DK – Ch 327

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The Dark King – Chapter 327

Dudian for the first time saw the appearance of the splitter from the high ground. It was swaying like a seaweed as it moved. It’s scythe like arms were similar to swords gathered in groups that pierced the ground. The splitters body was much different than newborn splitters. It was much larger, there were strange dark parts on it and its shell was like an armor which covered its body. In short it seemed like a machine designed for war.

Dudian didn’t continue to look at it but rushed out to the edge and roared at Nicholas: “Come on, its coming up!” He tried to balance his voice so that he couldn’t be heard on the other side of the giant wall.

Nicholas was old but his body had the physique of an intermediate hunter. Moreover his hearing was much better than ordinary knight of light’s. His face changed as he heard Dudian’s call. In a reflex he wrapped the rope around his waist and began to climb up.

Nicholas was doing his best to crawl while Dudian pulled the rope too.

Dudian pulled Nicholas faster than an elevator could take him up. He looked up to see that the splitter was around ten miles away from them. It was a long distance for ordinary people but for splitter it was a matter of few breaths to reach Nicholas.

Dudian clenched his teeth to bear the pain coming off from his right arm. Soon Nicholas was dragged up to 100 meters high. This height was ‘safe’ distance from the ground as splitter’s height seemed to be close to 30 meters.


The voice of splitter’s body hitting the giant wall echoed out. In the blink of an eye it had closed the distance of 10 miles.

Dudian could clearly see from the high attitude that there were several black triangular shapes at the core of the splitter. They seemed similar to huge eyeballs.

Obviously it was one of its weaknesses.

However those triangular things looked like the armored eyelids. They would be able to protect splitter’s eyes from an arrow shot by Dudian. He thought that it would be very hard to penetrate through the armor with just an arrow.

Nicholas’s heart almost stopped and choked blood as he heard the trembling sound coming off the ground. He clutched tightly onto the rope. His mind went blank for a moment. Although he had used his imagination to visualize the ferocious monster but personally seeing it was another kind of an experience. What kind of a monster is this?

Is it something that hunters can fight against?

The splitter’s body stopped as it hit the giant wall. It’s eyes focused on Nicholas’s body as it noticed his existence. Splitter issued a low roar and bounced up.

Nicholas’s eyes went wide in horror and his soul almost emerged out of his body as he saw the scene.


A huge scythe like forelimb of splitter attacked like a sword.

“Nooooo~~” Nicholas looked at the splitter which leaped up. An unprecedented fear burst out in his heard. Instinctively he released the rope so that his body would fall and he could escape its immediate attack. He even considered immediate death better than being pierced by splitter.

However the rope was tightly wrapped around his waist.

The rope swayed.


The scythe like arm passed in front of Nicholas’s eyes and loud voice echoed as it crashed onto the surface of the giant wall.

Nicholas’s body floated around and he was able to escape the blow.


A huge roar came from the ground as the splitter felt down and trampled it.

Nicholas was relieved as he looked down once more. His face turned white in fear as he saw the splitter getting ready to leap up again. He bit his lips as he tried to climb up. Alternatively Dudian was pulling Nicholas up too. In about few seconds of time Nicholas had risen more than 100 meters.


The splitter jumped again.

Nicholas’s heart jumped out as he saw splitter’s momentum. He pressed his legs onto the giant wall to run over it while he clutched the rope.

Dudian was prepared. In accordance with the previous method he quickly ran to another place to swing Nicholas to the other side.


The splitter once more hit an empty target.

Dudian was relieved.

Nicholas had climbed over 500 meters in height as the splitter tried to jump for the third time. Splitter was able to jump for 350 meters and felt down. It’s seemed that 350 meters was its bouncing limit. Although its jumping ability was very strong but its weight was large too.

Nicholas was relieved to see that splitter couldn’t reach him. However he didn’t dared to slack as he grabbed the rope to quickly climb up.

Splitter stood on the ground and looked up. But it didn’t jump again.

Dudian saw the scene. It was according to his guess. Although the splitter had wings but its size was too large. The role of the wings wasn’t meant for it to fly but for increasing its flexibility while jumping or running. Otherwise it would have relied on its wings and have flown over the giant wall long time ago.

Nicholas was pulled over the giant wall after a while. He grabbed onto the edge and turned over to the top. He sat on ground as he took big breathes. His face was white as his body sweated all over.

Dudian quickly recovered the rope and threw it at Nicholas: “Don’t dawdle! Quickly move the things!”

Nicholas looked back at Dudian. He saw that Dudian’s index finger on his left hand was torn because of the friction created by the rope. Blood slowly oozed down. The anger in his heart faded away. There were complicated feelings reflected in his eyes as Nicholas looked at Dudian: “Thank you…”

Dudian sternly looked at him: “It’s not time to be sentimental! Carry the baggage!”

Nicholas’s mouth twitched as he wryly smiled. He no longer said anything as he picked up the shark spears: “We can’t shot it in here…Where do we move?”

Dudian replied: “Of course we can’t shot it in here. We are just next to the entrance of the passage. If there is a big movement then the knights of light will be alerted!”

Nicholas honestly asked: “Where should we move then?”

“There, 5km away.” Dudian moved towards the left.

Nicholas wryly smiled as he knew that there was no room for discussion. He picked up the shark spear as he followed after Dudian.

Dudian also carried shark spears. He bowed down to check the splitter. It was still waving its scythes against the giant wall near the entrance.

Dudian retracted his eyes and increased his speed.

In about ten minutes all the equipment including the shark spears were moved to the left side of the passage about 5km away from the entrance.

Dudian made the Nicholas to assemble the parts while he took out a fragmented dried blood shell from his armor. It was rolled in a small white gauze. He tied it to the rope and slowly pushed down the giant wall.

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  1. “We can’t shot it in here..” You mean shoot.
    “Of course we can’t shot it in here.” You mean shoot.

    THnx for chapter

  2. Dudian…your still very kind aren’t you? I only wish your subordinates can see more of this side of you

  3. Why are there no bird monsters which fly over the wall? Every other animal seems to be represented.

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