DK – Ch 326

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The Dark King – Chapter 326

“Isn’t it ordinary gravel?” Dudian’s eyes lit up as he used the dagger to scratch the giant wall’s surface as hard as he could. But he was able draw out sand and moss. Dudian suspected that these sand powder and moss were stained on the surface of the giant wall after a long time of accumulation.

Dudian didn’t continue to study the giant wall after making two scratches. The current level of technology would be able to identify the composition and infrastructure of the giant wall. He returned back to the exit of the passage and looked at Nicholas: “Don’t waste time. Take them out!” (t/n: did the creators of the egyptian pyramids help to build the giant wall?)

Nicholas’s face had turned ugly: “Master, are you planning to hunt this big guy which made those scratches?”

Dudian nodded: “Yes.”

Nicholas’s face turned bitter and green as if he had eaten poisonous mushrooms: “Master, I know that I had offended you. I admit that and I know that you don’t want to kill me directly. I won’t even resist. You can use me as a cannon fodder. But this…”

“If you don’t want to die then don’t be so long-winded.” Dudian kicked his ass and pushed him into the passage. He didn’t take him as an elder: “Act!”

Nicholas was thrown into the passage. He looked back at Dudian. He wanted to pull down the giant iron door and ran back. However he suppressed the idea that was circling in his mind. Nicholas sighed and pulled the shark spear that was on the ground. He took everything out.

Dudian had laid to the ground as he pressed his ear to listen to the nearby movement. There were no vibrations coming off the ground. He looked at Nicholas: “You wait here for me. If you hear movement or vibrations then get into the passage and take refuge there. Don’t stay outside otherwise you will die in a miserable way.”

Nicholas’s heartbeat slightly increased as he asked in a tense tone: “What about you?”

Dudian took out two large bowl-shaped object from one of the cloth bags. There were four suction cups in the bag. He used two of them himself and tied tied the rope to the two other. He put on another huge backpack. There was a solid rope in the backpack. He came towards the giant wall and pushed the suction cups onto its surface. Cups firmly buckled onto the giant wall and Dudian began to climb up.

Nicholas was stunned as he rubbed his eyes. For a moment he doubted that such a thing could occur.

Dudian used the suction cups to climb up the giant wall like a spider. If this invention was given to the Temple he estimated that it would be assessed as a two star item. However at this moment the value of the suction cups were more beneficial than money or points. The suction cups were concave in structure so Dudian pressed one after another to climb the giant wall.

Dudian climbed about 100 meters in height. It was relatively safe distance from the ground. However if he fell off from 100 meters then he would have fractured bones at the best case. Moreover just from visual observation the giant wall seemed to be over 1000 meters in height. So if he fell down from such a height then the only result would be death!

Although he considered that air would act as a cushion but if he felt form four or five hundred meters then he wouldn’t be able to keep his little life. There was only two things he could rely on right now and those were suction cups.

Therefore he had repeated made experiments on four suction cups. He had put a lot of effort in making them as perfect as possible. In theory he would be able to climb to the top.

“If I wasn’t worried about splitter’s movement then I could create something new in another half a month’s time. I could have made a hot air balloon which could easily fly over the giant wall. But it would still be a risky choice. The materials aren’t good enough to make something like that. I assume at seven or eight hundred meters the balloon wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure. Once it broke the death would be much more faster… ”

Nicholas looked up at the figure on the giant wall in shock. Dudian was using two small devices to climb to such a horrible height. It was simply too appalling.

Dudian had climbed to four hundred meters after some time. There was soreness in high right hand. He thought that his left hand was in the same state even though he couldn’t feel anything. His hands clutched onto the suction cups as he breathed. He continued to climb up. Every time he would tightly press and check the suction cup before moving on. He didn’t want to fall off because of misadventure such as that. At six hundred meters height the suction cup on his left hand didn’t work properly and he almost dropped off. Cold sweat flew down his spine as he quickly tried to control the strength on his right hand. For a moment he was hung down only relying on his right hand. The next moment he pressed the suction cup on his left hand to the giant wall.

Dudian put more emphasis on the suction cup in his left hand after this. He didn’t look up or down to see the height he was at. Dudian didn’t know how long it took but at one point he felt the heat of sun rays on his head. He looked up and saw that he was closer to the sky. The top of the giant wall was few meters away from his current position.

He was excited as he stabilized his rhythm and continued to climb up. Finally he was able to climb to the top of the giant wall. He raised his hand and seized the edge of the giant wall’s top. He dragged his body and turned over the edge. The top of the giant wall was similar in structure to the Great Wall from the China. It’s sides were slightly convex on edges. The middle part in between was about 20 meters in length. It was very clean and there were no weapons.

Dudian looked up and forward. He felt like he was overlooking all the being as he opened his arms. The cold wind blew past him. He felt freedom.

Dudian looked down the wall after a while. Even though there was about thousands of meters distance but he was able to clearly see Nicholas’s face covered in thick beard. Dudian smiled as he unloaded the backpack he was carrying. There was a long rope within it. He threw its one side down the wall.

The length of the rope was one thousand and two hundred meters. He had calculated the height of the giant wall according to his visual perception. Actually the rope was more than a hundred meters long than the height of the giant wall.

Soon the rope brushed past and fall down to the ground.

Nicholas looked at the top of the giant wall. He still couldn’t calm himself as he saw Dudian at the top of the giant wall. He tied a backpack to the rope thrown by Dudian.

Dudian immediately pulled the rope as he saw Nicholas tie the backpack.

He unlocked the backpack after it was dragged over. There was another rope inside the backpack. But it was as thick as a write and much more durable than the previous rope.

Dudian threw down the new rope.

Nicholas bent the rope in a triangular shape and tied the shark spear onto it.

Dudian pulled it up after Nicholas tied it. It didn’t take long for the first shark spear to be dragged over the top of the giant wall. The second, third shark spears followed it… Soon all 12 of the shark spears were on top of the giant wall.

Afterwards the other small parts that they had brought with themselves were tied to the rope.

As time passed all 6 tools that they had brought outside were dragged over by Dudian.

Dudian dumped the rope as he heavily breathed. He looked at the distant wilderness. He saw a black spot in distance which was running like an ant. He narrowed his eyes. It was the anticipated splitter that was rushing past towards their location.

“It has come!” Dudian’s pupils shrank. He was planning to use the dried blood of the young splitter to lure it but it had appeared on its own!

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  1. omg suction cups? Seriously?! They have plastic but did they even discover silicone? What did he make the suction cups out of? Besides even the best suction cup won’t work on walls… You know why? Because the surface isn’t perfect and even if it was perfect there is dust that prevents the suction force to be powerfull enough! And he just scratched sand and dust from the fking wall that accumulated on it for years! What kind of suction cup could even work on such a wall ffs…

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