DK – Ch 33

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The Dark King – Chapter 33


Dudian was taken to a luxury office.

There was a tough old man who sat by the table. A pretty young girl was sitting on his leg, holding a burgundy cup full of crimson red wine.

“Peter, when are you going to learn to knock on the door?” The old man patted the girl’s buttocks and motioned her to leave.

Elegant men laughed: “You should lock the door first.”

Old man noticed Dudian who was following at Peter’s rear: “Is he one of the fellows who was picked in this group’s scavengers? Why have you brought him here?”

Peter smiled: “He is the seed of these batch. His contract needs to be modified a bit. You should rest assured, everything is within the scope of permission.”

“Oh?” The old man looked at Dudian with interest, said: “Top of this batch, ha? Kid, you are doing pretty well. If you continue in the same pace you may turn into a good hunter. ”

Peter smiled, and said to Dudian: “You sit first, the new contract will soon be ready.”He turned to the old man: “identity medals and uniforms, please.”

Old man smiled, opened a drawer, pulled out a stack of black uniforms.

Dudian sat down next to the sofa. When he saw the uniform he could not help but think of three years ago. The two officers who took him to training grounds had worn exactly the same uniforms.

“This is your scavenger medal and uniform.” Peter handed to the clothes and medals to Dudian. There were two different medals, said: “In case of civilians you should produce the first medal which will cover your identity as a guard. In case of aristocrats or others, you can use the scavenger medal”

Dudian looked at the two medals. The silver medal engraved with crossed swords was for guard identity. However, the scavenger medal was matte black. The giant wall of Silva was engraved on its outline.

“You are our Mellon consortium’s seed cultivation object.” Peter sat down beside Dudian, said: “Every time after scavenging, the consortium will give you a bright spring which is purchased from the Holy Church. It is a very expensive syrup used to clean your body’s radiation value. As a result, you won’t have to worry about radiation problems while scavenging. The consortium will give you special attention after you accumulate certain amount of points. You may get the opportunity to access the hunter school and as long as you can stick through the training, you can become a hunter!”

Fernando had told him that to become a hunter you had to have a ‘light physique’. He didn’t expect that there are other methods that could lead to become a hunter.

“I will work hard.” Dudian caught medals and uniforms and replied seriously.

“I’m sure you will,” Peter encouraged.

“How is the status of hunters in comparison to nobility? ” he asked.

Peter laughed: “This depends on level of hunters, but also level of nobility should be taken into account. If you are an excellent scavenger then aristocrats will politely try to curry favor with you. After all, scavengers bring a lot of wealth to aristocracy. It can be said that scavengers are aristocrats favorite workers. But in the eyes of the number of financially influential noble families, scavengers are nothing. Only hunters meet their appetite. ”

Dudian eyes moved: “There are levels in hunting division?

“Of course there are. But it’s too early for you to know about that. ” Peter encouraged: “The benefits of being a hunter are much more than you think. They not only get qualifications for permanent residence in commercial district but if they accumulate enough merits then their future is limitless!”

Dudian nodded slightly, knowing that Peter was throwing a bait. In his heart he was not concerned about permanent residence in commercial district or having qualifications to start his own noble lineage. These are the appearances created by the rulers of this world. Being a hunter, scavengers, noble or anything else is just a privilege which can be taken away at any time. It’s not real power!

It’s been three years since he had decided to get the power to control his own destiny. No longer be dominated or trampled!

If he continued on to live a humble life like an ant, one day or other, ultimately he will be trampled to death.

“By the way, in seven days you will have to go to your first task as a scavenger. ” Peter laughed: “You have to do well. Your results will determine way too many things that you don’t even imagine. Anyway, I would advise you to wash up and clean yourself. At night, I will pick you up. Don’t forget aristocrats hate dirt and mess. Comb your hair neatly… ”

Dudian nodded slightly, “I’ll pay attention to details.”

At this time, the door opened and the previous girl came in. She handed the new contract to Peter.

Peter looked at it and handed it to Dudian: “Check , there should be no problems”

Dudian once again went over the contract from start to finish. He saw that the changes had been made on proposed places. He took the pen and quickly signed under his name.

“Alright” Pete closed the consortium’s contract and said to Dudian: “Don’t forget to wear your medal at night. It is your status symbol. If necessary keep it on you at all times. ”

“I will.”

“Ok, someone will take you to a temporary place to live.”

Dudian nodded, turned and left pulling out the door smoothly.

Mason and the other two had received their medals and uniforms. The woman had explained all the details to them. As she saw Dudian coming out of the room, she said: “Come with me. I will take you to your temporary residence.”

A small castle was arranged for Dudian and others. The environment was comfortable and clean, with servants and gardeners at their disposal. However, it was a temporary residence for three days. After three days, except Dudian, the other three had to return to their own houses in residential district. Consortium’s carriages would bring them in case of tasks and missions to the required assembly site.

“Dean, can you take us with you?”

Mason and Zach looked at the neatly dressed Dudian. They knew that he was going to attend the aristocratic party.

Dudian turned sideways in front of the mirror, arranging the cuffs. He felt satisfied with his looks. He spoke to the wailing Mason: “Help me Mason. Bring the boots”

Dudian dressed neatly. From the windows he saw an exquisite carriage galloping in front of the castle. He put his medal on his shoulder and left to the door.

“Well, you look pretty handsome.” Peter opened the car curtain to look at him.

Dudian smiled and went into the carriage.

Before long, the carriage arrived at a secluded place in the commercial district. There was very large manor covered by high walls. There were rows of lanterns hung around to light the surroundings. More than a dozen carriages were parked outside the manor.

The banquet had already begun when Dudian and Peter arrived. The faint sounds of melodious music echoing from the estate.

“It looks like we’re a bit late,” Peter smiled, “and remember to be cautious.”

Dudian nodded.

Peter showed his identity and invitations and entered the estate with Dudian. Along the trail to the banquet hall there was dedicated servants to open the door for them. The path was lighted magnificently and the sound of music was slowly drifted out.
“Its ‘Moonlight Beauty’ by master Hayden”, Peters quickly rushed into the hall.

Dudian was about to keep up Peter when his eyes met another tall figure’s. He was wearing a fine silk clothing. There were emerald rings on his fingers.

Middle-aged noble glanced at Dudian. When he saw scavenger medal on Dudian’s shoulder he frowned, “Who told you to come in?”

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  2. Hahahah, that ending was just awesome! I’ll love to see how it goes. Actually, I’m itching to know what will happen in the next few chapters. After all, he’s finally an scavenger!!

    As always, much love to you for translating this incredibly awesome novel!

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