DK – Ch 334

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The Dark King – Chapter 334


The girl leaped over.

The dirty gray bandage that was wrapped around the sword fell off and suddenly disintegrated as the dark red sword shined. It was like a bloodthirsty evil monster was flashing out in excitement. The sword as if a bloody crescent moon mercilessly chopped onto the splitter’s body.

The splitter screamed and waved the other two scythe like arms. The two limbs that it used was twice the width of the front limbs. Although it seemed that splitter was trying to attack but in reality it was using the scythes to defend itself. The two scythes were used like huge giant doors to resist the sword attack. The Blood Baron in girl’s hand hit the scythes!


A pit was made on the ground because of the power of the attack.

The splitter’s huge body was caught in pit as its bloody black scythe like limbs produced strong airflow. The dust on the ground rolled out.

Dudian was taken aghast as he saw the girl’s toes touch the scythe like limb of the splitter and push her body. She somersaulted in a 180 degree and stepped on the sharp edge of the other giant scythe like limb. Once more her toes pushed onto the scythe like limb and her body was thrown towards splitter as the Blood Baron swept out.


The splitter’s body was startled as the one of the scythe like arms was split and blood splashed out. The green liquid spewed around too.

The girl pulled back the sword which jagged across the wound making the blood spill more quicker.

The splitter roared sharply as it wielded another scythe over.

However the girl acted faster than splitter could react. Her body moved over the scythe like limb and her arm swung the Blood Baron. The sword made a bloody dance as it directly cut the joint connecting the scythe like limb to splitter body.

Everything thing happened very fast in a matter of few breathes. The girl was like a purple shadow which moved right and left in front of the splitter. The shark spears and chain that was over the splitter’s body had made it movement very slow. The Blood Baron was constantly cutting out a wound or dent at its body.

Dudian was stunned.

Is this the power of a ‘human being’?


The girl moved towards the back of the splitter which Dudian couldn’t observe from the angle he was looking at. The splitter issued painful screams. The next moment one more scythe like arm fall down as blood and green liquid spewed out.


The girl jumped from the splitter’s body and landed about ten meters away from it. The splitter’s blood was flowing down the Blood Baron.

The battle had ended in just ten seconds.

Splitter had lost!

Dudian looked at the girl whose chest violently went up and down. He had forgotten to cover up his emotions as the shocked facial expression was on his face.

He had expected lots of different outcomes. He had considered that the girl had extraordinary strength but never imagined that she was so terrifying. Is she considered as a “human”?

Is this the level to which human beings can evolve to?

Is she a senior hunter?

The girl breathed for a moment as she restored her calm. Although the battle was short but she had consumed a lot of energy. She rushed up once more towards the dying splitter.

Bang! Bang! The splitter was beheaded under her sword.

A legendary monster was killed just like that!

Dudian had witnessed the whole process. He would have never imagined that a girl who looks so beautiful and exquisite would have such a strength! He was secretly regretting coming after her. If he had really known her capabilities he would not have kept up with her! Apparently it was too late to run away as she could effortlessly catch up with him.


Dudian’s face has turned ugly. At the moment he had lost the magic marks of the splitter. In addition it was likely that he was going to lose his own small life.

The girl stabbed the sword through the wound into splitter’s corpse. It wasn’t easy for her to move because of her purple qipao.

She opened the side of the qipao and opened the pocket that was tied to her wild slender leg. She took out a small red bottle and unscrewed it. She spilled red powder onto the blood.

Afterwards she pulled out a metal cylinder which was as thick as a wrist. She opened the cylinder and quietly waited.

Soon a black object began to slowly crawl up the surface of the sword. It was a finger thick black worm.

Dudian’s eyes lit up as he watched from the sidelines of the gap. It was the parasitic soul worm of the splitter that he had spent a lot of time to acquire. This parasitic worm was about 10 times bigger than the usual ones he had seen before. It looked like a fat adult leech.

The girl stretched out two fingers and with a twist threw the parasitic worm into the metal cylinder. She covered the lid and put it back into her pocket in the legging. She turned her head and looked at Dudian. Her hand was raised as she used her finger to call for him.

Dudian’s eyes moved from her leg to the girl’s face. He sighed in relief as he saw that she didn’t seem to have any killing intent. He carefully went from the gap: “I have a way to prove to you that I won’t talk!”

The girl giggle as she saw the cautious look on Dudian’s face. She ridiculed him: “But only the dead can keep secrets…”

Dudian saw the expression on her face and faintly guessed that she was intimidating him. However he was still nervous. The weak would always be sorrowful. His heart was full of anger because of his own weakness. He brainstormed as he approached her. There were many ways to keep secrets in addition to dying.

The girl gently smiled: “I don’t know how you dared to fight the splitter as you are so afraid of the death.” She deeply looked at Dudian.

Dudian’s heart went cold. He knew that she had noticed and was aware of the chain and spears: “How would I dare to battle with it? Most probably powerful people like you have injured it’s body. I’m just an intermediate hunter. I don’t have such an ability to kill it.”

The girl continued: “There are several undeads which have been killed and your shoes are stained with their traces. Is this a coincidence? Besides, as far as I know no-one would use such means and tactics to attack the splitter. I will appreciate your courage whether you admit or deny your involvement!”

Dudian’s face changed as he heard her reasoning: “I admit that I caused the injury but I borrowed some equipment do it. Moreover I was very lucky.”

The girl narrowed her eyes as she looked up and down at Dudian. After a moment she smiled: “It’s rare to meet such a funny kid. What is your name?”

Dudian was speechless as he saw the girl call him ‘kid’. Actually she was a young girl which pretended to be old. Of course, strength-wise he was a kid in front of her: “My name is Dean. What about yours?”

The girl seemed interested: “Do you dare to ask my name?”

“Its part of the reciprocation.” Dudian continued: “You know me and I know you. It is fair.”

The girl continued: “It is very fair. But aren’t you afraid that I will kill you?”

“I’m afraid.” Dudian looked at her: “But you shouldn’t kill me because I asked your name.”

The girl stared back at him: “But the problem is you are not worthy to know my name. You will be qualified to know me after you have the ability to enter the inner wall.”

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