DK – Ch 331

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The Dark King – Chapter 331


There was tension in Dudian’s heart. After all the splitter could sense his smell and turn back to kill him at any time. It would be almost impossible to escape at that situation. But he had the courage to track down the splitter as there was another point which he took into the account. Splitter would be afraid of the unknown enemy that had hurt it. And it would know that unknown enemy was in the direction of the giant wall. So there was a very rare chance for it to turn back.

Moreover Dudian didn’t have to worry about encountering other monsters. Splitter was the overlord of this area. The monsters that sensed its smell would have nothing but fear.

Dudian didn’t encounter other monster after thirty kilometers of tracking. He knew that the monsters around this area were nothing but snack for splitter but he didn’t expect that there will be such an after effect.

Dudian gradually reduced his speed after another ten kilometers. He took out undead powder and spilled over his body. Although the splitter wasn’t picky and would eat the undeads but his main aim was to cover his own smell. He wanted to make sure that the smell sensed by the splitter near the giant wall wouldn’t overlap with the smell that it may sense right now.

Dudian came close to a four-story residential building. The tiles on the walls have been worn off and the green moss had covered almost every inch of the building.

He sense the activities of the bone rats inside the building. There was a rotten smell of the undead coming from inside. It seems that it had been killed quite a while ago.

He was able to distinguish it easily because of his experiences.

Dudian climbed to the top of the building. He almost fell down at one point when his foot went through the hole in the wall and he lost the balance.

Dudian instinctively bent down on the roof as he overlooked at the distance. There was a figure which was almost thirty meters tall. It was sitting in the middle of a ruined street. There were several collapsed buildings in its surroundings buried under vines and moss.

Splitter laid on the ground. It seems it was taking a break. The green liquefied kept oozing out from the places where three shark spears had pierced its body.

Dudian’s eyes lit up. He didn’t think that the splitter would be so tenacious. He was aware that shark spear’s destructive power didn’t lie on its attacking speed but the venoms that he had put inside it.

Dudian would buy three different points from the Temple every day. The architects from the wood faction were able to buy and collect all kinds of toxins. The most toxic ones would be limited to sales of few pounds a day. However Dudian was able to buy thousand kilograms of poison! If there were no antidotes then the sales of these poisons would be banned by the Temple long ago.

Dudian deliberately forged shark fins on spears. He made them so that the poison could play a role too. Each fin was filled with mercury. Inside the mercury there was poison which was covered with a thin layer of metal.

The mercury would instantly burst and break apart after the shark spear pierced the body of the splitter. It would pour into the splitter body. In addition the toxins would also infiltrate its body through the blood. There would be unexpected effects if the poison directly infiltrated into important body parts. Moreover Dudian had carefully selected the poisons. Some of them were liquid while the other was in powder form. A drop of that mix would instantly kill an adult person!

Splitter had tenacious vitality as it could run away and rest right now after being pierced by three shark spears.

“Didn’t mercury burst out? The venom has yet to infiltrate its body?” Dudian was doubtful. He was quietly calculating the time it would take for those three poisons to affect the splitter.

If it didn’t die on its own then he was planning to run away.

As for hunting

He would not dare to risk to move unless the latter is disabled and at the door of death. The attack power of arrows against it was close to zero. Dudian had taken bow and arrows to guard against other monsters.

Dudian was fortunate that splitter was an attack type monster. It’s body was like razors all over it. If he was against a monster which was a defense type and at the same level as splitter then he calculated that he wouldn’t be able to pierce through even if he used tank shells.

Time passed in silence.

The splitter lied on the ground to rest. It seemed to be reluctant to move at all.

Dudian didn’t know whether it was resting because it was tired or the venom was affecting it and it was difficult for it move. After a long time of wait he tried to use arrows to check splitter’s reaction but he eventually held back. He would be courting death if the splitter was resting but not affected by the poison.

He could only wait and continue to observe. The majority of the hunter would encounter such problems.

“Ten hours… Eighteen hours…It would take eighteen hours.” Dudian’s eyes lit up: “Its physique is totally different to a humans. Father had told me that be referencing wrong data there would be mismatch and inevitable failure as a result. I can’t be tempted and can’t use arrows right now.”

After a while he thought about the small cluster of the dried blood in his armor. Dudian’s eyes lit up as he went back into the building. In the absence of the electricity the building was dark. The windows were covered with vines and dust.

Dudian sense the smell and went into a corner.


He jumped past and grabbed a rat. He held onto its neck so that it couldn’t bite his wrist.

The rat’s companions retracted back into the cave after it was caught. They went through the holes into the other parts of the building.

Dudian didn’t care about the others. He grabbed onto the rat as he went back to the roof. He pulled out the dried blood and wrapped it with gauze over the rats neck. He made it so to prevent the rat from tearing it off.

The rat was anxious as it squeaked. It seemed to be afraid of the foul smell coming off from Dudian.

Dudian throw away the rat.

At the moment he was about two or three kilometers away from the splitter. The rat fall onto the ground about seven or eight hundred meters away from the splitter.

Dudian bent down as he watched the splitter. The splitter’s huge body moved after the rat fell onto the grass. Dudian was able to see a huge eye hidden under its body. Dudian was surprised as the hair on his body was erected. It was like a deadly snake was staring at him.

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  1. It can’t run fast because the shark spear.. But now it run so fast lol
    For the plot, there nothink can’t do. I’m dying hahaha

    1. Yeah a wingsuit can go with 300 km/h and this creature running faster at a visible rate that leaves Dudian in the dust so that means atleast 400 km/h. This is while it’s injured btw… So it’s normal running speed is at what 500 – 600km/h? Lol that’s kind of unbelievable… It’s getting close to a commercial airliners speed and it’s not even flying lol…

  2. Dean is fast enough to dodge a 45cal bullet in 100 m range … That means when theyre level is intetmidiate Stage they already exceeds human limit in real world much less a lvl 60+ beast that is atleast 5 times stronger than Senior hunter…. So mother splitters speed is rational with that wings added….. Eh? Mmmmnnnn…. The settings stays logical … No?

    Thanks! Huhu cliff !

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