DK – Ch 332

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The Dark King – Chapter 332


The bloodstained rat fell onto the dense grass. It rolled around for seven or eight times and came to stop. However it wasn’t dead but was screaming in pain. It’s body tumbled as it tried to climb up. But its feet were broken and it couldn’t stand firmly as much as it tried to pedal. The best it could do was crawling on ground and slowly dragging its body.

Dudian was hiding behind a broken construct while only his eyes were revealed. He didn’t care much about the rat’s death. Actually the rat would catch splitter attention at all. The real test to splitter would the dried blood wrapped with gauze on rat’s back.

Dudian waited for a minute as a gentle breeze whistled past. Generally everything was like solidified except the squeaks coming from the rat which tried to move. No movement at all. Dudian’s heartbeat accelerated as he waited for another ten seconds. There was no movement from splitter. He pulled out bow and arrow. He moved through the desolate street towards a place which had thick weeds grown. They were able to cover his stature.

“I have to hit its flaw!”

Dudian was aware that it was the most dangerous moment. He was personally going to give the fatal blow to the monster and it may be the only opportunity that he has!

The previous night as he went to feed the splitty he also observed it as much as he could. Actually as it was a legendary monster there wasn’t much of an information about it either in Temple of the Elements or monster atlas. Observing such a monster like he did was a precious opportunity.

Dudian had found two weakness by closely observing splitty’s body.

The first was its eye.

The eye was the weak part for the most creatures. Splitter was not an exception too. But there was a solid protective layer outside it eyelid. It was a rare evolution to be seen as the thickness of the layer was about three centimeters. It would be difficult for an ordinary pistol bullet to pierce through that layer.

Therefore if he wanted to shoot at its eye then he had to find the perfect moment when the eyelids were open.

The second weak part of the splitter was its anus.

The splitter’s scythe like arms accounted for more than 80 percent of its body. The remaining 20 percent consisted of its head and trunk. Actually it was a bit alarming as most of its trunk was flat and its surface was covered in solid layer of shell. The edge was very sharp. If compared to human then it would be the waist. But it was like a sharp blade which could be used to attack the enemy.

It’s mouth had a crusty cover but its draining organ had no protection. As long as an arrow could be shot into it then the harm would be caused.


Dudian moved through the grass as he positioned himself behind the splitter. The previous dried blood powder was made to bait it. He was assured to get into closer range after he saw that splitter wasn’t able to move.

Soon, Dudian was about hundred and fifty meters away from the splitter. It was his effective range. Actually right now he could hit from 300 meters but at 150 meters distance the destructive power of his shots reached the highest precision and destructiveness!

Dudian bent over in the bushes. He looked at the 30 meter tall giant that was in front of him. He was quietly taking slow breathes. His heart was nervous as his body had gone cold.

Dudian made a few steps to relocate his body to adjust the angle of his vision. Scythe like limbs were all around its body. There were several angles that could be used to attack because of the gaps. However he choose the straight line. He took out an arrow and looked at the target.

“Only this arrow …”

Dudian slightly narrowed his eyes as he took a deep breath. He had locked onto the splitter’s anus.


The arrow was shot!

Dudian didn’t stand in place like a silly person to check the result but turned and ran away.

In the blink of an eye the arrow penetrated through the splitter’s anus. It growled loudly in pain as its huge body slowly turned towards the bushes. Splitter had detected Dudian who was running away. It roared as it moved to catch up with him.

Dudian’s face changed as he didn’t expect that splitter had such a strength. He took out another arrow which had rope tied to it. He shot the arrow at a distant building. He grabbed the rope as he stomped and tied to another building’s block.


Splitter collided with the rope and the building collapsed in a loud crash.

Dudian didn’t run in a straight line but jumped down from a broken gap. He was aware that this place was a city once upon a time and there was sewers and subway under the ground.

Dudian jumped down without a second thought. Because of the black death season the water had been dried. He had landed in subway station. Dudian was not surprised as eariler on when he was running through the bushes he had seen the roadside signs. Although the writing was fuzzy because of suppression of the dust but he was able to identify as there were traces of residual signs.

He looked up and saw the black metro wagon that was in the distance.

Moreover before he had attacked the splitter he had felt a strong smell which was exuding from the underground. It meant that there was a platform somewhere close or else such a strong rotten smell would be picked up by his nose.


Dudian rushed into the wagon as he crashed through the front window. There were two rows of seats where the bodies were lying down. Most of them were covered with thick dusty bones. The flesh and blood had completely rotted after years or were eaten by insects. In addition there was a man who looked like eighty years old. His body was bleak and brown. He looked like a mummy.

Dudian saw these mummies but he didn’t care much as he rushed through the wagon.

The mummified person suddenly opened its eyes as Dudian was passing from his side. It’s hand moved to catch Dudian but it wasn’t fast enough. The only thing that was caught by it was empty air. The other mummified people opened their eyes because of the noise as if the evil spirits had recovered. One by one they shook their bodies as they stood up. Their dry wrinkled face were grimy as they growled and rushed towards Dudian.

Dudian had smeared undead powder but because he was in hurry and worried about splitter’s attack he had been very nervous. He had sweated and it had overflowed over the smell of undead powder.

“It was written that undead’s are afraid of fire. They follow the sound and move accordingly. In case of total silence the undeal would fall into sleep. They can sleep all year round… ” Dudian rushed all the way through. Every metro wagon had about seven or eight undeads sleeping in them. Due to no light and no food their skin had dried down because of water shortages.

The undeads within the subway recovered with the appearance of Dudian. They roared as they tried to catch up with Dudian.

Dudian took out the undead powder and continue to coat his body.

Rumble ~

A violent sound burst out as splitter’s huge body went through the gap and got into the subway station.

Dudian felt the ground under his feet shake left and right for a moment. A harsh sound echoed out.

“It wouldn’t cut through the wagon, right?”

Actually the forelimbs of the splitter were able to cut off the wagons.

Dudian didn’t dare to pause and he kept rushing away.

Some of the undeads sensed the smell of splitter and went towards it. Other were still running behind Dudian.

The undeads were fearless. It didn’t take long for about dozen undeads gather in front of the splitter. They tried to attack the giant.

The splitter roared and waved its forelimbs. The scythes cut off the undeads that were running at it. However some of them were cut in half and their upper bodies still tried to climb over the splitter’s body.

The splitter ignored this little undeads as it waved its scythe arm towards the first wagon. It cut off the wagon and roared twice. However it didn’t continue forward but climbed back out.

Because of its movement the number of undeads that attacked splitter were increasing. They sensed the smell of blood oozing out of it. They run over in excitement.

The two slender scythe like arms at splitter’s back stroked the bodies of the undeads that tried to attack it. The undeads were cut into two as soon as the scythe like arm touched them.

Dudian went past through the wagon. He kicked open the door and saw three corpses lying on the ground. Thick dust had accumulated over their bodies. The flesh and blood had long been rotten and the black bones were left.

There was also a remnant of a man wearing a cap sitting in the driver seat of the locomotive.

Dudian went over and turned the man’s head. Half of his face had dried up while the other part was ripped off into parts. The teeth and cheekbones were exposed as a result.

Dudian used the dagger to stab onto its head and crush it. He took out the cold crystal and kicked open the front window of the locomotive. He jumped into the platform and went to another one. He was relieved as he saw that splitter wasn’t chasing after him.

“It’s very difficult to kill it if I rely on my bow and arrow to hit its weakness …” Dudian frowned as he thought about other hunting methods.


The undeads also followed out from the broken window. But they didn’t have understanding of jumping so their landing posture was ugly. Some of the landed on their heads.

Dudian kicked up the one which tried to approach him.


The boots of the hunters were made out of extremely hard allows. The undead’s head twisted sideways and broke down because of cervical dislocation as a result of Dudian’s powerful kick.

Dudian kicked another two undeads and turned to run away from the subway station. He didn’t want to struggle with these undeads.

Dudian went out of the subway to see a desolate empty field. He frowned as he had almost used all the methods that he could think of. He was going to try the old and reliable method which had used quite a few times. He was going to lure other monsters to attack the splitter.

However the splitter was totally different from all other monsters that he had hunted. Even if it was injured its level was much more higher than any monster near this area. The strongest monster that he could find would be around level 20s. Moreover in case he was able to lure it towards the splitter the monster would be scared and flee at the first chance.

“I can only try no matter what. Perhaps I can find a few bold ones. ” Dudian thought more but he eventually decided to use this old method.


He turned and ran as he had sensed a smell about dozen miles away.

It didn’t take long before Dudian reached the source of this smell. He looked at a black figure which was about four meter in height. It’s body was covered in sharp hair. It was looking like a giant boar. Moreover it had six curved white fangs.

“Snow teeth pig. Level 24 monster …” Dudian immediately recognized the monster. It was one of the more popular monster that nobles preferred. It’s fangs were the favorite collection materials of the aristocrats. You could see many art pieces carved out of snow teeth pig’s fangs in noble houses.

“It’s going to be faster thank me. I gotta take a risk now.” Dudian took a deep breath and went forward to stop about six hundred meters away from the monster.

The snow teeth pig’s attention was caught as Dudian used the arrows. It turned to see Dudian waving at it from far away. There was a trace of brutal madness in its eyes as it growled and rushed at Dudian.

Dudian turned and ran away.


Snow teeth pig was like a tank that run at high speeds. It would cause earthquake like tremors as it moved.

Dudian was scared as he looked back. The distance between them was closing down as time passed. He turned his head and rushed out as fast as he can.

However he heard a loud noise and screams echoing from behind. He turned back to see that snow teeth pig had fallen to the ground. It’s body rolled a few times and stopped. It didn’t stood up as it stayed there motionless.

Dudian was stunned.

He saw the a purple shadow which was similar to a human’s shape was behind the snow teeth pig.

The next moment he was able to distinguish the figure. It was actually a girl who was wearing a purple tang suit!

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  1. “It’s going to be faster thank me. I gotta take a risk now”
    Must be “It’s going to be faster than me. I gotta take a risk now”

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