DK – Ch 325

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The Dark King – Chapter 325

Dudian’s eyes lit up as he jumped of the mammoth’s head. He looked at two knights of light which were by the entrance: “Who are you?”

One of them had a different armor and seemed like the captain. He didn’t answer to Dudian’s words but look up and down at him. The knight behind him saw the mammoth carriage and frowned: “Are you hunters from the New World consortium?”


“There are signs of frequent abnormal activities outside the giant wall! Are you trying to go for a hunt? We advise you to go back as you still have a chance. You will end up like a free meal in giant monster’s stomach.” The middle-aged knight of light indifferently said.

Dudian smiled: “Thanks for the reminder but there is an order by the consortium which we have to accomplish.”

“Hmpf!” The middle-aged knight of light snorted: “If you insist on going out then there is no problem. But don’t blame me that I haven’t warned you when you lose your small life out there!”

Dudian smiled: “I’ll trouble you to open the passage.”

“Reckless!” The young knight of light standing behind the captain whispered. Although his tone was low but obviously he made it so that everyone could hear him.

The other knights of light in duty looked at Dudian and Nicholas in disdain and ridicule. However one of them suddenly exclaimed: “Y-you! Aren’t you architect Dean?”

Dudian nodded as he saw that he was recognized: “Yes, that’s me.”

The previous middle-aged knight and young knight of light looked at Dudian in amazement. They didn’t expect to meet the genius architect in person. Although they were familiar with the name but because of their duties by the giant wall they didn’t have time to read newspaper. So they didn’t recognize Dudian’s appearance.

Dudian took out his architect medal and hunter medal so that he didn’t stay for long. The middle-aged knight looked at it and Dudian put it away: “I’m here to escort the hunters of our consortium. We are planning to establish a stronghold outside the giant wall.”

The middle-aged knight’s attitude made a big turn as he politely said: “I have long heard that architect Dean is in good relationship with the New World consortium but I wouldn’t expect that you would help their hunters to establish a base.”

Dudian knew that the Temple had concealed his identity as a hunter so the knights of light weren’t aware of his background. There were few in other consortia and various aristocrats who had information about him. Moreover because of Temple’s involvement his hunter status was more low key and it didn’t attract too much attention. Dudian looked at the middle-aged knight: “You should be from Charles family. Greet your family members on my behalf.”

The middle-aged knight’s eyes lit up: “I didn’t expect that you have heard about our family. I am honored!”

“You are kind.” Dudian didn’t meant to go back and unload stuff. So he looked back at the mammoth carriage and said to Nicholas: “Unload the tools.”

Nicholas who was listening to Dudian and middle-aged knight’s conversation bowed and turned away.

The middle-aged knight told the young knight to open the door to the passage. He looked back at Dudian: “Architect Dean the place outside the passage isn’t safe in recent times. We won’t be able to afford the responsibility if something happens to you…”

Dudian patted his shoulder: “Don’t worry nothing will happen.”

The middle-aged knight smiled. He wanted to continue to persuade him but saw that Dudian raised his hand to stop him. He waved towards the other knight of light to help Nicholas with unloading.

The shark spears were covered with coarse cloth. The knights of light staggered because of their weight and were full of curiosity. But because of Dudian’s presence they restrained their curiosity and didn’t look at them.

Everything was unloaded form the carriage.

Dudian and Nicholas moved into the passage. The place was stacked. He asked the middle-aged knight to close the giant door after they entered the passage.

The dim lights of the oil lamps shined within the passage. The first thing that they saw was the smiling faces of the goddesses engraved on the walls.

It was Nicholas’s first time going to the outside of the giant wall. He was full of curiosity as he looked around the passage. Both of them carried the sharp spears to the other exit of the passage. Dudian removed the lock and opened a small gap. The air was filled with pale smell which had mix of adult splitter’s odor. The splitter had come to this part of the giant wall.

However from the smell he knew that the latter shouldn’t be here.

Dudian slowly pushed open the giant door. He looked around for a while. The first thing to catch his eyes were the huge dents on the ground. He knew that they were the footprints of the splitter.

Dudian’s eyes narrowed as he looked around. They wouldn’t be in a safe environment after they went out. Moreover once the splitter was aware of their existence they would no longer have chance to survive.

Dudian sniffed for about ten minutes and saw that there was no movement. He opened the giant door and with Nicholas’s help they brought the shark spears to the outside. His eyes were looking around in vigilance. Once the splitter appeared he was planning to drill back into the passage.

The splitter was too big to squeeze into the passage.

Nicholas looked around as he carried out the shark spears. He had long heard about the world outside the giant wall in his sixty years of life. However he was never eager to explore the world outside the giant wall. But it was very hard to kill the curiosity inside him. At the moment he had the opportunity to see for himself. He observed the desolate ruins that were covered in weeds and vegetation.

He was shocked at sight. He turned around but this time his pupils shrank in fear and he almost screamed out. He calmed himself and pulled Dudian. Nicholas pointed to the part of the giant wall.

Dudian’s face changed as he looked back.

He saw more than dozen deep and messy scratches on the giant wall. Each of them were ten meters long and there were few which were about 20 meters in length. It was not difficult for Dudian to guess which giant monster had caused this.

Dudian took a deep breath in shock. He was shocked because of the destructive power of the splitter and the hardness of the giant wall. Even such a terrifying monster couldn’t affect the giant wall. No wonder it was able to protect the humanity for three hundred years. The giant wall was still intact and he had never heard of a situation or news of decay in the giant wall.

Nicholas couldn’t cover the stunning feeling that was exposed in his face. He had long heard numerous rumors about the monsters but he never thought that such ones did exist. He couldn’t imagine the kind of a monster which could make such long scratches.

Dudian gently put down the shark spear. He came towards the giant wall and looked up at the scratch that was closest to the ground. He saw that the giant wall was made of stone. There was nothing special about it. Then how could the giant wall have such a dense degree of defense? How could it withstand the attacks of monsters for three hundred years?

Dudian pulled out his dagger and jumped for more than three meters. He stabbed the dagger onto the groove and rubbed it. However after he landed to the ground it seemed that there wasn’t even a poke after his attack. Not even rough dents could be seen.


let the hunt begin…

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      1. qidian been targeting websites like gravitytale and causing translator + story to move to a certain site because its contracted with qidian

        1. I’m pretty sure the translators made the decisions themselves to move for various reasons, ww having better relationship with qidian might be one, but qidian didnt target or force anything

  1. …Why am I still raged about the fact that he’s actually going to save people?
    He doesn’t need softies like that girl tbh. He needs killers and calculating sociopaths. fuu~ I thought she was some calculating murderess but with this… she probably ended in jail from killing someone in order to save her oni-chan or protect herself from rape… ugh. Why cant novels just give Main females a little Umph! Like dungeon defense, all females on that are awesome.

    1. He doesn’t need calculating sociopaths. He need loyal strong followers. Ofc. they must be willing to do some evil.

      1. So what she’s going to be loyal just because he saved some people once? What’s gonna happen the next time? Is he going to become a hero and keep saving people using his own resources just to please a servant girl? If he stops saving people then there goes here loyalty to trash can!

    2. He, helping people have more advantages than disadvantages. He can proclaim righteousness. In era where forensics don’t exist, you need righteousness to gain people’s trust. You can also easily recruit people and receive their gratitude. You also need righteousness to start a war or conflict.

      Well, having a sociopath and cold female partner feels like she may betray you and left you anytime. If you like sociopath female though, I guess people have different tastes.

  2. I’m a couple days late from when the day was announced, but who else is planning to celebrate Dean’s Day?

  3. If something goes wrong this time i’m dropping this… This time he knows his enemy and he should be fully prepared with everything… There shouldn’t be any mishaps or stupid forced unexpected situation… He’s already hunting the most powerfull monster in the area… If he is only half prepared and somehow mishaps happen then i can only call him and the author morons and drop this… You don’t just prepare %100 for such a thing! You pepare %200! Like bring backup weapons incase one fails and even arrange multiple backup plans! So there shouldn’t be any mishaps for such a genius right? Well, i guess we will see how much of a genius he is now don’t we? His genius have been questionable lately…

  4. What happened to his nails that can carve metal. It hasn’t been mentioned since then. Even when he was making his inventions out of mettal, he didn’t use them. Also, why was he able to eat monster flesh and blood without anything happening.

    1. Possibly due to a secondary ability from the ghoul? Maybe a previously unknown ability of the juhranzi though

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