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The Dark King – Chapter 324

Dudian frowned as he looked at Sergei: “You can talk stuff like that in front of me but be aware that its not something that can be freely told in front of others. Otherwise we won’t end up well.”

Sergei replied: “What are you afraid of? Its not like I’m telling a lie. They are our enemies. Why should I be afraid of someone else knowing it?”

Dudian said: “Everyone is an enemy. If you give them a chance and if its someone that dislikes us then we will have too many problems.”

Sergei no longer continued to speak.

Gwyneth looked at Dudian: “Master the barbarians have occupied the Red Maple mountains and the residents of the town close to it have been looted quite a few times. However they seem not to in hurry to attack the town. But there will be lots of innocent residents who will end up as victims of this war. Can we do something about it?”

Dudian looked at her eyes: “What do you mean?”

“Although I don’t know much about your background but young master seems to have enough power. If you can contribute with inventions and can change the outcome of war then it may improve the situation. Maybe even the military will be forced to launch an early attack.” Gwyneth slowly said.

Sergei had a strange smile on his face: “I didn’t think that you would still keep compassion in your heart after being imprisoned and tortured in Thorn Flow prison. No wonder you were part of the disciplinary parts earlier on. You have such a kind heart and noble character.”

Gwyneth narrowed her eyes as she glanced at him.

Sergei’s eyelids twitched as he stopped the ridicule. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

Dudian quietly watched the girl who was the same age as him: “You are overestimating me. Although I have some weight but I can’t influence the border war. It would be very difficult. Moreover if I did so what would be the benefit in it for me?”

Gwyneth stared back at him but it seemed that she wasn’t aware of Dudian’s intentions: “There would be many benefits. You will gain honor in case of victory in the war and people’s love! I believe that if military uses its full strength then the eradication of barbarians is absolute. Moreover even if military can’t handle the problem they will apply for assistance from the inner wall. In case inner wall interferes and gets involved in the process then the barbarians would have days left to survive.”

“Honor and love … ” Dudian smiled (tn: jenny): “You know sometimes a word can take a life and sometimes a single word can give a life. Honor and love… I don’t want to take big risks for those.”

Gwyneth said word by word: “The biggest advantage is that you will have peace of mind. Can you watch these innocent civilians die?”

Dudian deeply looked into her eyes. There was a trace of surprise in his heart as he didn’t expect that the girl who climbed out of the hell would still have kindness deep in her heart. He knew that she was asking for him for help from her heart. However he felt strong killing intent and hatred in her eyes. Did she still focus on her enemies?

Dudian was silent for a while as he thought of this. He calmly said: “I can.”

Gwyneth was slightly startled as she heard Dudian’s answer. Her face turned pale and she bit her lips. She no longer spoke as she clenched her fists.

Sergei, Nicholas and Jin couldn’t help but look at the boy after they heard Dudian’s words. Although they ignored his words as they were in no position to say anything. But they personally heard the calm tone Dudian had when he spoke out those cruel words in cold tone.

Dudian looked at the girls whose fists were trembling. His eyes lit up as he said: “But it should be so difficult to interfere…”

“Huh?” Sergei, Nicholas and Jin were startled. It was a situation which affected the life and death of three districts. Even six consortia couldn’t interfere and change the fate of war. How could he have a way?

Gwyneth looked up at Dudian. There were expectations in her eyes.

Dodian slowly said: “I can’t interfere with the moves of military. But the barbarians aren’t that stupid according to the current situation. They are aware that they have gather together for a short term. So their attack field is limited for now. The support troops that join the main army of barbarians pass through the outskirts of the town. So it is unavoidable that there will be skirmish and attacks.”

Gwyneth bowed her head in disappointment: “So no matter who wins the civilians will die?”
Dudian shrugged his shoulders: “There is no ‘certain death’ in my dictionary. If we can’t stop looting by barbarians then we can get the people living in that town to a different region and shelter them. However this process is too troublesome and will take a lot of my time.”

“But you can save countless lives by sparing a bit of your time!” Gwyneth said in an emotional tone.

Dudian smiled: “You are wrong. It’s not just me but there are others who can save the lives of countless people if they willed to spend a bit of time. No one is willing to go through such a trouble. Isn’t it more comfortable drinking tea at home rather than that?”

Gwyneth’s face turned ugly as she stared at him.

Dudian smiled as he saw her facial expression: “You don’t have to hate me for this. I know that you will secretly go out even if I tied you at home and stop you. But you won’t be loyal to me in the future so this time I will save them because of you.”

Gwyneth’s eyes opened wide: “Are you really willing to?”

Dudian replied: “I can give them a chance for salvation but survival is up to them. I’ll give you a personal letter which you will hand out to New World consortium. They will communicate with Ministry of Communication to open a passage for the residents of the town to leave the place. You and Sergei will be responsible to bringing out them and bringing into the area under Ryan famil’y’s control.”

Gwyneth wanted to say something but restrained herself. She took a deep breath and looked at Dudian: “Thank you!”

Dudian looked at Nicholas: “Pen and letter.”

Nicholas ordered maid to get pen and paper.

Dudian wrote two letters and give them to Gwyneth: “Go to Ryan family. Old patriarch will know how to solve out the problem.”

“Thank you!” Gwyneth turned and left.

Sergei was reluctant: “What a bad luck! I’m joining a big rescue operation.” Afterwards he followed after Gwyneth.

Nicholas whispered after both of them left: “Master they will be racing against time in this evacuation process. If you rely on your relationship with big noble families then there will be more prestige and the rescue operations will be much more smooth because of their reputation. The Ryan family has been in decline for decades. I assume there will be riots and the efficiency of the rescue won’t be much … ”

Dudian indifferently smiled: “Do you want me to contribute ideas and method and others to take credits for it?”

Nicholas was slightly startled: “Master is right.”

Dudian looked at him. Nicholas felt Dudian’s eyes on him but didn’t dare to looked back at him. He had goose bumps all over his body as his muscles slightly stiffened. He maintained humble posture. However a moment later he heard Dudian’s flat voice: “You will come out with us to hunt.”

Nicholas’s heart shrank as he looked at Dudian. He almost forget what he wanted to tell. He was a butler for long time so he carefully thought out before hastily talking: “Master, my body won’t handle the activities outside the giant wall. Although I had used ‘God’s blessings’ and my physical constitution is comparable to intermediate hunters but I’m not a fighter. My age is not small either so my endurance is not that good. I won’t be able to keep up with you and will drag you behind. In case I accidentally disturb monsters then I’ll provoke trouble. I know that I had done mistakes back then but I have changed. I am not wholeheartedly loyal to you. I hope you will give me a chance…”

Dudian slowly said: “Since the fire is burning only the ashes would be left.”

Nicholas deeply looked at Dudian’s eyes. However he didn’t dare to plead anymore. He was thinking about everything that he has heard about outside the giant wall. Nicholas knew that he will have to go so he was thinking about what he would do in case he encountered a monster.

It didn’t take long for Jin to put all the goods onto the giant carriage.

Dudian checked once more to confirm that there were no flaws. He changed into his hunter armor. It was the latest one developed by the Temple. They have added the newest invention called ‘plastic.’ The gloves and joints were much more softer. However its flexibility was much stronger. In short the new armor was more advanced than the old one. However it would be still very difficult for the armor to withstand the attacks of level 20 monster.

Nicholas also wore the new hunter armor prepared for him by Dudian in advance.

The beast began to pull the carriage as they went into the suburbs.

After few hours of travel the carriage approached the border fort.

Nicholas jumped out of the carriage and intercepted the soldiers that had come forward. He showed his silver hunter medal which represented his new identity as an intermediate level hunter.

The soldier looked at Nicholas: “What is inside? Show everything!”

Nicholas coldly replied: “What’s there to check? It’s all my hunting tools!”

“Oh really?! It’s a bit tricky. Why its covered? Maybe someone or something is hidden inside?” Soldier asked.

Nicholas snorted as he took out another medal: “I am a hunter of the New World consortium. This is a special hunting tool made by the architect Dean. Are you really willing to stop me?”

The soldier was scared as he saw the medal in Nicholas’s hand: “Is this the medal of Mr Dean?” Although he was only a fortress guard but he was aware of the symbols and medals of the superiors. He knew that a young senior architect called Dean was in limelight in recent times.

Nicholas continued: “Do you think I would falsify it?”

Soldier quickly recovered: “Don’t be offended. I didn’t think that you would be follower of the architect. Do you need help with taking off the luggage?”

“No, these ones are way too heavy. I will use the carriage.” Nicholas indifferently said.

Soldier continued: “There are mutated animals outside the barrier. They may easily attack such a carriage…”

“Do you think a mutated beast would succeed in attack while I’m here?” Nicholas jumped on the carriage and glanced at soldier: “I am in a hurry.”

Soldier turned towards his companions and waved them to open the giant door.

The giant carriage passed through the gate as crowd looked at it.

Dudian drilled out from the back of the carriage in about ten miles after they left the fortress’s gate.

Nicholas quickly went to the side and gave back Dudian’s medals.

Dudian had bought the giant carriage as he didn’t want its original driver to be aware of his trip to outside. He thought that the matter could be leaked and passed to the ears of other consortia.

The mammoth beast was huge and soon attracted the attention of mutant beasts. Dudian sat on top of the mammoth as Nicholas beheaded the mutated beast that tried to attack them. In the history of the giant wall there have been few times when senior hunters disappeared in the radiation zone. It seems that there were high level monsters within the radiation zone too but they were very rare and less in number.

They were approaching the ‘death passage’ when Dudian sensed two teams in duty. It seems there were some activities near the ‘death passage.’

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  1. F*ck it! I want him to end up with Gwyneth. I at least hope she finds out the MC past. The MC was once very kind.. He still has a little of his old heart left but he must discard everyone for the sake of humanity… I also hope to see her to get character development. She’s just to brainwashed by the inner wall. Barbarians are human too and they all come from the same ancestors. I hope to see her be so loyal and worship him!

    Thank you for the chapter!

    1. How does she ever deserve it?
      Let alone showing gratitude for bailing her, she and the other’s tried betraying him (well he expected as much), she wanted him dead so she could be free, but now she wants to act like some hypocrisy b*tch? DISGUSTING!
      She still actually dares to ask him for such favor? This shameless women, doesn’t know her place.
      If she/they had just obediently listen to the mc and make themselves useful then I really would be so against it.
      But….have they?

  2. Dean du shrug and said: “in my dictionary, there is no ‘ certain death ‘ says savage looting the town was their thing, we just need to get in front of the savage inhabitants to live in a small town in the region, naturally sheltered them, but this process is too much trouble, thank you for my time. ”
    Dudian shrugged his shoulders: “There is no ‘certain death’ in my dictionary. If we can’t stop looting by barbarians then we can get the people living in that town to a different region and shelter them. However this process is too troublesome and will take a lot of my time.”

    you put both almost the same sentences here ;p

  3. I prefer mc move alone. What the point of bringing the prisoners from lower layer till this chapter . I don’t see any value of them, they never work seriously and betraying mc trust few time. Why mc should care for they opinion or feeling. Its not like they save his life. This only dragging mc foot down

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