DK – Ch 329

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The Dark King – Chapter 329


A deafening sound echoed out as shark spear shoot out from the muzzle. The chain at its back was taken out as the black spear rushed out.

Sounds buzzed and hummed in Dudian’s ears. He was too sensitive to the smell. He frowned as he felt pungent smell of smoke. He quickly glanced at the giant black shadow at the foot of the giant wall.

In less than two seconds the shark spear had already reached 500 meters. If it was shot when it was parallel to the ground then the effect would not be so great. But at the moment its speed was increased by its own weight and gravity pulling it down. Moreover because of the steam nozzles on the shark fins the shark spear was flying much more fast. An ordinary bullet shot from the pistol would reach only 400m/s. At the moment the giant shark spear had reached such speeds and its destruction force was at least tens of times better than a bullet.


The splitter seems to have sensed the oncoming shark spear when it was half the way from the ground. It growled in anger as it struggled to stand up. However its strength was affected by the serious injury caused with the successful hit of the previous shark spear. A green liquid was splashing out from the convex where the joints of the three scythe like arms was located. The thin wings flapped like transparent metal plates. It’s body got up as it tried to move.


The splitter was able to recede at the last moment. However sharp shark spear still hit its body. Splitter roared in pain.

Dudian didn’t have time to attend the results so he quickly picked up the third sharp scream. He shouted at Nicholas to prepare the fourth one while he was working on the third shark spear.

Dudian immediately adjusted the muzzle as he loaded the third shark spear into the barrel. He aimed at the splitter. As he heard its roars he knew that the second spear had successfully hit it too. He saw that the tail of the shark spear was exposed and the chains were on the ground. The end of the chain was connected to the shark spear. IT was tightly wrapped around the body of the splitter.

It was not a coincidence but because of suction.

Dudian had planned in details as he pondered how to kill the splitter. He had gone step by step as he scruitnised the plan into extreme details. The chain was part of the plan too. Right now both the chain and the shark spear were attracted to each other.

Originally he had thought that the magnet’s strength wouldn’t be enough to attract each other because of the splitter’s size. So he thought that after shooting six or seven shark spears for magnets on shark spear to be able to attract the magnetic chains. Fortunately for him the second shark spear had attracted the chain and they were tightly wrapped.

“The God is in my side! Today you won’t escape!” There was fierceness in Dudian’s eyes as he adjusted the muzzle. He lit the cannon to shoot the third shark spear.


The third shark spear was launched.

Dudian’s ears almost went deaf as he heard a lot of blur. Moreover his hands were feeling hot. Although he had smelted the barrel perfectly and resistible to the heat but after three consecutive shots it had been heated up. He knew that after the fourth consecutive shot it would be hard for him to balance the barrel with his hands.

Splitter growled in anger on the ground. It waved its scythes against the chain made of tungsten steel. However only the tinkling sounds echoed. If its strength wasn’t affected then it seems the splitter would be able to directly cut them off. Moreover chain was a soft weapon. It’s power was dispersed. As it cut it from the blocks then other part of the chain was still attracted to splitter’s body.

The splitter stood up from the ground. This time it seemed that it was long aware of the attack. The third shark spear had gone about 700 meters when splitter rolled over to another side and stood up. It began to run away.


The third shark spear shot down onto the ground and pierced through the soil. It’s momentum was very strong. The chain that followed it was dragged down too.

Dudian frowned as he grabbed the shark spear from Nicholas and loaded it into the barrel. He aimed at the splitter’s direction. His hands clenched onto the hot barrel’s handle as he adjusted the angle.

As an archer he was used to long distance shots.


A heat wave came off the barrel. Dudian was using both hands to tightly hold the barrel. His right hand shrank back on instinct. He released his left hand too. Dudian no longer loaded shark spears as he tightly stared at the fourth shark spear which was shot.

Black sharp spear shot through the air. The steam nozzle opened and sprayed white waves. It was like a black shark moving at fast speeds in the ocean.

Splitter wasn’t running very fast. It’s body was deeply wounded with two shark spears. Moreover few of its scythe like limbs were wrapped with chains and its balance was down. It couldn’t run at full speed.

Splitter went towards to bushes to hid but everything was in vain as the sharp spear was rapidly approaching. It bounced sideways to avoid the shooting trajectory of the shark spear.

Splitter was intelligent enough to understand after several attacks that shark spear could only attack on straight line.

However it had miscalculated this time.

It was struggling to jump to the side when sharp spear turned slightly and chased after it.

Most of the biological forms that lived on the land don’t have experience against defending the attacks form the sky. Splitter was no exception. It could only try to run faster but the distance was diminishing at high rate.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. There was no time to think or judge.

Pop! Shark spear shot down and hit the splitter’s body. The splitter was knocked down and rolled forward for seven or eight laps. Because of the magnet on the shark spear the previous two chains were attracted towards splitter’s body. It was like snake had wrapped around its prey.

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  1. “The God is in my side! Today you won’t escape!”

    God? When did Dudian started believing in god? o_O

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