DK – Ch 328

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The Dark King – Chapter 328


The sounds of splitter’s outcry echoed out.

Splitter stopped and growled as the dried blood of the young splitter attached to the rope fell down about six or seven hundred meters height. It seemed that splitter had felt its existence as it turned towards the location where Dudian and Nicholas was at.

The groun trembled and quivered as the splitter’s footprints were left in the ground. In less than 30 seconds the splitter was below the location of Dudian. It looked up at the rope where the dried blood was attach. It roared in anger even though it was aware that it couldn’t climb up.

Dudian firmly grabbed onto the rope as he let it go downwards. He had seen the splitter’s ability to jump before when it tried to catch Nicholas. So he made sure that the rope stayed four hundred meters away from the ground. He deliberately shook the rope so that the smell of the dried blood was distributed over.

The splitter roared once again and jumped.

Dudian pulled up the rope as he saw this.

Splitter actually was able to jump nearly for four hundred meters but it still couldn’t reach the rope.

Dudian stabilized the rope and slowly pushed it down.

The wings at splitter’s back began to move as it fell down. It kind of used them to decrease the friction as it reduced the speed of freefall. However a loud noise similar to an earthquake was issued as it landed on ground.

Dudian clutched the rope and moved towards the left to stay away from the entrance.

Splitter followed after the rope as it jumped once more.

Dudian once again pulled the rope and splitter couldn’t reach it.

“Master, what about this?” Nicholas was assembling. He asked in hurry as he was holding to the huge base.

Dudian looked back at him: “There are two 20cm long iron bolts. Make sure that you twist the screws properly. There can’t a loose part.”

Nicholas once more continued to assemble as he heard the intruction from Dudian.

Dudian once more used the rope to lure the splitter.

Splitter repeated jumped for a few times. However after that it looked up and roared in anger few times. But it didn’t continue to jump. Apparently it was aware that jumping was futile.

Dudian pushed down the rope a bit more and kept shaking it.

Splitter couldn’t hold back and jumped once more.

Dudian was taken aback as he swayed the rope to the side in hurry.

Splitter couldn’t hit the rope. Its wings began to flap as its scythes cut onto the giant wall. It reduced the speed of falling as it squeaked in a low tone. The next moment its body fell to the ground on its back. Splitter somersaulted and slowly climb up. There were green liquid oozing out from its foot joints.

Dudian knew that it was hurt. There was a wide smile on his face. Injuring a level 68 monster wasn’t a joke.

Dudian continued to use the rope to lure splitter. He was trying to make sure that splitter consumes a lot of energy.

The splitter stopped jumping up.

Dudian slowly pushed the rope to a lower distance. He stopped it about 200 meters from the ground. The splitter was once more angered as it jumped up.

This time splitter was able to cut the rope.

Dudian pulled up the rope and tied another gauze with dried blood.

The splitter rushed towards the rope that was cut. A moment later it looked up and roared up. The sound was full of anger and killing intent.

Dudian smiled as he pushed down the rope to about three hundred meters from the ground.

After a bit of time Nicholas finally was able to complete assembling the cannon. Dudian gave the rope to Nicholas and said: “Tease it with this. Try to consume its energy and cite it to attack!”

Nicholas stretched his head out from the edge of the giant wall. He saw the splitter roaring in anger. He retracted back his head and looked at Dudian: “Is this alright?”

“Do what I say!” Dudian gave him the rope. He turned towards the giant cannon that was assembled by Nicholas. He pushed it towards the edge of the giant wall. The base of the cannon was two meters long. It’s barrel could easily pushed over the top of the giant wall. It could be adjusted to two hundred and seventy degrees. In short he was able to aim the muzzle to the ground at ease.

Dudian picked up a shark spear. It’s color was close to tungsten steel color but had a touch od matte black. There was a metal cylinder fixed behind the shark fins of the spear.

Dudian put the shark spear into the barrel. He aimed the muzzle straight down. He adjusted the angle once more.

Dudian took out a match and was ready to ignite the cannon. He was calm as he said to Nicholas in a low tone: “Lure it up! Make it jump! Push the rope down but not too low!”

Nicholas had seen the original drawing so he understood Dudian’s intentions. He kept shaking the rope as he let it fall down.

The splitter was unable to control itself as the rope was lowered to two hundred and fifty meters.

Nice opportunity!

Dudian saw that splitter was about to jump off. He had observed splitter’s actions previously as he had used the rope to lure it up. He was aware of the posture splitter had used before bouncing off. He quickly burned the lead at the back of the barrel. At the same time he grasped with both of his hands form two sides of the barrel in order to prevent the possible change in location after it was fired off. Slight deviation would end up in a very different target.


Splitter jumped.


Flame sprayed out from the muzzle.

Crash ~ ~

Shark spear broke of through the soft plastic net covering the tip of the barrel and shot straight down. The metal base at the end of the shark spear blew out. The chains at its back spread out promoting the momentum of the shark spear. Actually in less than a second the chains began to fall down too.

At the same time the small metal cylinder at the back of the shark fins of the shark spear bounced as white steam went out.

Steam nozzle!

Dudian had thought of steam nozzle to control the direction of the shark spear as it went down.

The shark spear was rushing down at a rapid speed. Moreover the steam nozzle was helping to go down straight without any deviation.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. The splitter was able to cut the rope and it was falling down.


The shark spear rushed at it.

There was no time to leverage in the air. The splitter seemed to feel the shark spear on instinct. It used its scythe like forelimbs to protect its front. The other four scythe like arms were slightly opened as if to attack the shark spear.

Both of them collided in the air!

However the shark spear was in advantage. It had its own weight plus the momentum it had gained after flying down for 900 meters. It’s speed had reached frightening velocity. It was carrying destructive power beyond the defensive capabilities of the splitter.


The scythe like arm couldn’t protect splitter. It passed through and pierced past the body of the splitter. Splitter’s body began to fall faster and it couldn’t adjust its posture as it fell down. Splitter ruthlessly hit the ground.

There was a trace of surprise on Dudian’s face as his calm expression change. He didn’t expect to be successful on the first try. He didn’t observe the splitter but quickly loaded the second shark spear. The whole action took only about three seconds. He ignited the fire and clutched the barrel to aim at splitter.

P.S: Blame vodka and beer for the late release!

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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! The best part ! Why you do this to me ? My heart cant support ! >…<
    Thank you bro ! Nice chapter !

  2. thanks for the chapters MS as for deans ne magic marks i dont think anyone in the wall has marks at lvl 68?

  3. Where are you from, MadSnail? Last time you mentioned Russian cartoon “Masha & The Bear”, this time it was vodka+beer – Russian national cocktail 😉

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