl explained: “Of course you will be in danger. Actually a person would choke to death if they fall into water for long enough. Let alone if exposed to such a dangerous thing. This worm has been living in the splitter’s body which is a level 68 monster. Do you know how powerful its body is? Although parasitic worm would die after injecting to your body but do you know that splitter’s body contains at least ten times more energy than you? Even though the parasitic worm would be dead but its instincts will still exist. It will be responsible for transformation of your body on instinct. That’s how it provides magic marks but in exchange it absorb the energy from your body. Your body can’t supply the energy needs of such a parasitic worm. Ultimately it would backfire by sucking the essence of your life!”

Dudian was perplexed.

The girl continued: “You hunters aren’t aware of this matter because none of you were able to kill a monster which was several times stronger than you. You are quite an exception who as a intermediate hunter dared to go after a legendary monster. But some major forces have verified the knowledge what I have told you. A body can’t absorb a parasitic worm which is 20 levels above it. That is, an ordinary civilian can absorb up to level 20 monster’s parasitic worm. If they try to absorb parasitic worm from a level twenty one or twenty two monster then a phenomenon called ‘magic backbite’ would occur. Most of the time ordinary people would absorb level 17 or 18 parasitic worms. Even a level nineteen monster’s parasitic worm is extremely dangerous for an ordinary person.”

“IN short the most that an ordinary person can absorb is the parasitic worm from a level 20 monster. The safest is to absorb a parasitic worm from a level 10 monster. Absorption of a parasitic worm from level 15 and up will gradually increase the probability of magic backbites.”

Dudian looked at her solemnly. He was aware that she wasn’t teasing or making fun of himself. Actually he was glad that he had met her. Fortunately, splitty was in his hand and could be used in the future.

“You were talking about the hunting levels by the inner wall’s assessment. Do humans have levels too?” Dudian asked.

The girl answered: “Of course there are level for humans but they aren’t as clearly divided as for monsters. For us its more like a classification. For example primary hunters correspond with hunting level 8. So if you are an intermediate level hunter then your hunting level is between 10 to 20. Moreover it means that you can absorb any parasitic worm from level 20 to level 40 monster. So if you can get the parasitic worms of a monster above level 40 then the best is you can store or sell it as you won’t be able to absorb it.”

The girl looked at Dudian with a smile: “I simply wouldn’t bother to tell these to an average person.”

Dudian wryly smiled but didn’t say anything.

“If you don’t die outside the giant wall and lucky enough to enter the inner wall then go to ‘Dragon’ (clan?) and look for me.” The girl calmly watched Dudian: “If you are dead then it means nothing much. But don’t try to show off in the outer wall by using ‘Dragon’. In case its spread out to another person then your fate will be miserable.”

“Dragon?” Dudian whispered as he engraved the word into his mind.

“The body of the splitter is valuable. Especially its forelimbs can be made into excellent weapons. But there shouldn’t be smelting technology in the outer wall to create such a weapon. Other parts are valuable materials too. I’m just too lazy to take them back.”

Dudian’s eyelids twitched. This was the body parts of the legendary monster. Every part of it was a treasure! How come you are lazy to carry it back?

But the next moment he thought that getting the body parts of the splitter was good enough as he wasn’t able to get his hands on the magic marks.


The girl pulled out the sword and wrapped it with bandage before putting it back. She was about to leave when she thought of something and looked back at Dudian. There was a trace of smile on her face as she said: “In addition I will give you an extra information. Although you may never be able to use it but It’s just a small gift in advance that I will personally give to you. You can consider it as a gift for the joining ceremony for the Dragon. But I will give you the gift box with no real gift in it.”

Dudian was looking at her.

“Although I’m not aware of the magic mark you got but in this area there won’t be a rare monster. The probability isn’t high. However there is a way to get rare magic marks. The method is very simply. You only need to find five parasitic worms from the same monster. So by transforming after using the magic marks from the same monster for five times you will go through a process called ‘deification’!”

“If the ‘deification’ transformation is successful then you will get a new ability which would be close to a rare magic mark!”

“In short for example you have magic marks from an undead. You find five magic marks from it and absorb them. There is a 50 percent chance that the transformation will succeed. Each absorption of the same kind of a magic mark will increase the probability by ten percent.” The girl looked at Dudian and continued: “The benefit of the deification process is that you don’t need to replace magic marks to improve a level. In summary if you go through a deification with an ordinary magic mark that would be comparable to a rare magic marks!”

“But there are consequences of the deification. After absorbing the same kind of magic marks you can’t let it improve your constitution and you can’t mix the other magic marks with it. Or else there would be a magic backbite.”

Dudian was stunned as he whispered: “So there is such a secret?!”

The ‘deification’ process was like the optimization of magic marks. In short the person was passing through the bottlenecks with the deification to enhance their power.

But the shortcomings and disadvantages were too much in comparison to its benefits. The most problematic problem was to find exactly same five kinds of the monsters. According to the girl the deification could occur if the magic marks from the same species were used. For example, if he wanted to complete deification then he had to inject four more juranzhi magic marks!

Moreover he want be able to upgrade his strength after the deification.

For example he had reached the limit of an intermediate hunter. He needed two more parasitic worms to be able to break through and become a senior hunter. This way the physical bottleneck would be broken. He could continue to rely on absorption of cold crystals and God’s blessing to enhance his strength. However if he relied on deification then his strength wouldn’t improve but he would only enhance the powers of his ability. Physical bottleneck would still kick in!

Moreover if he relied on using the magic marks from the juranzhi then he had to wait until the deification process finished or everything will become void! He wouldn’t be able to use other parasitic worms to break through the bottleneck.

The conditions were too harsh. No wonder the girl said that he may not be able to use it. He estimated that no one from the outer wall could use this method let alone him.

The girl leaped from the body of the splitter and landed on the ground. She looked at Dudian’s stunned expression: “If you have the opportunity to join our Dragon family in the future then you will be given a chance to get a rare magic marks for free! So for now find some life-saving magic marks and keep it up!” She smiled and leaped up. She jumped over 10 meters in a single leap and left away.

Dudian watched her disappear through the gap. He slowly retracted his eyes as there was a bitter smile on his face. He was glad that he didn’t absorb the magic marks of the splitter as he learned from the girl that magic backbite could occur. However he couldn’t calm himself as his prey had fallen into the hands of the others.

Some people could send out others to hunt for a legendary monster’s magic marks by sitting within the giant wall!

He was almost no-one in comparison to such characters!

He sighed as he looked down at the splitter’s corpse close to his feet. His eyes opened wide the next moment.

“Egg! There are eggs!” The blood rushed to his mind. He remember the words said by the girl. Dudian began to breath quickly as he eyes turned red. He quickly turned and ran as if it was the end of the world. He even disregarded the corpse of the splitter. He remembered the approximate location of the splitter’s nest as he rushed out at that direction!

Run! Run! Run!

Dudian was almost flying as his body bolted from place to place. The wind whistled near his ears. His heart was full of tension and excitement.

The splitter was dead but it had five eggs in the nest!

If all of those eggs hatched out then he may use the magic marks from the larval stage splitter to go through ‘deification’!

Deification of legendary parasitic worms!

His heartbeat accelerated as he thought about the deification of legendary magic marks! What level would it lead to? Simply unimaginable!



Dudian was like a breeze that rushed towards the splitter’s nest. Suddenly a giant shadow jumped from the bushes and tried to attack Dudian.

Dudian was shocked as his body bounced away. It was a swamp lizard which had the body length of seven meters. It had crocodile’s mouth and sharp fangs.

“Swamp lizard!” Dudian’s face slightly changed as he knew that it was a level 17 monster. He pulled out his bow as he jumped away and aimed at its mouth.


The arrow hit swamp lizard’s tongue as the latter began to scream. It shook its head trying to throw off the arrow.

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    3. Yeah if it was a battle-hardened veteran team from the inside wall everything would be fine.But NO there must be YET ANOTHER SUPER-WOW JADE-LIKE/FARTS SPIRITUAL ENERGY OP LONE LOVE INTEREST since anything else would be pointless.I mean can you even imagine any interesting characters without EXTRA CHINAtm EXTRA LARGE AND JADE LIKE BEWBS ?!The author previously did but fortunately he realized his mistakes.

      And even more than that…

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